Jacksonville Healthcare Center - Jacksonville, TX

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How much do you love your parents?

If you love your parents do not allow them here. They were constantly understaffed an failed to provide proper care for my mother. [Removed] Found her one evening tangled in her bed alarm and it took an additional 5 minutes after I got there for some one to come check on her. When they did the girl said What do you want? My mother had numerous fall because she need assistance getting to the rest room and could not get anyone to answer her calls in time. When we asked them to schedule her a Dr.'s appoint it didn't happen till it was too late . The Dr. on staff billed her for one visit a month. The one and only time I saw him and asked him to wait so I could be there in the room with them , he left and came back in less than five minutes and said she was fine. [Removed] That's what you can expect from this facility.