Humberstone Manor - Port Colborne, ON

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Do not move there

Absolutely horrible I was recommended by the discharge planer from the hospital so I went for a tour of the home and was told by the lady who manages the building that as of that moment there was no rooms with a bathroom available at the time but as soon as one was available I would get one I then asked about the meals as I'm a type 1 diabetic and need proper meals so [name removed] then showed me the menu for the month and on it it had proper nutritional meals with meat potatoes and vegetables and fruit so after thinking about it I decided to move in and that's where things went down hill to start off the meals they served were nothing like the menu I was shown every thing comes in a bag and the staff just boil it and serve it my first dinner there was 2hotdogs on 1 piece of bread with fries that were not fully cooked and half raw the other meals were no better one day for dinner we were served a garden salad coleslaw ( both were about 2 spoonfuls and was donated to the house) and a slice of bolongy and when I asked for more inwas told no the food is cooked by the nurse and her husband ( he is not an actual staff number and does not speak a word of English ) he also has out our medication and has on many occasions [name removed] me the wrong persons medication my social worker and diatishion asked [name removed] the manager if they could provide me a proper diabetic meal she told them no they will not she then went on to tell them that they provide us with fresh fruit every day so my workers then went and talked to other people that live in the house and was told by them all that that's a lie and that the last time we had any kind of fruit was about 2months ago when someone donated bananas and we were given a half of one now as for the nurse that works and lives there ( [name removed] ) she is a fully licensed nurse in her own country and just graduated from critical care nursing here but she is far from being a nurse I was sick throwing up for a week strait and she came into my room( oh they can enter there rooms when ever they want even if you are not there and you can not have a lock on the door) asked me if I was ok and before I ha d a chance to say no I need help she was gone I finally was able to get up and go down the stairs( witch are broken and falling apart) I went to her and said I was sick and needed to go to the hospital and asked for her to call me an ambulance she turned and walked away so I figured she went to call about a hour and a half went by and no ambulance showed up and she had not returned I went looking for her to find her in her room I had to nock on her door for tem mins before she answered I asked her if she called she then said with attitude no and argued with me about calling the bath tub they expect us to use Is black and has mold around it there is no shower curtain or shower head just a hose, the roof leaks into people's rooms and they are constantly raising the rent I pay 1040$ a month and ppl that have been there a couple years pay upto 1400 a month I will add pictures when I put of the hospital and can get them from my phone so in conclusion say away from here and the other houses owned by [name removed] as he owns 2 in Port Colborne and one in Welland !!!!!!