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  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Quantum staff is excellent

My brother had a terminal illness and was placed at lakeview which is now called Quantum. I found Quantum facility to be clean and well kept. the 5 star rating is for the staff. All of them helped to make my brother as comfortable as possible. At the end, they were professional, caring and supportive. The staff helped with physical and occupational therapy and swallowing therapy. The nurses and aids were always polite and friendly to the patients. You can not ask for a better place to send your loved ones for either rehab or comfort care. The free small bakery was a nice perk.
I don't know what the problem was with the previous reviews but the ownership has changed and the staff was great.

This is absolutely the last facility on Long Island I would ever leave a loved one at

I cannot believe that establishments that are supposedly in business to take care of our loved ones can exist to basically [removed] them. This place should be closed. The half star is only checked because the software does not permit you to leave it blank.

After three weeks of [removed] placed upon my family, we finally got my mom out of this place by ambulance.

I am a well respected professional and can write pages of horrific details but I choose not to. I can only say, from my families experience, if you have to choose a rehab or nursing facility please stay away from this place. if I can sway one person to choose any other facility other than this one I feel that this message was worth it.

Lakview NSG Center - not fit for human occupation ! ! !

This facility is understaffed and the staff is under paid and doesn't get paid for working overtime. The Administration only cares about keeping patients in the beds and collecting money. This money goes to a private management company that knows one knows about. This corporations owns 11 facilities - all doing things on the cheap. The beds are cheap, the mattresses are cheap, everything inside the building is old and broken. You don't even get your own phone line when you go there. There are 120 rooms and only 30 phones lines. Someone has to die or leave in order to get a phone line. The place is not fit for patients because they can't keep good staff there because of their pay policies and administration greed.


I'm reviewing while my family member is still stuck in the terrible facility! I would like to take my family member out of this facility but I don't have much say in that decision.

The ownership has changed I am not sure when because we we're never notified, after 3 yrs of being involved with this nursing home. I've noticed ever since ownership change they have fired some caring staff members rather than hiring more staff. Instead they decided to put money on painting the 2nd floor, you would think that was a good thing. However my family member who lived on the 2nd floor for 2-3 years they would keep them there since they we're familiar with all the nurses, aids and their room! But nope my family member who has Alzheimer's was moved (kicked out) to the 3rd floor which by the way they are never planning to fix.

Ever since my loved one moved to the 3rd floor it has been a nightmare. [removed] It was a continuous nightmare from there.

The director is a rude [removed] He does not care about the patients he does not care about the patient's family.

Fast forward months later as of 2 weeks ago my loved one now has a 2nd bedsore! When we called and called to fight with them about it they ignored our calls. I was calling the assistant of the director and she failed to call me back (I just get that feeling the director forbids some of the staff members to speak with us). Instead she had a nurse call 2 days later! I did not want to speak to the nurse k wanted to speak to someone in charged! But that never happened.

Today my family member's child went to check on them 2x. Tonight they found their loved one drenched in sweat, hunched over the bed. Not one staff member noticed! The patient's child did say there was hardly any staffing tonight, so who's fault is that?
I think there are a few staff members who genuinely cares about the patients, but majority I get the feeling just doesn't care. Why should they if they are understaffed, mistreated, perhaps under paid and it seems to me the director doesn't even give a [removed]?
But no patient should be left hunched over their bed soak and wet in their own sweat, that is just unexceptable!

My family member is recently very sick (again we believe due to [removed]) and nobody really knows what they have. We have asked numerous of times is it pneumonia, is it a Uti, is it an upper respiratory issue. Nobody seems to know. It's been a week and still nobody knows (even after supposedly test). Yesterday, the patient's child noticed the nebulizer was not working in order to treat their condition (whatever that condition may be). But the aid and nurse continued to give them the same treatment with the broken equipment. Until the patient's child spoke up. Their response "oh it must be broken" but they continue to give the treatment and never bothered to get the patient a new one. Not until the child complained on day 2... This is just minor ridiculous experiences with Lakeview but it's the same old story month after month. Tomorrow I will have to contact them yet again to argue with these people about my family member's condition and the fact that they are [removed] my loved one.

The director does not know anything about the patient's family, I bet not even the names of the patients. I never saw this man say hi to not one patient. He had [removed] me and my family when we we're having a peaceful visit. I can't say why because I am afraid for the safety of my loved one. I am afraid the director made me very suspicious of his and Lakeview's intentions... This is why I can't say if the patient is a male or female. I can't say if the patient's child is a son or daughter. I can't give out too much information [removed] We are not even those kind of people, we just want our loved one to die in peace, with dignity.

So I warn you to not put your family in this facility if you want them to be taken care of.... But before Lakeview's ownership changed, the director and the staffing was actually more than ok, for a nursing home... After our experience in the last year with the new director and ownership my impression is that Lakeview just does not care about the dying. They do not care to let these people die with dignity. My loved one is at their last days and this is how they will go, drenched in piss and sweat hunched over the bed. We are doing our best. Tomorrow I will speak to another facility to see about other possibilities perhaps closer to where we live. I wish this on nobody..... Tomorrow I will fight...

Oak Hollow Nursing Center (...

Oak Hollow Nursing Center (2nd floor) is understaffed. Some staff are not cleaning the rooms (In one patient's room, the A/C was leaking water on floor, dressers were dirty, found dirty bedsheet/clothes in closet). Some aides ignore patients or get agitated with patients and families. Some staff were rude and unprofessional with patients and families...only a handful of staff show compassion, quality care, and concern. As noted in Oak Hollow's summary and phone recording, they do not offer 'a nurturing, dedicated staff looking out for the well-being of the residents spiritual and emotional needs.' The administrator resigned in July.

From the Community

Nestled in a scenic wooded neighborhood Crest Hall Care Center and Oak Hollow Nursing Center are sister facilities located in Middle Island, These two skilled nursing facilities are independent of each other with separate administrative, professional and service staff but both believe in our mission of providing extraordinary compassion and exceptional care from our traditional and established facilities. We offer a nurturing, and dedicated staff who focus on. the individualized care and well-being of our residents. This is done in a secured home-like atmosphere that optimizes our philosophy of promoting each individual's quality of life. A highly trained team of professionals encourage an individualized program of training in. activities of daily living, The team approach is also utilized to meet the medical, psychiatric, nursing, social, spiritual and emotional needs of our residents. Our on-site physical and occupational therapy departments offer the rehabilitation services necessary for those individuals who require specialized therapy services to promote increased independence.