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Customer Reviews

First of all I want to thank a Place for Mom and their advisor for all her help. She was excellent. Maples Suites in Dover NH is lovely. The setting is beautiful. The atmosphere is uplifting and lively. The staff is wonderful. The room maids also function as dining room staff but everyone always has a smile on their face and they are very cheery. The food is very good.

I gave the activities a fair only because my in laws have not participated but that is probably their own doing.

Parsons House

Staff was most helpful when we were looking for a facility for immediate placement for Dad. Parson's House is bright, cheerful, and clean. The location was centrally located for our family to visit and the staff encouraged us to become an active part of Dad's care team. The cost was well below what we expected. One of the main reasons we chose Parson's House was the staffing level, especially on the overnight shift. The staff gives him great care.

Excellent Community!

My mom moved in last June and I referred a friend that was looking for her mom and my friend said there were bad review on this site. I am now taking the time because I do want people to know how great Parsons House is! They have a new management team and they are fabulous! The nurses care! Their ratio of residents to caregivers is excellent! I don't know what it was like 3 or 4 years ago but I can say what it is like now and they are great. They take such good care of my mom and my sisters and I could not be happier. I feel like everyone that works their is now an extension of my family. Thank you everyone at Parsons House!

I had to write a review. My dad lives at Parsons House and I don't know why I waited so long top move him. He is having a blast! He is always on the go. He has made many new friends and I wish I would have done this sooner, he was so lonely before. My mom passed a few years ago and now I see him thriving and its like I have my dad back! Parsons House is fantastic!


My mom has lived at Parsons House for almost 18 months now and I have nothing but excellent things to say about the community and the staff. They always have my mom in activities and she loves her caregivers. She is really enjoying the "new phase" in her life! Thank you to the entire team at Parsons House!

Please look elsewhere! The only reason that I’m giving them a star is because there were two people that actually cared for the residents. What I was told would happen and what actually happened where two different thing. And what I witnessed in both the memory unit and elsewhere sometimes wasn’t very pretty. I placed my husband in the memory unit with high hopes of providing him with the socialization and interaction with others that I felt he needed. I was told that the residents were encouraged to spend their time in the common area where there were many activities for them to do, and that they would spend very little time in their rooms. This sounded so good to me because before his illness, my husband was very social. After two months of little to no stimulation, I moved him. The activities were non-existence…they did have an exercise program which seemed to be structured towards their abilities, but that was about it. I never saw any Saturday or Sunday activities. I had to repeatedly ask to have someone help my husband shave, comb his hair and clean his glasses on a daily basis. Sometimes I would come and he wasn’t dressed appropriately. When I talked with the director about my concerns about my husband’s care and the communications between staff (when shifts changed) she told me that each shift was made aware of what had taken place before they arrived and if they said that they didn’t know, they were lying and didn’t want to help me. She also admitted to me that her staff acted one way when she was around and another when she wasn’t. My husband spent most of his time in his room working on a puzzle or watching TV. From time to time, someone would come and help him. My husband began to withdraw more and more to a point that he really didn’t want anyone to visit. When I told him that I was going to move him, he started to cry and said “Thank you.”

Keep looking-not worth the money

Bottom line-this institution does not care. They dont even slightly care. if they cared for their residents even a fraction of how much they cared about their money i would be surprised. The staff continually lies, is rude, very slow in thinking, and has an unbelievable attitude that they dont even try to hide because the management and owners dont care. No one follows up on concerns and nothing ever gets addressed. Ever. Why? because they dont care. Its truly sad to see so many workers only in it for a paycheck. i rarely visit my mom now, and am unable to even get calls through due to incompetent, rude employees. One even had the nerve to yell at me I gave them the wrong phone number, and one head guy said, "We didnt want her to bother you." Sure, right. This was after i complained (going on six months now!) my mom was so worried she hadnt heard from me and i was not able to get through to her as usual. dont let the good reviews fool you since they actively try to remove bad reviews online. If you want to eliminate a large amount of added stress in your life, take your loved ones where they actually make an effort to care.

Find someplace else

would not recommend this institution. The staff and management do not even slightly care, and they definitely do not hire people who have the ability to think and solve problems. It has been six months now, and i am still unable to call and talk to my mom since no one knows how to transfer a call and help my mom use the phone. or, they hang up and never call back or give my mom the message. One worker even had the nerve to blame me for some reason. If, by some miracle, I am finally able to get through to my mom in less than 15 minutes, the staff is so loud talking and laughing with each other ( not the residents) i cant even hear. I would think they would at least *try* to be quiet for at least ten minutes, but that is the mentality of the staff and management. Six months of trying to find somone to help has been fruitless, so ive resorted to sending my mom cards. I hope she is at least getting those, since i highly question their ability to even do that.

Keep looking

Keep looking. All smiles at first and downhill from there. The lady in charge and her right hand person can not be trusted or counted on to follow thru with anything.

Do not let the grand and glorious dec...

Do not let the grand and glorious decor fool you. I would not recommend this place at all unless you never show up to visit your loved ones and don't care. The staff is lazy, rude and they definitely do not hire the sharpest crayons in the box. The management/director does absolutely nothing about any kind of concerns and it is a waste of your time to bring any issues to them. I did not feel welcome when visiting my mom, and did not go to visit nearly as much as I would have liked to. Much better places out there.

From the Community

Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Champions Run, directly across the street from St. Vincent de Paul parish, Parsons House on Eagle Run is Omaha’s leading assisted living and memory care facility. We are a family owned property with long ties to the Omaha community. Kim Reeves and her husband, Andrew, believe the primary focus should be entirely on compassion, quality care and living life to the fullest. As a single owned property, here are no multi-levels of management to navigate.

Our professional staff is at the core of the Parsons House experience. Their attentiveness and availability is evidenced by the interaction with our residents – the same residents with whom they know by first name, listen to their life experiences, laugh and share a hug. They understand that above all of the services they provide, when they are at work, they are in someone’s home and home is where family and friends belong.

Parsons House is uniquely designed to create a warm and inviting home atmosphere; our grand dining room overlooks the scenic landscape of Champions Run Golf Course. We take pride in our culinary trained chef, where homemade meals and fresh ingredients are served daily and not the exception! Our landscaped grounds and secured courtyards provide a peaceful setting for our residents to enjoy a walk or visit with friends and family; with our Memory Care courtyard being the largest in the city. Our specially designated memory care division, known as The Cottages, addresses the unique and specific needs for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders. From the generous use of natural light, vibrant colors and familiar furnishings, the Cottages instill a sense of comfort, promote self-esteem and nurture independence, with the full spectrum of care to all our residents.

We invite you and your family to visit Parsons House to discuss your unique situation and leave with the confidence that your loved one’s needs will be met. We believe you will agree that this is the best in Omaha.