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  • Indoor Common Areas
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Customer Reviews

Wonderful atmosphere

A warm and welcoming atmosphere the moment you walk through the front door. My parents are impressed with the entire staff. Friendly and always quick to lend a helping hand. Many varied activities offered each day. Many well prepared dinner meal options offered every night.

Untrained staff. Unsafe

I am an RN in hospital administration and I was thrilled to find what appeared to be a facility such as Quail Summit for placement of my father with Alzheimer’s. It was clean, they had all the right messaging and had a warm caring attitude on arrival. That lasted a couple weeks and then something changed. Staff were quitting, and in their place were overworked, untrained bodies to fill positionsthat changed daily. Memory care is different than nursing home care and skilled staff are necessary that understand Alzheimer’s and Dementia. That is not who they are employing. As my father declined, their solution was to send him to the hospital every time he had a bad episode because the new staff did not have knowledge in how to handle a dementia patient. The final event that is important for you all to know, is my father was sent to Clifton Springs in the back of a police car like a criminal. He was wanting to die, as we all would and instead of giving him his medicine to calm him which was ordered and DUE, they committed him to a Psych ward for suicide precautions. No attempt, at suicide ever taken and it was just the pain talking. Keep in mind my father has been asking to die almost daily for 2 years with this terrible disease. This was not new behavior, or a change in baseline, but because they are understaffed with unskilled help- they just would unload him to somewhere else when he had a bad day. They would always send him alone and eventually call us,sometimes hours later, with little to no information that he been shipped out. With this last event it took my sister numerous calls and help from Thompson to locate where they took him. She found him sitting quietly in nothing but a gown, by himself in a hall at Clifton Springs distraught thinking he had been arrested because the police took him there. Heartbreaking. All Quail Summit had to do was give him his medicine to calm him, and sit and hold his hand till the anxiety eased or call his family which were 10 minutes away and always always there immediately. New staff daily that were unfamiliar with him just treated him as a suicide risk and sent him away. When my family removed him from Quail Summit because of this-they called Department of Childrent and Families and reported us for elder abuse. Seriously??!! I do have to say my mother and sister broke him out late in the evening when they were threatening to send him back to Clifton Springs-again- without first giving him his overdue medicine. Now as a nursing administrator at a hospital I understand the challenges, of policy, protocol and staffing. You cannot expect a low paid CNA with no experience in this environment to always understand what is happening with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Instead we must rely on the facility to train their staff, especially if it is touted to be their specialty. This is where I believe this place is lacking. Some of their staff was great, in fact we hired some of them that had quit because of the poor working conditions for round the clock home care and they are wonderful. Icing on the cake, Quail Summit asked my sister to come talk to them regarding the poor reviews that another family member made. They pressured her and In my opinion threatened her to remove the reviews, which are all true and legitimate. It was stated they were “upsetting to staff”. The staff should be upset at the training they are receiving in managing this type of patient. There are some great staff there but they are unsupported by Their chain of command and their Administration. I would NOT recommend this facility at this time until they can be proven to have their program managed better. Unfortunately for them after pressuring my sister and speaking further with their previous staff, I will be reporting them to all their regulatory agencies and I can assure you, since I know “the system” things will have to improve or they won’t have a memory care unit. Quail Summit: I am a daughter first and your threats and treatment of my father will not go unreported any longer.

Unacceptable care in Memory Unit

My father has Alzheimer’s and was admitted based on a PRI assessment into the Memory Care Unit of Quail Summit. As you can read on the Quail Summit story they claim to offer a loving and safe environment with those suffering from memory loss. Don’t believe it. There have been many daily challenges with Quail Summit, bed not made, clothes not laundered, clothes lost and replaced with someone else’s clothing are just the very minor challenges. They do not keep a consistent schedule for giving meds to your loved ones, they do not have nursing staff available to give meds more than twice a day, they don’t understand or deal well with anxiety issues associated with Alzheimer’s. Quail Summit,, due to Administration/Management issues are unable to keep staff so they have a revolving door of untrained newbies that are not properly equipped to care for your loved ones in a memory care unit.

Last night we received a message to call Quail Summit. When called the first response was that our Father was fine, the second conversation was that he had been taken by ambulance to the Hospital. When my Dad doesn’t receive his anti anxiety medicine he repeatedly says that he wants to commit suicide. With his meds and a little attention he works himself out of this anxiety. This is just one of the routine things of his memory loss. Anyone working with h8m would know this. Evidently there was a new staff member that did not know how to deal with this. What we eventually found out was that Quail Summit had called the police (on a dementia patient!) . The police transported him to the Clifton Springs psych ward, unbeknownst to us and was left there, UNATTENDED, this man is a gentle soul without an aggressive bone in his body. He has never broken a rule in his life. We found him in a hallway, unattended, with a patient gown and no shoes. He had been sitting there by himself for a few hours. Did I say UNATTENDED? He didn’t know where he was, why he was there or what he should do. He was terrified! The hospital ended up giving him anti anxiety meds and sending him off with my sister, after three hours. Something that Quail Summit should have done.

