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Customer Reviews

Not recommended - look elsewhere

My mother has been at Oak Creek Place since June 2018. Shortly after she moved in corporate changed hands. Since then we are on our third director and our third nurse. There is no communication; this facility is grossly understaffed. The food is terrible according to my mother. My mother was recently placed on hospice care through an outside facility. There is absolutely no coordination between the hospice company and OCP staff. Medications and dietary needs are not being handled correctly. Aids are not trained; turn-over is constant. They are all very pleasant and want very much to help but without training they seem hesitant and bewildered.

The only one holding this place together is the receptionist. She handles everything from waiting tables to dealing with internet/cable tv problems because there is never enough staff to take care of these tasks.

We are getting my mother out of there as soon as possible. Unfortunately we have to give 30 days notice which means we will have to pay for a room that my mother will not be in for 30 more days. I would not recommend Oak Creek Place at this time.

We have moved my mother to a much better assisted living facility. The director was a very staunch all business person. She was not suited for the position at all. The nurse dropped the ball constantly and was not approachable when we needed answers or asked about my mothers care. The food was not good according to my mother. It seemed as though some of the aids were not happy with their job so they were not caring and helpful. The only person that was helpful, caring and really dedicated to helping seniors was [Name removed] the receptionist. She was doing everything all over for everyone. I could see she was overwhelmed. So when my mother got sick with pneumonia because the nurse was not paying her any attention I took her to the emergency. $75000.00 later she has finally recovered. We thought we were going to loose her for sure. While she was in a rehab facility we learned that the nurse and director had quit ! Her six month experience was not very good. The rehab facility recommended Brentwood Park Assisted Living in Franklin Wi and it is wonderful. A huge improvement. And most importantly my mother is healthy and happy with helpful caring people that are cheerful.

Former resident for three years

My mom lived there for 3 years. Each year they got better, with activities and staff. Before we moved out my mom needed more care then what was in our plan but they gave her the care she needed regardless of cost. (We did get together and up the charge based on the care needed, that is only fair). My mom's safety was the only issue, they arranged staff accordingly. They also allow cats which was a great comfort for my mom.

Excellent! First choice so far, though location is not optimal. But not a deal breaker.
[Removed] is helpful, knowledgeable and patient; an outstanding ambassador for Oak Creek Place.


Oak Creek Place is incredible. The concern of the administrators when I went through the interview process was fantastic. They answered all my questions, were very transparent about every aspect of the community, and they wanted to know if I and any suggestions for how they could best care for my loved one. The food is very nice, and they have a wide variety of options to suit everyone's needs. The have a huge amount of activities. They have an in-house movie theatre, beautiful craft rooms, and everything about the community is wonderful. Even the house keeping staff are certified caregivers. This community is just comfortable and lovely, and I would absolutely recommend it.

Welcoming and warm

Oak Creek Place is a really nice community that definitely caters to my mom’s needs. They’re so attentive and anytime she needs someone, she presses a button and they’re there immediately. Her room is large, bigger than any other community I had toured when I was initially looking for a home for her. The food is warm and even though my mom can be fussy, she really enjoys mealtime. They keep things clean and looking nice and they have plenty of activities to keep everyone involved like daily exercise, bingo, and movie nights. The other residents there really made this transition for her a lot easier because of how warm and welcoming they are. The only complaint I really have is that asking the staff to do certain things, such as cleaning or fixing, can be difficult and doesn’t always get taken care of right away. Other than that, though, I would recommend this place because you really get what you pay for.

Youngest one there

This is a very nice community and my dad's probably one of the youngest residents at the age of 65. He like's his room and he was able to bring his own furniture so it feels more like home for him. They offer a lot of amenities for the resident should they want to take part as well as field trips for shopping and appointments. There is a nice courtyard to sit outside on and I would definitely recommed scheduling a tour here just to see the community first hand.

