Horizon Health & Rehab Center - Las Vegas, NV

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  • Long Term Care
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available

Customer Reviews

My loved one said the food was disgusting. When I would call, I would be on hold for 18 minutes just to be told, "We don't know, we'll have to find out and call you back." And they never would actually call me back.

They clean the facility every day. They are buffing it out as well. The meals are usually cold. I can understand that it is so many people and it is hard. They have a microwave and if you tell them to warm it up, they will. If they had a food warmer cart that would make it at least warm. When I have to go to the doctor or something they make sure to tell me that I have to go.

My mom was good and comfortable at the rehab. The only complaint that she had was when she needed to get to the bathroom or needed her pain meds, they took a while to come. She liked that she was able to get some rest. They were excellent at keeping me informed even though I was there most of the time

Overall I would recommend to a friend.

The rehab has been doing a good job working with my dad. The staff is very nice to me and him. The facility is very clean. They called me the minute they had to take him to the hospital, and the rest of the time I would call and they would give me updates.

The help has been great!

The place is very clean. I have not found anything to be dirty. All the food is overcooked and my loved one is not liking it much.

When you needed something they would get it for you, when I hit my button they would show up and be glad to help. The food didn't have any flavor or taste

All the staff were very friendly. The facility was very clean. I had a hard time getting hold of the doctor to get information.

They were very helpful, but I wouldn't recommend them because of their location. They're in a high-traffic area, and there is a lot of construction around. Outside the door and inside there was ants but the room was clean. The meals look good. They keep me informed about my dad's care, and the people I've talked to have been very helpful.

The Jell-o is my loved one's favorite. They don't keep me updated.

The food quality needs to improve.

The rehab has been a little light, they only give my mom 20 minutes per day. She says the food is good and they give her anything she wants. They called me to help me reschedule a flight my mom had booked before she got sick, and they went above and beyond to help with that.

They're great, they pay attention to my mom. They're constantly cleaning. She doesn't like the mashed potatoes, but she likes everything else.

Looks like the staff are all doing good at taking care of my mother. I would like better communication. We don't know anything unless we go to the facility. When we ask questions, they do answer them

I don't get any feedback on my grandmother's care.

I think it is just too much going on for the number of people that are working. Everyone is too busy. My loved one likes the food. They do a good job at keeping us informed.

This facility is much better the other rehab facility my brother was in. One thing that I don't like is when you come in, no one asks for ID, and no one knows who I am, but they give me a sticker to see the patient, it's a safety concern. When I told the nurses something was up with my brother, they dealt with it immediately. They know how I am and they talk to me. The facility is clean. He eats everything up, so the food seems to be okay. If I say not to give him something, they listen and substitute for him, even down to his snacks. They keep me updated with everything, I can talk to anyone. They go through protocol to let me know anything and I like that. Even on Sundays they make sure that my needs are met.

My loved one is doing very well here. Everyone is friendly except the kitchen staff. They refuse to prepare her meals as ordered, and they are changing what she selects on the menu and sending her whatever. The facility is very, very wonderful. I can't find anything that they need to clean, and I am a clean freak.

The CNAs who are supposed to respond to the buzzer need to be a little more responsive. My wife was in the room with another patient, and when the CNA wouldn't come, that patient just kept calling the CNAs name. They need more CNAs. Anyone that goes to this facility is lucky. Everyone from the director down is very caring and accommodating, and they try to treat you very well. The staff always ask what we need, if we are okay, and make sure that we have everything. The facility is clean. They try to keep ice and water on the table for the patients. The food is like cafeteria food, it's not home-cooked meal.

So far so good, but it's hard to locate the building. There is a lot of construction in that area. It's clean. My loved one said the meals are very good. He's happy with them. They've called me a couple times to let me know how things are going.

