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Not Very Good

According to her, it's probably a 2. Although she refused to move into assisted living after rehab, they still sent her home without help, only to later send the State social workers to her house. They didn't try enough to keep her a little longer. They sent her home alone, and it was very difficult because her whole family lives out of state. I wasn't happy with that. The care wasn't good. She had a brace on too tight and she was screaming for help, and the administrator had to come and evaluate the problem before they could figure out what was wrong. She has thyroid meds that have to be taken without food, and they would give her the meds with the food. That would get her upset. The only good thing was that they gave her three meals a day, and they had physical therapy. It's not a wonderful place. It wasn't fun having the State Department come to her house and tell her that they are going to put her in a nursing home. I think that she could have been in rehab a little longer. But when Medicare ran out, they weren't getting paid so they kicked her out. My mother was also a difficult patient. I'm sure if you talked to someone that was an easy going person, they may not have had such a bad experience.

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MorseLife Health System is a nationally recognized provider of health care, housing and support services for seniors and their families in Palm Beach County.