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My father, who is at the end of his battle with cancer, stayed here for 3 nights only. The weekend staff was deplorable. They walked around with headphones on and on their cell phones CONSTANTLY. No tech or nurse was ever available to help change my dad who was left to lay around in his own feces and urine. This staff is disgusting. My dad was put on fluid restriction understandably but they literally never brought him anything to drink at all! Every time we got there his mouth was so dry he could hardly speak. The social worker, [Name removed], working "helping" us was completely lazy and did nothing to help my mom who was trying to get my dad home on hospice care. She absolutely knew my mom was in my dad's room waiting to hear from her and she said she called the home number, which she did not. [Name removed] expected us to wait over a week, until [date removed] to make hospice care arrangements. You expect a dying man to wait over a week to be sent home and made comfortable? We did everything ourselves, called everyone ourselves, arranged everything ourselves, and finally got him home because he was not staying in that hole another day. Thank goodness for the new nurse pract. who helped us by signing him out and coming back after she had left for the day. I will do everything in my power to make this known to everyone.

Poor nursing care

My husband is currently a patient at Powerback. Aesthetically very attractive facility. I came to see him yesterday which was a Saturday. He was in bed in a hospital gown laying on his back. I asked him if the nursing staff got him out of bed that day. He told they hadn't. I was beyond livid! His roomate who is a really nice guy told me the aide came in around 7am and gave my husband a bed bath and that was it . I spoke to his nurse, I am a nurse too which makes no difference, and told her my husband laid in bed all day. She told me the aide asked him if he wanted to get up and he refused. I know that is a lie because my husband can't stand laying in bed. I asked the nurse if they went back later in the day to get him up but she said she didn't know. I asked if they had repositioned during the day because he can't turn to the side without assistance. Says she didn't know. His roomate said they didn't even take my husband to the bathroom when he had to have a bowel movement and put him on the bed pan instead. As soon as my husband got done eating my daughter and I repositioned on his side . The nurse came in shortly after to check on him. Don't think it was a coincidence . My husband is at Powerback for conditioning. Also had no therapy on Saturday. His roomate, who told me he is looking out for my husband , asked the staff if he could sit in his wheelchair for awhile. Said they left him in there for several hours and he had to ring for the nurse for a hour.
My husband had a nurse named [Name removed] during the week and I pray he has him this week. Very attentive to my husband and had no difficulty getting him into the bathroom, I have my husband's care planning meeting tomorrow afternoon which I was told would be 2 hrs but saw a note in my husband's room saying it is for 10 minutes! I am not going to say anything about Saturday in front of my husband because he didn't want me to say anything about Saturday. I will make sure I talk to them before they run down the hall. Will also make a visit to the Director of Nursing. Will probably be hiding in her office. My husband said the therapists are great and that is what he is at Powerback for. However, that care doesn't extends to the nursing staff.

I wouldn't send my [Removed] to this place! My mother in law was there in December and did not receive the best of care. Granted, she is 94 and, unfortunately, that may play a role. She was discharged before she was really able to do anything for herself. She went home and ended up back in the hospital with Pneumonia.

Staff was so kind and helpful all of the time. I had a great experience at PowerBack. The therapy team always do a great job and are very knowledgable.

This was my fourth short term stay at PowerBack. During my stay the nursing assistants have always been wonderful and will go out of their way to make you comfortable. The nurses were always on time with meds and answered all of my questions regarding my medications. If they did not know the answer, they would surely find out. The therapists are excellent and helped me daily to ensure I made progress. I would and have already recommended this center to family and friends.

I would recommend this center-a sportive experience in your next step in getting home. Everyone helps you work towards your goals of returning home. Staff are friendly.

I would Recommend this center and was a patient in the past. Staff is excellent!

I would recommend this center because the staff are very friendly and caring about my needs.

Would recommend the center highly, this my 3rd or 4th time here. Therapy is very good: gets you up and going.

I would recommend this center to anyone. I was a patient there in the past, and requested to come back for my therapy. The therapy department is very good and everyone is very friendly. I am well pleased.

Highly recommend facility. Staff very very friendly, and staff very knowledgeable.