The rehab and I are working together to figure out what I can do at home to take better care of my wife, and see what I was doing wrong at home. I like that they answer the call bell fairly quickly. Therapy is really good and they are moving her along. Sometimes when she gets meals, there are things she can't open, like bottle tops.

My loved one likes any dessert they serve. I don't really know what's going on right now, and I haven't seen a doctor or anything come in.

The nurses were very nice. It was very clean. My loved one had an eating problem, but they still made food for her and encouraged her to eat. They kept in touch with me about everything and were very helpful.

They are understaffed, sometimes it takes a while to get a response. The problem is the staff changes so frequently you aren't able to build any type of relationship.

I had an issue getting a nurse to come talk to me. The nurses have been extremely helpful but I tried to talk to someone yesterday and was there for an hour and still didn't talk to a nurse. The staff was amazing and helpful.

They sent my dad to the hospital in the middle of the night and never told us until we showed up to visit the next afternoon. The nurses were nice but it was really hard to get any information. The room was fairly small but it was clean. Dad said the meals were terrible

The people were nice but my husband was left alone a lot. The nurses were nice but when he would ask for something, it would take forever to get it. I don't think the cleanliness was that good. The rooms were terrible and small, you can't even get around. Some meals were fine and others weren't.

I'm finding that some of the staff are taking the easy way out. For example, my aunt is supposed to be getting up to use the restroom, but instead they just are putting her on a bed pan. I went to go visit and she said that her back was hurting so we looked and when you lifted up the cover she was stuck to the bed pan. No telling how long she was stuck to the bed pan. When it comes to the therapy it seems like they are top notch, and good at communicating. The nurses are very friendly people. We were told that my aunt will be discharging the same day they planned to discharge her. We were left out of the loop until that point, and it would have been nice to get a heads up. There are a couple of times I have noticed when people have been helping patients use the bathroom they still keep the same gloves on to do other things, like touching food trays.

I very specifically asked them not to do something that caused my mom pain, but they kept doing it. When I complained to the head nurse, she was very snotty about it and assured me that she had handled it, but it kept happening. They also have the most godawful food ever.

They don't seem to have enough people to adequately care for all the patients. They don't normally check on my son. He is completely bed bound, and sometimes he will have a BM and you can tell that it has been there for over an hour. He does have one super nurse, she takes better of my son better than any of the nurses that I have seen. My son is very tall and his feet hang off the bed. I never see the doctor. The cleaning staff need to work a little harder. A lot of times they are visiting and talking, which could be better used towards the patients. The meals are not too good. They are just not very appetizing. If I ask they will inform me, but if I don't ask they don't tell.

When my mom first got there, they didn't even know her name. They didn't have a clear understanding of what her needs were or they didn't read her chart. The nurses are too busy and understaffed and it affects the care of the patients. It's pretty clean. I have to call and press them for information.

There is only one bathroom for 4 patients, and if the staff is doing food service, they won't help my dad to the restroom, he has to use a bedpan. He's been there over a week and hasn't had a bath. The cleanliness is terrible. I had to call the nurse to come in to get the urine off the floor that another patient had left there. The meals were prepared okay, and they met his special requirements.

My mother hardly ever sees the doctor. There was some stuff left on the floor but other than that it's very clean. She hasn't complained about the food. No one has called me. I have to call them to stay updated

My husband didn't like it there. He didn't like the food or the service, so he left early, and they didn't get his clothes back to him. They didn't send him home with any medication. I wouldn't even recommend it to my enemy. The food sucked.

I went to look at the facility, and it was nice and everything seemed to be okay. Then, when my husband went to the hospital, no one told me anything. The nurses were no help. I was sick and had no clue what was going on with my husband. I was not able to go there because I was sick as well. After the hospital, he went to another rehab, but they didn't send any of his things to the hospital, so he has no shoes, no hat, no glasses, no nothing. The nurses were very short with me when I called and asked information on my husband.

