The Lodge Health & Rehabilitation Center - Ocala, FL

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Customer Reviews

Not a happy camper

This place is the worst!!!! The food is Herrendise!! Absolutely horrible. Cold, rotten vegetables and fruit. They feed these poor people out of can food. Talk about tons of sodium for the elderly 😡. Half of the time they forget what 5hey are doing. They hire people who don’t know what the heck they are doing and the great workers get stuck with all of the jobs instead of concentrating on the main job that they were hired to do.

The only thing I will give over a 100% is their rehabilitation center. They are awesome in this department.

They do not have good management to run this place properly.

Our experience

My father left The Lodge Rehab Center with a pressure wound so large & so bad the nurse did not want him to leave her care. In my opinion, their negligence over the course of several days during rehab, for a left hip replacement, contributed to this wound . They never checked the heel of the right foot for pressure wound (where all the pressure was each time they had him walk). I had to take him to urgent care to treat the damage they left him with. Weeks later his hip is healing but his foot is far from it. Had they not allowed this, he would soon be on his way back to work.
During his discharge we were told by the social worker [name removed] his wound was the responsibility of the family to figure out. Also that a walker, wheelchair & shower chair were ordered. When he arrived home, no walker, toilet seat or wheelchair had been ordered, so he had no way to get from car into home or to toilet. No home health equipment or wound care ordered, per his insurance so none was coming. His insurance tried many times to contact [name removed] (4 times) or anyone available to place the order. Derelict bunch, BEWARE. Days later finally got in to see his GP, received care & equipment needed.
The other care from most staff was fine, but the rooms at the facility is not too clean. The roaches were not TOO prevalent. The bed pan was left with fecal matter on it more than once, as was the toilet & sink?!

Would NOT recommend

We used "The Lodge" briefly for a rehab stay for a loved one, and our experience was absolutely terrible, I would NOT recommend them to anyone. They kept him in a wheelchair and wouldn't let him get up and walk around, which I think really limited his recovery. The "activities" they had here were pathetic, and not stimulating at all. They also told us that he would have a private room in their new wing for his stay, but when we arrived they put him in a shared room in the old wing. Just a bad experience all around, I got him moved somewhere else as soon as I was able.

From the Community

The Lodge is located just blocks away from Ocala Regional and Munroe Regional Medical Center. The newest addition to this facility is the private suites in our skilled rehab unit designed specifically for short term Medicare and HMO members. As a guest at The Lodge, you will receive individualized and compassionate therapy throughout your stay. The community hosts a full service amenity package including skilled rehab, concierge service, Bistro dining, and an internet lounge.