My mom's great care

The care from this community is very good. The staff is good with communicating with me.My mom does enjoy the menu and the variety of meals that are offered. They offer activities for my mom to participate with the other residents.I know my mom is happy at this community and she is getting great care. I would recommend this community to others for good care and good value.

This was by far one of the nicest places I toured. [Removed] was fantastic and continues to stay in touch with us. She has invited us to an ice cream social which we are going to attend

Comfort and care for mom

This is a nice community. We like the staff that is caring and attentive. The community is very clean and nice environment for the residents. We like how they offer a daily list of activities for her to participate with the other residents. I like knowing that she likes the menu of the healthy meals. We would recommend this community for the care of a loved one.

Clean Property!!

I have no complaints about how things went for my tour of this community for my loved one. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to accommodate our needs to the best of there ability during our visit They had lots of great information to share and answered any questions we had for them in detail. It was just not the right location in the end decision.

Awesome field trips!!

My dad has made a smooth transition into this community and has really adapted well into his new living environment. They offer a wide range of activities and even take them out and about to get there errands done. The food could use some improvements but overall we have no complaints about how things are going.

Care for mom

We were able to tour this nice community. They offered a lot of great activities that would have been helpful. This community was clean and the staff were very nice and were willing to help us work something out for the cost of the care. We did like the community and it was great for the care. I would recommend other families to this community for great care.

It is a great day at Oak Creek Place

Oak Creek Place is absolutely great! You couldn't find a more caring and dedicated team. They really do care about their residents and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. It is a beautiful facility and so very clean. I just can't say enough good things about it.
We are very pleased to have my father reside there.

A good community

The staff at this community is encouraging. They have tried to make my loved one feel comfortable with being there. They helped us find a chair and a television for her room. They are responsive to our concerns and work to resolve issues. We are able to bring in food and sit with her in another small dining area. The community is clean and the food is good.

Small And Home Like!

The Oak Creek Place was a nice small community. They had a theater for the residents to have movie night there at the community. The staff were all very friendly and answered all of my questions. The only reason we did not go with them was simply because it was too far from our house.

I like this community for my mom, but it was a private community. The staff was very nice and answered alot of the questions we had. It was clean and they had a very nice staff. I would recommend this is families are looking for a good private community.

Pleasant Tour!

The community at Oak Creek Place is very nice. The staff that offered the tour were friendly and able to address all of my concerns. I would have like to have known before the tour if the community took Medicaid. It would have saved a lot of time for us in our search.

A great place for respite care!!!

My mother in law was at this community for a short respite stay. We were very happy with this community and we would use it again. The staff are very helpful they answered our questions and were very attentive. She said the food was ok. They do offer a lot of activities.

Staff are very kind!

We enjoyed the tour at Oak Creek Place! The staff were extremely friendly that offered the tour. The community was very nice and was very welcoming. The community was only a little further from family than we wanted.

A very very nice place that feels like a family!!!

I cannot say enough about Oak Creek. My aunt is still settling in but she is making great progress. The staff are very friendly and are great about helping her become more comfortable with her new surroundings. The food is really great and they offer alternatives if you do not like something on the menu. They have a lot of activities as well as a beauty shop and movie theater. I would recommend this community.

A Great Community

This was a great a community, it was just very expensive for us. The community was amazing and very helpful. The staff was great and kind to us. There are great activities and good food here. My mother in law needed more care so we moved her, but our experiences with this community was nice.

Best Decision

It was the best decision I made for my Aunts care !

overall review

The food could use a up grade does not taste very good i hear other people talking about the taste besides my mom. Some nurses not to friendly,good a little more better care i am still working on that.

Everything Is Going Okay

They have nice meals. I think the staff and the new director are very friendly. I know they just got a van, and I don't know if they have a regular activity program where the take people out, I am not sure how that works. When I first got there, what I was surprised about was the director and the head nurse resigned and I wish I would have known about it. But so far it is going okay and my loved one is okay with it.