Today when the matter was discussed with [name removed], the Administrator of Quail Summit she admitted that it may have been handled wrong but proceeded to state that she wanted Dad removed immediately. She then removed all cords from his room, lamps, radio, clock,etc...are you kidding me!!!! Due to their inability to talk an Alzheimer’s patient thru their anxiety they have taken away basic rights! we will definitely be removing Dad as soon as possible. If you care about your loved one p,ease don’t be fooled by the clean, friendly exterior. The level of care in the memory unit is unacceptable!

Quail fails

My mother in law was a resident for several years. When she was moved into the memory care unit, we were assured that she would receive the necessary care needed for her well being and safety. This was not the case. She was actually evicted from the facility. This was the result primarily because the staff was not trained properly, nor do they have the resources necessary to care for people with dementia. The director of the facility was uncaring and unprofessional in her dealings with the situation. I would not recommend this facility on any level to anyone.

My dad is doing great here

My dad is doing so well here, all the staff is great with him and he evens likes to take part in the activities and going to the dining room where he can socialize and he really likes the menu choices. I would recommend this community to everyone

Great Meals!!

My father has recently made the move into this community and so far everything has been going well for him. I am pleased to see him eating well and participating in some of the activities they have available for all of the residents. My dad ended up picking this place because of all the great amenities and it was a lot nicer than some of the others we had looked at. Overall it has been a pleasant experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

What a lovely place! Clean and beautifully appointed. The person we met with ([Removed]) was super helpful in terms of answering our questions. She also was able to advise us re finding resources that our mom (a veteran) may have overlooked.

The First Month at Quail Summit

My parents looked at several assisted living communities before selecting Quail Summit and have been there about a month now. It is a beautiful community with very nice grounds in a "country" setting which was very attractive to my parents. The apartments are nicely cared for and although small when compared to a whole house, certainly have plenty of room for one or two people. My parents had a few surprises when they moved in - they didn't expect (and had not been told about) staff knocking on the door for wake up calls in the mornings, knocking reminders for each meal and the medication assistance that includes everything, even aspirin or antacids, and were not pleased with these things initially. However, they have quickly adjusted to it and now seem to enjoy a quick interaction with the staff members when they come around and are not finding it as intrusive as they thought at first. The staff seem to be very well trained and have helped my parents in different capacities already, especially the nursing staff and housekeeping. The meals are fine - maybe not what one would have cooked at home, but they are healthy and my parents seem to be content with the quantity although sometimes they wish for a little more seasoning (personal taste). All in all, Quail Summit is working well for them and as a daughter of residents, I am well satisfied with them being there.

To far!

This community is very nice. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The residents seemed to be happy and pleasant. The only thing that did not work out for us was that the location was not where we wanted.

I would say to check out this community.

This community was a close second to the community we chose. The staff are very good here. The food was good. They offer a lot of activities and they keep the community clean. The two bedrooms have two bathrooms in them.

A Friendly Tour

My tour of this community was great. My tour guide was very informative and kind. She was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. The community looks great, everything was very nice and clean. The staff was friendly and cheerful. It was a very tour, but to far for us to travel. It is a nice community with friendly people.

I feel very comfortable with her staying there!!!

We used Quail Summit for respite care numerous times and we will continue to use them. Mom is in the memory care unit when she stays here. The staff are attentive and encourage her to participate in the community activities. Everyone from the top down is willing to help. She seems to like the food. I would recommend this well taken care of community.

5 stars

We are entirely satisfied with the services they offer at Quail Summit, I'd give them top marks across the board. The facility itself is clean and well kept, and the staff are friendly, professional, and do a great job looking out for the residents.

Wonderful place!

They do an absolutely phenomenal job across the board at Quail Summit! The staff are friendly and attentive, and really take great care of the people who live here. They're attentive to the residents needs, and also have all sorts of activities and crafts to keep everyone entertained. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and has a comfortable homey feel. It's a very nice place!

Lori Edgerton

Local Representative

Dear Anonymous -
Thank you for the 5 Star Review of Quail Summit!

My parents absolutely love it!

My parents absolutely love it! It's on the high end of their affordabilitiy but they are absolutely delighted withthe staff, the house cleaners, and the food is a significant improvement over the last place. I am just delighted everytime I go, The entryways and the hallways and even their room is cleaned. This is about as good a value that you can get for your buck. They are dog friendly. The coffee is great. There are plenty of activities. I can't complain.

Very beautiful facility, and the Vill...

Very beautiful facility, and the Village (dementia/ahlzheimer unit) is wonderful. There are 20 nice size rooms and a caring staff.

From the Community

Quail Summit is an upscale senior independent and assisted living apartment community with three different facilities located in Canandaigua, New York. The three facilities are divided p differently according to the flooring plans and specialized services. The Estates are for people who wish to live completely independently. One free meal a day, maid service, utilities, cable, 24 hour staff and access to all of the common areas is included in their rent. The Harbor is for people who can manage living semi-independently but may need light assistance and support of some daily activities. The Village specializes in helping people with beginning to advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimer's who may need gentle guidance and assistance with medical administration. Quail Summit provides ample entertainment that is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. Some of the amenities include card games, hiking trails, a full library, pleasant common sitting areas, exercise and fitness and computer rooms. Families and friends can feel welcome by enjoying the many guest services and accommodations when visiting. Additional housekeeping and maintenance, catering, room service, guest meals and covered parking is provided for guests. They also offers short term boarding called "Grateful Stays" which allows prospective residents to try them out and decide if Quail Summit is right for them permanently.