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The most fraudulent/ corrupt Medical rehab/ Senior center I've been around. Can't believe they r still able to b open. However, I'm aware of the Accel facility is also owned by the same group of Doctors n Texas. Also a horrible facility. Class action is so close. Horrible how these facilities continue to stay open & take advantage of the elderly people who have their trust n a major investment. It is sick & wrong. Many others are aware & watching.

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We appreciate your feedback. Our team at Medical Park West Rehabilitation and Skilled Care would like to discuss your concerns regarding your experience further. Please contact us at [removed].

Very dissatisfied

My Aunt stayed here, they very understaffed. It takes a hour for a response when the patient calls a nurse. I would not recommend this place.

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We apologize for your unpleasant experience at our facility. At Medical Park West, we strive to deliver quality care. We are thankful for your feedback as this will help us improve our services.

Poor care

My mom was only supposed to be in there for only two weeks and they said she wasn't quite ready. Wished we would have taken her out then!! She was worse when she left than when she went in!!! They threatened Medicare might not pay for other medical bills if we went against medical advice. Wished I had gotten a lawyer to ask for for sure :(. Soon as insurance was close to stop paying they discharged her) 77 days of being miserable!! While in there she got fluid A ,pneumonia, C-diff. Told them she would be healthier at home they didn't care. Just wanted insurance I'm sure. We were up there most of the time, imagine if we weren't? Mom was left on the toilet one time for 45 minutes when we wasn't there! The rehab people were good, but she kept getting sick with everything going around the nursing center she couldn't work out.

Poor care

No stars. Loved one left the facility in worse health and with bed sores. Request for pain medicine would take an hour or longer. Request for assistance to go to bathroom or to get out of bed would take 1-2 hours. Would take hours to receive meal! For dinner , the meal offered was spaghetti. Loved one received a plate of cold noodles with no sauce!! But, as you walked by the nurses station, an employee at the desk had a big bowl of spaghetti with sauce and meatballs!!!I. guess this facilities motto is to feed the employees and not the patients!!! Also, none of the employees had name tags? I would have have to ask what there position was? Do they have licensed RN’s,LPN’’s on staff? Who knows? BEWARE OF FACILITY!!!

Satisfied with stay!

I [name removed] was a patient in Medical Park West and my stay was 95% met. I had a good stay and therapy was outstanding 105%. [name removed] my therapist was a caring person.


Day 4... a little better as far as PT and OPT due to one being changed. We even got invited in the room and a little tour...which was obviously because issues were brought up, but we'll take what little changes for the better we can get! However, the overall nursing staff and aides are not good. Excuses for call lights not being answered for 15 minutes, bedding STILL not being changed 4 days in (we did it ourselves). It's sad, scary, disgusting, disturbing and disheartening to think what happens to our loved ones when no one is watching. We have been instructed to go through the chain of command if there are any further issues... and then it's 2pm and we finally go ask why lunch wasn't served to our family member. I am guessing the aide who got mouthy about the light and the bedding was supposed to bring it. Seriously? The chain of command??? How far UP the chain do we need to go to get things changed? I read the MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS- if ONLY! Perhaps the caregivers on ALL levels in this facility need to be reminded of the MISSION. Perhaps they should also truly have to consider: WHAT IF THIS WERE YOUR LOVED ONE? Would you feel secure and confident in leaving them under the staffs supervision and care? If they were truly honest, their response would be a resounding HELL NO!
I can't wait for this part of the nightmare to be over. Aging, having a terminal illness, and being away from familiar faces and places is hard enough on the suffering loved one without adding a stay in a place where they are treated like an annoyance.
God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change, COURAGE to change the things I CAN, and the WISDOM to know the difference. AMEN.

Referred a very close family friend to MPW. She had a great experience.

Staff was very knowledgeable, and very timely. My time here was wonderful.

I have never met more hateful people as I've met at Medical Park West, I wouldn't send my dog to live there.A couple of the nurse's we're amazing but other than them, most of the employees were lazy,and no where to be found. Very rude people, horrible place.