Plantation Key Health and Rehabilitation - Tavernier, FL

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Customer Reviews

Bad place to stay. The poor management made my experience at this place terrible. I don't recommend this place to anybody.

Happy to be here

My husband has been at Plantation Key Nursing Facility for almost two years. He has Lewy Body Dementia which can cause him to have major mood swings. Some days he can be very sweet and joking and other days loud and mean. The nurses and CNA's knows how to handle and take care of him in either situation. There is a lot of love in that building between the staff and their patients.
He also has food allergies that the dietary staff works around very well. The therapy dept keeps his legs limber even though he has a problem walking now. I am amazed on a weekly basis the people I see walking in there due to the fabulous therapy staff.
There is a speech therapist that has been working with us on my husbands swallowing issues.
Two days a week a full service beautician is in the building. The maintenance men are there with any little thing you might want, even a picture hung.
The laundry ladies are always smiling and quick to give you a much needed hug.
Every holiday is celebrated with special table clothes, decorations, and snacks. Daily activities give the residents something to look forward to everyday and me too I guess. I'm there almost every day and I watch them head to the dining room for there fun time or out to the big deck for some sun.
It's really like a big family in that building.

Great place for mom

I moved my mother from the only place she knew her whole life, San Diego, to Plantation Key Nursing Home in March 2017. My mother suffers from dementia and is a hoarder. She has been suffering with this for many many years. I knew it was time to have her in the care of good people. My boyfriend and I toured the facility before moving her. The staff is very friendly and that was a plus for me. We got mom settled in now and it's been about two months. She is adjusting and the facility takes good care of her. It gives me piece of mind knowing that she is just down the road from me and I don't have to worry about her in San Diego.

Big shout out to [Removed] who helped me through this entire process!

PKNC Is A Caring, Safe, Professionally Run Place

My mother has been residing at PKNC since it re-opened 3 plus years ago. She is approaching 90 and needs care on multiple levels. All the health care specialists who work with her are very professional and friendly.They all call her by her first name. The place is safe both indoors and outdoors on the patio. The facility is very clean. The food is nicely presented and the menus are varied. My mother especially loves the homemade soups. They offer activities to keep residents engaged. Sometimes they have field trips to restaurants or local shopping. Visitors are warmly greeted. Residents who can, are encouraged to take part in activities and be with social groups. The facility is modern and all the rooms have large window views. The outdoor deck is a lovely feature. If there is a medical issue they are quick to respond. We are very pleased with this nursing home, and I would highly recommend it for short or long term stays. It also allows our loved ones to remain in the Keys so they can be visited easily.

Our family is very happy with Plantation Key Nursing Center

Our family has lived in Key Largo for more than thirty years and I have seen many changes at Plantation Key Nursing Center over time. My husband has had Parkinson's and dementia for more than ten years and he has lived at Plantation Key Nursing Center for almost two years now. Sincei its renovation the center is clean and bright and the staff are always very welcoming. I visited many times before deciding that it was the right place for him and I have been there inumerable times over the past two years. Our children and freinds come and go and all feel welcome and comfortable. My husband is thriving, his health is stable, and he appreciates the thought that goes into the food. His wishes are respected with regards to roommates and he feels he is a participant in his overall care plan. There is a good ratio of staff to residents. If we have a question or concern somebody is always available to take care of it and usually immediately. Plantation Key Nursing Center is our second home. People are what make the place welcoming and happy and I feel we are very fortunate to have this facility and the people who work in it in our community.

Brittany B @ Plantation Key

My daughter, Brittany B. is currently a resident at Plantation Key. She was in a terrible car accident two years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her situation is sensitive as she needs round the clock long term care. We recently moved her to Plantation Key in December of 2015. She is in great hands and is being well cared for. The staff have really taken the time to get to know her and care for her. I feel confident that she is in good hands. The facility is updated and quite nice (although honestly that doesn't matter much to me). What matters is the staff employed there who are responsible for taking care of my daughter. As a mother, I do not say this lightly, she is in good hands. The people their have all shown love kindness and patience with her. I can sleep at night knowing that she is OK and I haven't slept much in the last two years, so that is a blessing.