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Customer Reviews

Not Good

Not there anymore. Unless your loved needs minimal medical assistance, you will be disappointed.

My brother has been there for several years and the care he receives is below standard. His living there is not Medicaid funded. He pays for his living/care out of his own hard earned money. We felt when the time came for my brother to be placed in a nursing home facility he would be in a place that we felt fit his needs. The care givers do not watch over the patients. I have seen this too many times when I have visited him. My 2 brothers who are his executors have also witnessed this and have complained many times. Apparently on deaf ears.

Not a good location and did not feel it there.

Great experience. Short stay after surgical recovery.

My father needed this place for a recovery type period after two major surgeries and cancer diagnosis. The staff was very good. The food was excellent. The facility was always clean. His room was very comfortable. There were a lot of activities, but our dad didn't opt for them. But I was very impressed by the list and variety. The administration went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition and welcome into the facility. He was there about two months and was able to go back to his home. We really appreciate the support Peregrines gave to us at that critical time for our dad. It was a relief to know he was in a good facility.

Clean and pleasant surroundings; staff friendly. Private pay price is too steep for us.


The care was well below a standard you would want for your loved one. Patients not treated with the respect or dignity they deserve as their Alzheimer's disease/dementia progresses. They will convince you that drugging them to the max is what they need instead of alternative behavior management and properly training their staff. As staff goes, constant turn over, severe lack of training and most administrator's lack in professiolism and can look you in the face with sincerity and lie. Can you imagine how bad it truly is when loved ones are not there? Lack of care and proper staffing lead to falls and constant ambulance trips to hospital. Especially on holiday weekends. Low staffing and temps and off they go because of laziness and poor training. I wouldn't leave my dog there for a day. Nothing but regrets and guilt for thinking it was the right place for my loved one. Don't make the same mistake, look elsewhere.

So far so good

The majority of the staff are very nice and willing to work with mom and the family. They offer daily activities. They are training a new kitchen staff and things are not going very well. The community is clean and I liked it when we first walked in.

It's a Much Better Choice.

It seems to me that either disgruntled (former) employees, persnickety residents, or children of the same who think it's a hotel would tend to rate low. The job, no doubt, is one of the most challenging to anyone, e.g. St. Mother Teresa, but the people there are as good as they get. A have a family member there and am constantly challenged by passive aggression and frequent memory loss. Sometimes it's a win/win and other times not in the least. I can only imagine what it's like to be confronted and resolve the most minor of issues multiplied by 100 residents and twice as many family members on a daily basis no less! My family member is now 'content', safe, housed, fed, and well cared for. Who can do better?


The Cheektowaga Location is the most unprofessional, unsteady place in the world just incase you are trying to bring your loved one in there DONT! This is literally the worst facility, they dont know how to treat their employees or clients. I had my parents there for a couple years and just a few days ago i find they fired one of their best employees over him not being able to show up for his shift while being sick in the hospital. I just believe if an employee is sick I would much rather them call off than get my over 70 year old parent sick as well. They discriminate and are very races in there. I can't stand this facility my family will be out as soon as i find something more reliable being that half of their staff is gone anyways due to the lack of communication they seem to have with their employees and residents. I can tell you i was shocked to hear that they LOCKED up the refrigerator because they thought employees were stealing things from the fridge. I personally don't care if they are or arent but if my Father is hungry at 3 in the morning and wants a ham sandwich i believe is only right they get it being that they are paying over $3,000 for their stay there. Also kinda sucks when the residents know everything that is going on with the employees and what ever other issue they are having within the company. Lets not mention that they don't know how to pass out medication and when to. I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody and just know my family will be out ASAP and I am trying to get in contact with HR/DHQ as I am writing this.

Very nice, clean place. Staff was inviting and welcomed any and all questions. Great so far!

What a wonderful place Peregrine's Landing is. They are so welcoming and engaging. All the staff knows each resident by name and interacts with so much care. We were so pleased with our tour. We don't need to look further, if we place our Mom, this is the place for us.

