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  • Short Term Rehab
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
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Customer Reviews

We have no complaints! The social worker is wonderful. It is a very clean place. The food is fine. Anytime I ask them anything, they answer.

They're getting my loved one up walking again. It's real, real clean. He says he likes their food.

It was wonderful. I didn't have to worry about leaving my loved one there. The CNAs were really attentive. The facility is magnificent. It is trendy and decorated nicely. The food was good, she raved about it all the time. Her favorite was the roast, potatoes, and carrots. They didn't call me but when I came in they informed me, so that was okay.

I didn't have a good experience. The food was inadequate. I was supposed to be on a strict diet with no salt or grease and I wasn't getting the food that I was supposed to be getting. I wasn't going to stay in there like that. Everyone was nice except the people who were in charge. As far as I could see it was clean, but I never smelled any bleach, so who knows.

The facility was clean. My mother said that the food was really bad. She just said that everything was bad, and that she couldn't eat it.

I've had some weekend nurses' aides that had an attitude, but the nurses noticed it and took care of it before I had to say anything. I've been in other rehab places and this is the best one by far. I wheel around all over the place, even the garden, and it all looks great. Sometimes the food is great and sometimes I just wonder where they come up with this stuff. The weekend cooks are the worst. Once night I got some funky green beans and a grilled cheese sandwich as my supper. On the weekend, they don't give you options, you just get what you get. During the week, we get options.

My loved one said everyone was really nice. The meals were good. The breakfast and roast was good. They rarely informed us but if I asked they would tell us.

I would suggest that they pay more attention to my loved one when she goes to the restroom and cleanliness when doing so. Everyone seems friendly and helpful when I'm up there visiting. We just met today for her care plan and I was very pleased. Also, anytime I have any questions they answer them

My loved one speaks very highly of the therapist and the progress she's made. Overall, she's said the food has been good. I had to chase a few people on the phone to get information about her medication

Rehab services were excellent for being a skilled nursing facility. The therapists were very attentive, pleasant, and had reasonable equipment. During the week, the staff and nurses are nice and helpful. During the weekend they are short staffed and they don't seem to know what has been done during the week. Only on the weekend did my meds come at odd times of the day. The food was not too good, and generally didn't arrive hot. I suggest that they make sure the food is hot when it gets to the patient. The quality of the food was not there, and the portions were so small. It seems like the meals were cheaply done

Everything was pretty good except my loved one's leg was having some issues. The therapy was good. They told her that she didn't need therapy because she was up walking on her own, but she did the therapy anyways. The facility is clean. She didn't like that she was on a low-salt diet, and didn't like the food. I was down there most of the time, and if I asked questions they were good at answered them.

We're actually about to have a meeting about my loved one's care and what's going on here

There are some areas that could be better. We've had issues with disorganization, timing, changes, and communications with patients and their families. My loved one's favorite food is the pumpkin pie; we ate there for Thanksgiving and it was good.

They're a little slow about getting to my loved one. They have him on a special diet and they take care of that for him. I have to ask questions, they don't volunteer anything

There's no staff, and the staff that is there have too many patients to cover. It's a beautiful facility, they have five Christmas trees when you walk in, but there isn't any staff. They should shut down a hallway if they don't have enough people to take care of the patients. The therapist is very good, but my loved one only got to see her twice and she wasn't given a therapy plan for after she was discharged. There was only one nurse that knew what she was doing. A couple of them were good. It could be four hours sometimes before my loved one would even see a nurse. Housekeeping did great, but the whole time she was there, they didn't change the sheets once. The facility was well kept. She never got a chance to talk to the dietitian. They served biscuits and gravy eight days in a row and she couldn't have it. They did not give her the right foods according to her diet. I'm nosy so I asked questions, but the other family members didn't get any information

From the Office

Woodlands Place Rehabilitation Suites provides both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care in a welcoming environment that supports each member of our community. Our rehabilitative care program covers virtually any rehabilitative need. A wide range of rehabilitative services are provided by certified and licensed professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology. Residents can recover and fine-tune their skills in cooking, bathing, and movement abilities in a home-like environment known as the Transition Room. To enhance our guest’s experience, various recreational activities are offered to help stimulate recreational, social, physical or spiritual needs in our Activities Program.