Friendliness of staff and efficiency of staff. Would highly recommend this center.

Rehab Stay

All of the staff are pleasant here at PowerBack. My therapy team is very good, challenging and help me progress towards my goals. The nursing staff is very good here and makes me feel very comfortable. I would strongly recommend this center to my family and friends.

Review of Powerback Rehabilitation - Hatboro, PA

This is the second rehabilitation center that I have received therapy in. PowerBack is a 5 star facility for the therapy they provide. Food is very tasty and enjoyable. I would 100% recommend this center to others who need medical and or rehab.

This is my Second visit here. I was here in 2013. This time when asked where I wanted to go for rehabilitation I requested to go to PowerBack because I was happy about previous services. All departments nursing, therapy , housekeeping, guest services were very nice and nice to socialize for lunch and dinner in bistro. Would recommend PowerrBack to anyone.

Friendliness of staff..always seem like the staff really cares about the patients..would recommend facility to anybody looking for short stay rehab

Rehabilitation luxury resort

PowerBack is wonderful facility. The entire staff for the suites were helpful and friendly. I enjoyed my time here and was sad when it came time to leave. This was a great place to rehabilitate, I would definitely come back if needed in the future.

Power Back - Hatboro is a very positive experience.

PowerBack-Hatboro was my 'home-away-from-home' for six weeks while I rehabbed following bilateral knee surgery. The staff made my stay very pleasant in what otherwise was a trying medical situation. The people were all wonderful, it didn't matter if they were therapists, doctors, nurses, assistants, dietitians, food service workers, or maintenance people. They were all professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. And I liked the food, too. I had the chance to go elsewhere in the middle of my stay, but I chose to remain largely because of the relationships that I had already made at Power Back - Hatboro. I strongly recommend that you consider Power Back - Hatboro for your medical needs.

I came here and was unable to eat, eventually when I was able to eat I stayed hungry. The food was excellent and I enjoyed eating the meals. I never had to wait an excessive amount of time, help was right there when I needed it. Staff is very friendly and personable. Therapists are all excellent and gave me individual attention. I would highly recommend PowerBack for rehab care.

All spects of my stay was good. All departments were kind and friendly. Took good care of me even when I didn't feel well. I would defiantly recommend this center for rehabilitation.

I wouldn't make any changes to this place. I was so comfortable while I was there. I wish I could have actually stayed a little longer. Food was excellent. Therapy was excellent especially Hector. All of the care was exceptional.

Everything I asked for was there, overall accommodations were good, people were kind. The therapy was excellent always prompt, kind and helpful as well as motivated me. I would recommend this center.

I didn't know what to expect coming to a center like this and was greeted by the nicest people. They showed me everything I needed to know about my room and center. Everything the staff does is for the patient and EVERYONE IS HELPFUL. Everyone is willing to help each other, each staff member is willing to help one another with no animosity. My experience has been just great. The cleanliness is amazing, no dust bunny is forgotten. Laundry services and salon were great as well. I would recommend this place to all of my friends and family.

The nurses are very cooperative, very helpful. They always reach out and do a little more than they should. When I'm not feeling well, I ring my call bell and the staff come immediately. The therapy staff was wonderful. Gradual steps were very helpful. I feel like I went from a "1" to a "5" in only a couple of weeks. I would recommend this place to ANYONE. Even the transporters who brought me here from the hospital told me that this was the best place in the area (and they see a lot of places).

The entire staff has been amazing helping me overcome my accident. I did not have one bad incident in my ten stay. The therapy staff was very in tune to what I needed and spoke with each other. The general staff was extremely helpful in helping me cope with with my unusual predicament

Carrington stay

This was a great place to come and get rehabilitation services The staff are friendly and provide just about everything you could possibly want during your stay .

I have never heard of PowerBack before but decided to give it a chance. I am so happy I made this choice. Not one person here ever says "that's not my job". They act like its family and that is what has impressed me so much. I was particularly impressed during the blizzard where the staff slept at the facility so there were people here to take care of me. I would highly recommend this facility to all of my friends and family.

