CareOne at Jackson Nursing & Rehab - Jackson, NJ

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  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Gluten Free
  • Dialysis Offsite
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Memory Care Services
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Transportation at Cost

Customer Reviews

Well-Trained Staff

The staff at CareOne is great. They are very well-trained in how to care for advanced Alzheimer's patients. They really know how to care for my loved one. I feel secure knowing my loved one is in a safe place where he is well cared for. CareOne is definitely a good fit for us.

I have dealt with a lot of nursing homes and rehab centers before and this one has by far been the best!

We were very impressed with the level of care my loved one received here. They were very professional and exceeded my expectations.

The nurses do an excellent job. They are compassionate and attentive. I think most of the aides do a very good as well. The food looks really fresh.

I would recommend them.

The staff here is great. Out of everything in this community my mom likes the food the best.

The staff is great and we like it. My father feels that everything is fine. Everyone is very helpful. The facility is very clean. My dad said that the food is excellent. I really don't get that much feedback about anything.

I think it's a very nice place and the staff is friendly. The staff has so much patience. They were all very friendly.

I would recommend CareOne at Jackson to a loved one.

I would recommend CareOne at Jackson to a friend.

I would recommend this community!!

The staff at CareOne are very very great. They bend over backwards to help. The only issue I have is it that the communication with them could be better. They do not encourage mom enough to participate in any of the activities. The community is clean. She does not complain about the food. I would recommend A Place for Mom as they were a great help.

Very brief basic stuff and family meetings for the past four weeks. Nurses were a little bit slow to get to him. Cleanliness could be a little bit better. He just started eating meals recently. He is fed bedside. Not to happy with the food. Very repetitive.

We had a horrible experience. Mother was supposed to get therapy on her lower body. To help her with standing and walking. They only worked on her upper body. The head therapist told her that she wouldn't be able to walk again and this upset her. The doctor did not knowing anything about her diabetes gave her a pill when her blood sugar was 200. Insisted that this microchip in her chest was a pacemaker and argued that it wasn't a monitor. They were not giving mother insulin when she was supposed to have it 15 minutes before she eats. This was not adhered to. And giving her ten units too little. Her blood sugar spiked from 140 to 280. I would rate rehab therapy a zero. She was told she wouldn't walk again and this made her depressed.

Everything was wonderful. Friendliness of staff was exceptional.

Wife says that everything is great and working hard. The meals are good. She goes to Bingo.

During the discharge process, we were informed to what was happening and scheduling.

We had a couple problems in the beginning, but they have gotten better now. Just a few misunderstandings. Not sure if I would recommend to someone, depends on what they are going in for. Kinda weird that they have rugs in the room. We've had no problems with the nurses. At this time we had a couple issues with the staff, them not answering call buttons, etc. We had problems with meals so far because of her diet. It's gotten better now. It could have been from a lack of communication.

Had to call the doctor and they didn't initiate keeping us informed. Hasn't been involved in activities.

Some of the nurses were excellent and some were so-so. Cleanliness could be better. Lunch was good because it was in the dining room, after that the meals went down hill.

Excellent. Had been to them before and admitted for an unrelated reason. Would go back, it was a really great experience. Activities were geared more towards the older group. More meals in the dining room and a little more variety. I ate bedside and I didn't care for that.

For nursing care they were 4-5 stars because of the cut-backs. For the staff, 3-4 stars maybe. They had a lot of patients, they did their best. Meals were lacking due to cut back. One meal served in dinning room and other meals were in room.

The staff was just great. [Happy] to help and pleasant. The nurses are so busy and they are hopping back and forth. Kept me well informed. The meals were wonderful for the people that live there and they cut out the dinners and they became depressed. They need a lot more staff. Short handed a lot of the time. Very nice. Discharge process was ok and happened really fast.

From the Community

Five-star quality measures, large therapy room with one-on-one therapy, full-time respiratory therapist on staff, free TV, phone, WiFi and laundry services, convenient location off of County Line Road, private suite options available.Our mission is to define excellence within the health care community. We treat residents, their families and each other with respect, dignity and compassion. We strive to lead the industry by delivering superior clinical outcomes and exceptional care in exceptional settings. CareOne accomplishes its mission through ethically responsible practices that support the delivery of superior clinical care and service to our customers. Challenges are opportunities, attitudes are always positive, respect and dignity for everyone, excellence in care and in everything we do. Our hearts and hands are always open to help nurture our residents and each other. Everyone works together as a team.