Took awhile to get care straightened out. Tolieting, dressing, bedtime help. The night shift needs more people not enough help. Response time for help to long like getting on and off. Sometimes 10 minutes. have told them about these things slow getting problems taking care of. Food quality not so good i heard a lot of complaints about it being bland, and not so tasty. But things are slowly improving. I think hiring more help would cut down on wait times.

They have worked out any issues we have brought up.

We are working out a few issues. They have worked out any issues we have brought up. Lately the food has kind of gone downhill a little bit. Things seem to be a little bland, and they have fish a lot, I hear a lot of grumbling coming from other tables. When we first chose them they seemed really nice, and they explained things all the prices, and costs really well.

Very nice place!

They do a very good job at Oak Creek Place! The staff here are very friendly, and they take great care of the residents. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they have a lot to offer the residents. I've had the chance to eat here a few times and even the food is delicious! I highly recommend this place!

taking great care of my parents

My father is pretty much physically limited to being in a wheelchair and needs help with just about everything and they do a great job taking care of him. My mother is suffering from pretty bad dementia and they take great care of her as well. They have a lot of really nice activities that keep them engaged. Good church services, good physical therapy, very clean, excellent staff, etc. It has been a very good experience and I would highly recommend Oak Creek Place.

why I picked this place

I so appreciate the communication that is there with the families.
It is a safe and beautiful place to have a loved one that needs 24 hour care.
My personal bias is that a medical (nurse) is in charge of the assisted living. It gives me comfort that the knowledge is there for medical - not just the business aspect of the place.
The availability of staff starting at the top is impressive.
I also like the size - not too big and not small. I don't feel my mom gets lost.

I really liked the community, we thought it was nice.

This is one of the places my loved one considered as were looking into options. I really liked the community, we thought it was nice. The prices were pretty good too.

great value

What I really like about Oak Creek Place is that it is a privately owned facility as opposed to a government owned. The advantage this offers is that they can work together with the families on the rates. That's not to say that they are cheap, but compared to half a dozen other places I checked out they were more willing to work with us. I found that very appealing considering the government ones you really have to clean out your savings and everything else in order to afford being able to live there.

My experience with Oak Creek Place ha...

My experience with Oak Creek Place has been good so far. They worked with my loved one to get him in at a reasonable price. The facility itself is really nice, absolutely very clean. The place is very nice; excellent.

Fabulous Facility!

We had to find an assisted living facility in a one-week period of time for our Mother and toured many places. Oak Creek Place was the BEST of all of the local facilities around the South Milwaukee Oak Creek vicinity. Pam and Richard were extremely helpful and our Mom needs a high level of care right now. She is adjusting well and it's an absolutely lovely facility. Every area was clean, neat and the dining room area is stunning. We are hoping that Mom becomes more active than she was being home bound for the past four years. I would highly recommend Oak Creek Place.

Nice place. Waiting for as...

Nice place. Waiting for assessment tomorrow and prices.

Very nice place!

I think Oak Creek Place is excellent! It is a nice looking, clean facility, and I like the location. It is in what feels like a secluded area, not close to a main road, so it is calm and quiet. The staff are all friendly and professional, and provide excellent care. They also do a great job with the food. Overall it is a very nice place, and a great value for the price range.

That place is horrible.

That place is horrible. They confined her to the room all the time. They didn't have enough staff to take care of her, they sent her to the hospital and didn't even refund her money. The staff was really nice, the aides were really nice, but the management was very snippy. I don't recommend going there ever. We chose them because they were the most responsive right in the beginning. We had to hire a company 24/7 to care for her, because they didn't have enough staff.

Great place!

My 97 year old father-in-law recently moved to Oak Creek Place. While he initially had some trouble adjusting to the changes in his routine, the entire staff has gone out of their way to make him feel welcome and comfortable. He is now happy there and our family is relieved knowing he's in good hands.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.