A Good Fit

The community looks maintained and looks clean. The staff are for the most part nice and I do feel they could be a little more compassionate. I feel she is in good care with the provided aid staff. Mom seems to like her meals provided so it must be pretty good. The community offers activities and when Mom can join she does. In general the staff will work with you and help in paperwork and it's been a good transition for me and my mom.

I would NOT recommend!

This place is all about making money, once they get your loved one in the don't follow through on their promises. Ever increasing charges because what are you going to do move your loved one. They know that's not practical for most elderly people especially those on a fixed income. They screw up medication..yup MEDICATIONS! They have a revolving staff because they can't keep any quality workers there. The new management is to blame for that, it used to be a decent place. Also the food is terrible, my loved one can't even eat it about 25% of the time. For ~$3700.00 a month you'd think they could serve a decent meal. Any requests my loved one has gets only lip service, they have meetings for the residents to discuss problems but nothing is ever done, month after month. The management is cold and uncaring, all business and no compassion for the people they serve. I don't think they have an elderly parent.

There are some staff that care about the residents but not all. Starting with the administrators all they care about is making sure they cover up mistakes. None of them really care about the residents or what goes on. The blame is always on someone else. They really need to look into the menus for these residents & get opinions from them--they all complain about the food but it gets ignored. They don't care who they hire to take care of these people as long as they have a body there. A lot of the good employees are overlooked & taken for granted. These residents need more than just a place to live--they need more attention & care for their needs. The building itself is very nice for these residents. The activities are also great-there's a lot to do & the activities director is great with these residents. Its just to bad that the administrators (starting with the director) doesn't have enough compassion for these seniors. They're so sweet & deserve more.

Please Reconsider

Peregrine's Landing-Memory Care Unit Assisted Living facilities are for profit senior residences that target seniors and their families at a time when they are desperate for help in keeping mom healthy and safe. The Admissions/Marketing representative at Peregrine’s will make promises that the staff cannot deliver. [removed]
The Memory Care Unit at Peregrine’s offers adequate physical care of its residents. The staff is very nice, however they are not trained to offer the emotional and behavioral support that residents with cognitive impairments require. For example, one resident was witnessed trying to leave to “go home” when she realized that she could not leave without setting off alarms. This was very upsetting to her and she could not understand why she was locked in. The staff did not offer any techniques to distract her away from the door, instead they told her she could not leave “without a doctor’s order”. The situation quickly escalated and the staff did not seem to know how to handle it. Unfortunately, the resolution to problems such as these is to call the physician for sedatives or send the resident to the emergency room for evaluation. Is this how we want mom to be treated?
They also have staffing issues here. This is evidenced by employees working double shifts and staff scrambling to find replacements because the relieving shift worker called in sick. When you see this happening you can imagine that mom is not getting the attention that she deserves.
It is also worth mentioning that the food is overcooked and bland, which is really sad considering meals are the only thing to look forward to here. And yes, that marketing person will tell you that if mom does not like what is on the menu then there is an alternative choice such as sandwiches, but you will never hear the staff offer an alternative to the two choices that are on the menu.
I think you should reconsider your decision to move mom in here. Good luck with your search.

Please also watch this Frontline video entitled Life and Death in Assisted Living:

I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone, unless maybe you are bringing a dog.

We went through everything that they asked us to, with their policies and procedures. Their management team was awful, and never returned a call. From day one the toilets flooded every other day, and even though employees told me that it happened all the time, they tried to blame my parents. I feel sorry for the people that work there. They were severely understaffed. They staff hates the head of maintenance, they don't even have maintenance on the weekend. I had to be there to handle most of the care, it was so bad. I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone, unless maybe you are bringing a dog. The resident turnover here is unbelievable, people come and stay a month and then leave.

The nurse and staff were really good.

The Peregrine's Landing Senior Community is very nice. The nurse and the staff were really good. They helped out a lot. My mother seemed very happy there. We are going to use them again. I would recommend this facility.