I am a patient on the first floor. I have never been in a rehab facility before and didn't quite know what to expect. I arrived at 9:00 pm on a Friday night, was checked in but received very little orientation to the center because of the time. After two days, the plan of care was presented. Consequently, I received occupational and physical rehab each day. My accommodations were excellent ; the food was excellent and the care provided by the doctors/nursing staff was excellent. I will recommend this company and facility to anyone requiring this type of service.

I was a patient on second floor in Jan 2016. The therapy I received was all encompassing taking into account my abilities at the time. The nursing staff show concern and empathy towards the patients. I would definitely recommend the services of PowerBack.

My father was admitted to PowerBack unable to eat, sit up in bed or walk. The therapists worked with him and did an unbelievable job. They were so patient and gave him the time that he needed. Nurses and assistants were great with him. When he was ready for discharge, my father was able to walk with a walker, eating regular foods and ready to return to his life.

Very successful rehabilitation,

I was very fortunate to have been accepted by PowerBack, willow Grove.
The entire staff of care givers, nurses, physicians, physical / occupational therapists, administration, housekeeping , etc. are fantastic!!!!!!!!
In addition, the food is excellent and the servers are very attentive!!!
This is a complete, wonderful small personal and very caring facility!!!

Where Is Mangement???

I had surgery two years ago and stayed here for 7 days on the first floor.I recall the aid telling me the 1st floor was better.Well this time around I'm on the 2nd floor.I'm sad to say I now understand why she told me that.When the staff come in your room they are very helpful and friendly.The problem is they are over worked so you have to constantly hear about it.I could never get my pain meds on time.My roommate sat in pain because they did not have enough help for two people to place her back in bed.They can not blame the short staff on the snow storm because I was here 4 days before the storm and the situation was the same.I had to move to another room because of my first roommate.Her husband came up every night staying pass 10 pm bickering back and forth.Visiting hours are over at 8 pm.The staff yell up down the hall (nurses too) as if they we're in high school.I don't even think a high school would allow such foolishment.I'm only here for rehab and feel for anyone that need medical treatment also.I would not refer this place to anyone ever again

Look for Another Location

Impossible to get a phone call returned. Bistro? Food is reheated from the kitchen. Billing and accounts are a mess. You never get a return call. Need a record ? I asked for a copy of dad's records at the nurses station and I was told they had to be ordered. I requested again from the unit nurse and still nothing for weeks. I talked to two different floor nurses and the head of nursing and none could correctly identify the meds he was taking. My friend's dad in the small nursing home wing was sent out to AMH due to severe dehydration There are some good staff but overall nursing care is sub-par. Rehab average. Go elsewhete

Nurses/aides OVERWORKED

The nursing staff are actually great however they are completely overworked. I found out they have 16 patients and then are responsible for even more overnight. My family member had multiple issues and they were getting antibiotics IV and had wounds that needed treating everyday and needed pain medication often;. How is one nurse to take care of him properly when 15 other patients are requesting the nurses attention? Watching how stressed the nurses were was upsetting, where are the "suites" at? They can't possible say they don't see how overworked these nurses/aides are? If they claim they don't see how overworked/stressed the staff are, maybe an overhaul of management is needed. I had actually seen the director of nursing roll her eyes at a staff member and storm off, completely unprofessional and pretty obvious that she has no respect for them. Many of the nurses I encountered were sympathetic and really did try their best. Therapy was great and worked with my family member often, they really pushed them to do more then what they thought they could; which did get em home and able to care for themselves more, however overall they also seemed overworked! OPEN your eyes management, if I can see this I know YOU can.

Not A Good Rehab

The facility is not able to provide security for visitors entering the building. Medical Records are very difficult to obtain. Don't take your loved ones to this Rehab!

Atrocious place

I am removing my mother from the care of this facilty. She would be better anywhere than this facility.






Not recommended

My father is a current patient there. The rehab is wonderful. The medical care is not at all good. I worry about his health constantly. If you have medical issues and are not just going for the rehab I would choose another facility.

The rehab went very well,

The rehab went very well, I didn't care for their front office, their paperwork in their front office. I thought was poor. I thought it could be a lot more organized I'm getting bills from the corporate office that I wrote out a check and paid the people at the facility and I am getting bills four or five weeks later. They did a good job on rehab with my mother.

