The Hillcrest of North Dallas - Dallas, TX

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  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Wound Care / VAC
  • Outside Patio Garden
  • Wi-Fi

Customer Reviews

My dad was in here.

Let me just say this DO NOT PUT YOUR LOVE ONE IN HERE.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

They are very nice people. Communication is very good with the staff and administrator. It is laid back for my expectations. PT is a little bit more laid back, but it works for her. The therapist is very kind to my mother. The food quality depends on the day, but they have choices other than what's served in the cafeteria.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

They are providing great service, and everybody is very nice. Everybody on the nursing staff is very friendly and helpful. The staff are easy to deal with, including the management. They clean very often. I liked the social worker and the manager. She is always there and answering questions. I like the speech therapists. One in particular is very thoughtful.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

All of the staff I have met and observed have been attentive and have a good attitude. We are very pleased. We like the speech therapist there. The facility is very clean. They are good at keeping me informed.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

So far, everything is going well for my mother here at the facility. Everything is good! They have called me and kept me updated. The staff is friendly. She works with different kinds of therapists here, and they are all good. We had some hiccups in the beginning, and the facility has smoothed things out for her. Now, everything is great!

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

So far, everything is going very well with my mother. She is a bit picky, so it says something that she is satisfied with her care. All of the staff we have encountered so far have been friendly. I won't lie, in the beginning, it was rough. We did have some hiccups with medication errors, but since then, everything seems to have really smoothed out. Also, in the beginning especially, there was the smell of urine pretty heavily in the hallways.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

So far everything has been very good! We have been very happy with the care my loved one has received. The staff is remarkable. She absolutely loves the meals so far. She raves about them. This was one of my main concerns when we were looking for a facility because she is kind of a picky eater. The facility has accommodated her so well, and we are so, so pleased with the dining experience. Her only concern at this point has been that at times, it takes some time to receive help once she puts her call light on.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

We liked the therapists, and they were fine. They did not give me progress reports. The nurses were fine. Most of the staff were friendly, and a few were rough. When you walked down the hall, they did not say hi. When we were right in front of them, they were nice to us, but there was no follow up. There was little-to-no orientation with what to expect. The facility did not seem to know how to help those with certain medical issues. Some night nurse got irritated because my dad asked why the nurse was giving him medication and what medication it was that he was taking. The meals were okay. They would bring a meal to my dad, and then they would wait 10 to 15 minutes and not bring my mom's meal on time for my mom and dad to eat together. They did not keep track of the laundry times. I did all of the laundry. They told him they would take his ear wax out, and they did not do this. The worst thing was that he tried to go to the hospital, and no one there helped. My sister took him to the hospital the next morning.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

The experience was good. It was clean. I would recommend it.

Review of The Hillcrest of North Dallas

I think they have a lack of supervision for the patients. I am not sure I would recommend it. We did like one of the nurses.

I've really noticed their interaction with the residents, they seem to have a good rapport and are very caring. The staff seems to be happy working there. When my loved one fell, they called right away to let us know what was going on.

It's was great! Very clean.

I think they're a bit shorthanded right now, especially on the weekends.

The facility was nice and clean, it's a very nice looking facility. But the staff was incompetent with giving my loved one medication. The staff had a bad attitude. My loved one did not get the rehab she was supposed to get.

From the Community

The Hillcrest of North Dallas is a luxurious community providing comprehensive and restorative programs for short-term and long-term rehabilitation. Opened in 2016, we are a modern 120-bed facility with private and semi-private suites. We use an interdisciplinary approach to care planning that focuses on wellness and independence.

Our rehabilitation program is led by licensed therapists in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Our interdisciplinary team partners with families and physicians to create individualized care plans for pre/post-surgery recoveries or complex skilled nursing needs. Some of our specializations include infusion therapy, dementia care, hospice and respite care, TPN services, Bi-pap/C-pap, advanced modality wound care treatment, and IV therapy.

Beyond our skilled nursing services, our facility is a resort-like community with a variety of comfortable amenities. Our grounds are beautifully landscaped with a gazebo and garden area. Meals are provided in restaurant-style dining with a rotating menu of freshly-prepared options. Salon and barber services are available on-site, and our facility is connected with WiFi and flat screen TVs. Residents can participate in a number of social and enrichment programs to enhance their quality of life.