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The Best place to be!!!!!!!!!!

Not Recommended

Extremely disappointed with this center. Admitted my grandmother here after she broke her leg because it was recommended as the best physical therapy around the area. The nurses don't do anything except administer medicine (which takes them 3+ hours each shift), the aides are rude and lazy. My non-weight bearing grandmother had to wait 30 minutes or longer each time she called them to use the restroom. They are unorganized and messed up her schedule with doctor appointments at least 2-3 times a week. They even messed up her discharge date. I don't know why more than half of the people are working in this rehab center if they hate people so much. I would never recommend this place.

Say no

This facility is a dump. Please, if you care about your loved one, they are better off on the street. The care and expertise I am sure, would be better at the intersection of [Removed] and [Removed]. Every time I went to visit my loved one, mistakes were happening and the kind that would be detrimental to the health and well being of my loved one.

Please do not consider this place, unless you are 25 and can fend for yourself.

Don't let the [Removed] on the walls fool you.

Uncaring unprofessional when trying to receive an update

I wanted to share my experience of the lack of compassion I received from the staff here: I called for an update on my grandmother who is dying I just wanted to make sure she was going to make it through the night since I am working night shift as a Critical Care R.N. and when we visited during the day she was continuing to decline. I couldn't remember the room number my grandmother is in so the operator transferred me to the night supervisor, Sally. (why they can't look it up by name and transfer me to the nurses station is beyond me). She was very abrupt as if I was a bother to her. She said "I have to round on this entire building tell the operator to transfer you to Rainbow Circle". So when I called back I was again transferred by the operator to Sally. She kept asking me how I don't know my grandmother's room number amongst other things instead of just helping me. She said she would call me back after she finished rounding and let me know. I simply wanted a quick update on my grandmother- is she getting worse-that was it!! Why couldn't I simply speak to the nurse who is caring for her? I will admit I did tell her she is a horrible supervisor for prolonging the conversation like this. She returned my call later to say "This is the horrible supervisor, your grandmother is sleeping" I again asked do you think we will make it through the night or should someone come in? Sally then says "I am not God and I am not a doctor call don't you talk to your family? Call and ask them".
I am a Critical Care R.N. and am working night shift while trying to be there for my grandmother who helped raise me. I have aided in her plan of care since she fell ill Christmas Eve. The nurses at Holy Redeemer spoke with me daily. I understand very well what you can and can not say for patient privacy. The way I was spoken to was just plain cold hearted and unprofessional.

It was one of the top two.

We toured here as we were looking. It was one of the top two. It was clean and the staff was friendly. The food was really good. It wasn't the one we ended up picking though because it was just too far away from the family.

Everyone was sitting in a wheelchair.

They are slowly getting out of the long term care and were strictly short term. Everyone was sitting in a wheelchair and it just wasn't a good fit. They had activities for them. I didn't care for the bedrooms, they were small and old. I personally didn't think it would be a good fit for my mother.