My aunt has been there several years and the level of care is exceptional. The staff really care about her and are good at communicating with me. She participates in the activities which are creative and varied. There are activities each day including a lot of music! Medication management for her has also been helpful. I highly recommend Peregrine's.

Review of Peregrine's Landing Senior Community Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Cheektowaga, NY

Wonderful and vibrant staff who knew residentsby name. Facility and staff wonderful Kashia, Eileen and Angela really went out of their way to help us during this difficult time. This is a beautiful facility, a great place for mom or dad or both.

Didn't really like this one...

Didn't really like this one. Seemed too big for our Grandma's needs. Rooms were really nice...but I think she would not leave the room to participate in social activities. Staff presented themselves in too laid back a manner...and they said they wouldn't more than nudge a resident to go eat more than one meal a day.

It was a fabulous.

It was a fabulous. They went out of their way to make him comfortable. It's very clean and very bright, and the staff knew me instantly. I could ask, and they could tell me what he ate, and when he ate, and what he had been up to. They were very attentive to him, and everyone is happy here.

The level of care is inconsistent. Th...

The level of care is inconsistent. There are some wonderfully attentive individuals providing care at this facility . There have many changes over the last several months and these changes have had an effect on the overall level of care.

Peregrine's Is a not just a place for Mom it is her home.

Mom has only been at Peregrine's for a few days and already we feel that she has adjusted nicely. That is thanks to a very friendly staff and a homey atomsphere. My sister and brother are both very pleased with the care she is getting. First impressions last the longest. We feel that mom is in a very safe and happy place.
Thanks to a Place for Mom for helping us find Peregrines .

We are very happy with it!

We are very happy with it! We ate there and the food is very good, it's home made. My father is very happy, and anytime he needs anything they are there to help, and just the the care that he is getting. Everybody treats him with respect. No complaints at all. It's very homey. A little smaller environment. They always call him by name.

I didn't feel like my mom would matter to them.

When I first walked in they had a vase filled with dead flowers in murky water. I really felt like I got a sales pitch. I didn't feel like my mom would matter to them.

They have the most caring people!

They were the least expensive of the communities I looked at and I was concerned about the service. My only very mild complaint is that the director of activities,who is wonderful and the residents really like him, but there seems to be an awful lot of emphasis on religious activities and my parents are not terribly so religious. They do offer other activities though and my parents really enjoy the musical activities and they are a number of those. They offer memory care. They do try to plan outings but as far as I know they have fallen through. I chose this community because they had a lot of integrity and followed through with what they said they were going to do, without any promises not kept. We had heard that the food was not very good but it seems fine. We came for Thanksgiving dinner and the food was really quite decent. They offer snacks, my mother is a nibbler and they always provide her with that. They don't have companion rooms so they had to take two rooms, but they gave us a discount on that. They have the most caring people, incredible care, really, really good. I have not seen anyone even get grumpy with the residents.

From the Community

At Peregrine's Landing Senior Community, every day you will be greeted by members of our friendly, caring staff who will offer freshly prepared, restaurant-style meals in our elegant dining room. Participate in exciting, fulfilling daily activities. Or, visit with friends and family, enjoy a quiet evening in our stately library, stroll in the enchanting courtyard or have fun during happy hours in our cheerful porch, luxurious living rooms or chapel. If you desire, everything from supervision of medications to personal assistance with activities of daily living such as grooming and bathing are available. Peregrine's Landing offers its residents the reassurance that someone is there to help them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

St. Therese's Terrace at Peregrine's Landing is a separate, New York licensed Adult Home for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's care needs. St. Therese's Terrace is architecturally designed to provide security and comfort to individuals with memory impairments. Residents of St. Therese's Terrace can move freely within familiar, taste-of-home living areas where they can also receive patient and caring assistance from our specially trained staff.

Peregrine's Landing offers long and short-term stays in both the enriched housing apartments and at St. Therese's Terrace. Let us provide the service and care you need. At Peregrine's Landing, welcome home!