Older Building with Good Care

They did their job. My mom was there for twice, one year apart. The first time, it was owned by another company. Both stays were about the same. I think Powerback spruced some things up and bought some furniture, but the quality of care didn't change. It's a much older building.

From the Community

Hatboro, Pennsylvania, is a small municipality nestled in Montgomery County. The Pennypack Creek runs through the town. Hatboro is located on land that was purchased from William Penn around 1709. Hatboro has a population of 7,434 with ages above 40 accounting for over half of the residents. Expect hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters in this area.

City Information

- Walkability Score: 13. Almost all travel here requires transportation, though many places of interest are only two to three miles away.

- Average Age: The average age in one zip code is 47, with 35 percent of residents being 40 to 64 years old and 17 percent being 65 years and older.

- Number of Senior Housing Facilities: 4.

- Average Weather: There is an average high of 63 and an average low of 44. The average annual rainfall is 48 inches.

- Veterans Facilities: American Legion Post 308 Veteran Organization is in Willow Grove, and American Legion Post 798 is in Hatboro.


Transportation to many restaurants, activities, and events is easy to find. Buses, trains, and taxis can get you where you need to be.

- Buses: SEPTA City Bus Route 22 serves Hatboro along York Road, running between Warminster and the Olney Transportation Center in North Philadelphia.

- Trains: SEPTA provides Regional Rail service at Hatboro station and runs the Warminster Line between Warminster and Center City, Philadelphia.

- Taxis: All Threes Taxi Cab Service operates in the area.

Health and Safety

Being safe and knowing that you have a place close by in case of an emergency give seniors and their families peace of mind.

- Hospitals: Abington Memorial Hospital and Abington Surgical Center are just two miles away in Willow Grove.

Sports and Leisure

Hatboro is a small place but packs a punch with things to see and do. If you can't find favorite activity in Hatboro, skip over to Willow Grove, which is two miles away and adds to the amenities of living in this small community.

- Volunteer opportunities: Community Garden of Hatboro can always use volunteers to help tend to the garden and farmers market through Hatboro Baptist Church.

- Public Parks: Hatboro Memorial Park, Eaton Park, Tanner Park, Miller Meadow, and Blair Mill Park are available.

- Senior Citizens Centers: Ben Wilson Senior Activity Center is located in Warminster, PA, just two miles from Hatboro. The center offers activities, trips, and other events to keep seniors active.

- Gyms: Anytime Fitness and Healthy Concepts Fitness Center are nearby.

Shopping and Entertainment

Hatboro and Willow Grove offer an array of shops and restaurants to please even the pickiest taste. Fine dining, fast food, clothes and shoes... it's all a short drive away.

- Apparel: Willow Grove is only six minutes from Hatsboro and has many places to shop, such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Willow Grove Park, which is home to 130 stores including Lane Bryant, Bloomingdales, and Bath and Body Works. This mall also has several fine dining establishments.

- Groceries: Giant Food Store and Hatboro Market and Deli are available.

- Restaurants: Pasta Fazool, Daddypops American Restaurant, Grub Burger Bar, Wendy's, Sonic Drive-in, and Burger King are also located in Willow Grove.

- Theater: The Village Players.

- Libraries: Union Library of Harborough.

- Senior-Friendly Salons: Players Barber Shop, Frank's Barber Shop, Brooklyn Barber Shop, Hair Necessities, Aerodrome Hair Salon, and In Good Hands Salon and Spa are available for men and women.

- Attractions: Moland House and Lukens Clock.

- Annual Events: Hatboro Rotary Club Lobster Pot, Hatboro's Annual Holiday Parade, Hatboro Cruise Night, HatOberFest, and more.

Religious Facilities

Taking care of the physical and mental is essential, but taking care of the spirit is even more important to keeping a balanced life. Hatboro is home to several places of worship, including options for many denominations and beliefs.

- Religious facilities: Hatboro Baptist Church, St. John Lutheran Church, Lehman Memorial Methodist Church, Bux-Mont Baptist Church, Great Commission Church, and Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church.