There is a long wait for a nurse after being called. They misdiagnosed my mom. They had their cart right outside her door and they were pretty loud. We had to keep her door closed. The CNAs were okay. They were really polite. There was always trash, and tissues on the floor. My mom got her food cold and not covered. She didn't like it. I ended up bringing her food. They didn't keep me informed. I asked the questions and they responded.

It's noisy at night, and my loved one had a hard time sleeping. The equipment was old and very noisy. She needed help to go to the restroom, and she would wait 45 to 50 minutes for them to answer the bell, which led to accidents. The meals were nutritious and tasty.

They need a doctor on staff or they need to call to verify about pain meds. The therapy itself was great. The nurses didn't give my dad his pain meds before he went to therapy. The therapist and my dad both asked and the nurse said they didn't ask. There have been a couple of nurses that have been helpful, but there have been others that have been rude and dismissive. My dad went almost 48 hours without meds. He got there on a Friday and by Monday he still didn't have a shower or clean clothes and by the time they got to him it was cold water. The staff was very helpful and understanding. The first day he came in, under his bed was sticky and the hall smelled like urine, but they did clean it up and the smell was gone the next day. I have to ask when I want to know something. He had a sonogram yesterday and he had to tell me that because they didn't.

My dad would say hi to the nurses and they would ignore him and walk away. He tried to get something to drink and they would tell him to hit the call button instead of just getting it. The young social worker and two ladies behind the desk were nice, but everyone else had a bad attitude. If they don't like there, I suggest that they get out of there. Their attitudes are very bad. The cleaning crew seemed like they did a really good job cleaning.

I wish they would have paid more attention to my wife. She could have been examined better because she should have been sent to the hospital earlier. My wife's room was dirty and reeked of urine.

They were just trying to medicate my husband and give him his pain meds. They lost his hearing aid. He was totally immobile, he was like a hostage. He couldn't get out of bed and couldn't move. Before this happened, we got some feedback from other people, about the facility, and they said it's where they send the people that die. They didn't care for him properly and he ended up back at the hospital.

They didn't continue the medication my loved one needed when she came from the hospital and she ended up having to go back. She said the staff was friendly, but the first three days she was there it was on the weekend, and the staff were just in the hallway laughing and standing around. Then after the weekend, there was a lady who came in and everyone started to pay attention to the patients and stop standing around. The food was disgusting and my loved one mostly just wouldn't eat it. It was like dog food, and it was always cold.

My son physically carried my loved one out of there. It was horrible. I wouldn't put my dog there. My loved one went from the hospital to the rehab place. We ended up having to take him back to the hospital.

This place is horrible. The nurses were good. The CNAs weren't good. They left me on the toilet for 45 minutes, they all have attitudes, they treated me bad, they didn't respond when I called, and they hide so you can't find them. They ask you what you will and won't eat and they still serve you stuff you listed that you don't eat. You can't get any answers around here.

They shipped my loved one away as soon as he got there because he complained, and all he needed was some antibiotics.

I had to ask for them to give my loved one a shower. He was at the hospital for a whole week and they didn't give him one. When I did ask for them to give him a shower, they did set it up within the next hour, and he really liked the person that gave him his shower. His roommate's friend would stay there all day and looked like he moved in, which was annoying. He didn't like the food.

From the Office

Horizon Health is a 138 bed skilled nursing facility for short-term and long-term care. We provide optimal care for each guest. In-house transportation for medical appointments is provided and also have a beauty and barber shop on site. Housekeeping and laundry services are also available. We encourage each guest to participate in recreational therapy that includes daily activities, holiday and birthday celebrations, and interdenominational religious services.

The Respiratory Care Program manages those with long-term needs for tracheostomies. A respiratory therapist is on duty 24/7 and works with the specially trained nurses to continually monitor and assist those in need. A care plan is developed for each patient and their individual needs for those needing short-term rehabilitation. To help with recovery, therapy is offered up to seven days a week, depending on individual patient’s needs.