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  • Pain Management
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Wound Care Physician

Customer Reviews


This place is not fit for a dog. The smell of fecal matter and urine hits you the minute you walk in the door. The place is beyond filthy and run down. There is a ghost staff, certainly not enough people for the amount of residents there. My mom who was in for rehab needed assistance to go to the bathroom, she pressed the call button which simply lights a light outside your door that there is nobody around to see. By the time you finally get someone to help and that is if you are there visiting to hail someone down, it is too late. The residents are left with no dignity. And REHAB ? how is it rehab when they leave you laying in bed all day. There are no activities, the food is disgusting, the place is so unsanitary. I am removing my mother as soon as possible. And if you try to get an administrator or social worker on the phone that is impossible as well. And if you personally go in an office there is one person there who claims the staff are all in a meeting. Please do not put your loved ones here unless you want them to die. It is a disgrace.


Most impressed with my tour given by [name removed]. I could see how caring and interested she is in the residents and their needs. If she is example of their employees
they are a 5 plus facility. I was visiting a friends husband and wanted to get a feel of the place. Would definitely recommend

I would recommend to a friend.

The only thing I have a problem with is the nutrition. My husband requires a particular diet, and they are giving him food that is not good for him.

No complaints about the food.

I guess things were fine because she was well and she came home.

The staff has gone above and beyond, they've been very informative and done 150%. I'm really impressed with them.

The meals are fine, just typical hospital type food. The doctors have called as they've seen her, but nobody else has really reached out in the week she's been there.

The room is very clean.

The friendliness is absolutely excellent. I am kept very well informed. I get daily phone calls, and have an upcoming care meeting with the staff.

The place is very clean, I was very surprised. My loved one likes it.

I'd give them a 5 overall. The staff told me that there would be a meeting about care for my loved one, but a meeting hasn't been set up yet, so I'm not sure how they're proceeding with his care.

They are fantastic with communication.

Everything was very good. We were there every day, and they always kept us very well informed.

I'm doing fine. They show sympathy when you need it, love when you need it, and a good smile too. They are caring. A little more cleaning is required. The garbage should be taken out more frequently and the floors could use more mopping. The meals are desirable.

Nesconset is a great place. I would recommend it to a friend of a loved one. They do seem a little understaffed, but everyone is very nice.

The nurses are pretty much on top of everything. The meals are excellent. The communication is pretty good.

From what I have seen so far while I'm visiting, it is working out fine. The nurses and nursing assistants are there to make sure she takes the right medications. One of the aides assisting my wife with her shower was very cheerful and helpful. The place is very clean and shiny. It's very quiet. My wife found the physical therapy very difficult. The meals seem to be okay, though my wife misses having more salt in her meals.

Very clean. It is a very nice place. They have kept me well informed.

Nesconset is great! The staff is really good and they are doing wonderfully with my dad. His only real complaint is that sometimes when he rings the call button it can take up to ten minutes for them to come and take him to the restroom.

Nesconset is great! I would recommend them to anyone. The only problem was that sometimes there was a lack of communication about my loved one's care.

The physical therapy I would give them a 5. The nurses are good, the thing that I do not like is that they push things off a lot. If my loved one asks for something, they will say they are going to have someone get it for him, and no one comes back. I wish they had better attentiveness. Someone has been there every day, nothing has gone on that I feel they should make us aware of. When we call, they are nice and answer any questions that I have.

From the Community

Nesconset Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is a community of caregivers that support every patient's personal and medical needs with dignity and respect. Out state-of-the-art facility offers the latest technology and lab services to ensure we can treat the complete spectrum of rehabilitative needs and provide the best clinical/nursing care. Our center is unique in that we also feature Adult Day Care Health Services to offer relief to caregivers during the day. Other specialized care includes our Memory Care Unit, Orthopedic Rehab, Balance Disorders, Pain Management, Cardiac/Heart Failure Program, Cognitive Therapy, and our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.