Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center – East Campus - Westlake Village, CA

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Customer Reviews

They don't listen and are not very nice OR caring

I brought my dad here at his doctor's direction. He has cancer and is not able to clearly state his needs. When I tried to get him some pain medication, the ER staff acted like I was asking it for myself. They were very reluctant to help him even though he was in a lot of pain.
He was admitted to stay overnight.
When we got into the room, the nurse asked him what his pain level was and instead of allowing him to state his level, she "told him" what it was. she said your pain level is what? a 2? He is easily confused and just agreed with her. Then when she came back to ask him about his pain level she did it again she told him what his pain level was. I have never seen anything like this before.
You can tell when you talk to my dad that he is off and not all there so rather than try to understand even remotely his actual needs, she decides for him... When I attempted to help her understand, she just got upset and had an attitude.

Grateful for this facility

We were grateful for this facility. My husband was able to be cared for here and ultimately --with their help, return home. When you're in any hospital, you need to have an "advocate" - preferably a family member. Every facility is understaffed and you'll need to help your loved one as much as you can.

Case Worker Ignores Calls

My mom has been in this East Campus facility for 11 days. I have left 4 messages for the case worker and to date no one has called me back. No one from our family has talked to a dr. or the case worker about her status or how long they think she will be there. It is very frustrating!

Not a good experience.

The place is clean and food is not too bad. The Food Service people are very accommodating. The nursing staff is way understaffed and they neglect my mother. I timed a response and it was forty minutes before someone came to help her. Attitude of some of them was not kind to an elderly woman. I would not recommend this place.

Difficult to Get Information

My dad was there for rehab and I would say it was pretty equal to the others we’ve had experience with. It’s a newer facility but I had the same frustration of trying to find out anything. It feels a little bit more like a hospital. The medical care was fine and the food was fine but it’s hard to find anything out about a plan of treatment or when you are going to leave.