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  • Short Term Rehab
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
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Customer Reviews

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

The cleanliness is perfect. It does not smell like urine. Right now, my dad is not quite up to going to the dining room, but the food looks good. He seems to like the food.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

The staff are very friendly. My loved one really likes all of the staff. The facility is very clean. They take very good care of the patients. They serve nutritious food. The meals are good, and I eat there too. I never see the director, but the assistant, the nurses, and the aides keep us informed.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

My loved one and I really like this rehab. The woman at the front desk is awesome. It could be a little cleaner. Patients say the food is horrible.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

Everybody at the facility was so nice. It was a good overall experience. The rehab therapists were great and worked me out. The staff were great. They were quick to get in the room to help me. There were a few times I had to wait for my pain medication, but that is expected. It was a good place to be.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

I have not had any major problems yet. They are doing a good job keeping me informed. The rehab therapists seem to be doing a good job. The nurses seem to be fine. The food is not the best.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

So far, the facility has been good. When we signed my loved one up, the person who helped us with the tour was professional. Within one and a half hours, they got my loved one into the facility from the hospital. According to what she has said, the facility is fine. She is getting her rehab and medications on time. She liked the physical therapist. The facility seems nice and clean, and does not have a bad smell. The dining room is nice. The meals are fine. She has not complained about the food, and the meal I saw smelled and looked good. They have been really good at keeping me informed.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

The staff is lacking in responsiveness. My daughter asks for things, and the staff do not follow through. For example, she checked in on a Thursday and did not receive a shower until that Tuesday. Whenever she asked the staff about this, it seemed to be put off. The food is served cold. The facility does not reach out at all to us. The only information I receive is from my daughter, and I cannot necessarily go by it, considering her condition.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

My loved one seems very happy, and they all take care of her. She did not like it at first, and now she likes it. She tells me about bingo and other activities. She likes some of the meals, and some of them she does not like

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

They have good staff. They are youngsters. We like the assistant director. They are very good at informing me. The building is immaculate. They did not have the paperwork ready until today, but we feel better about it. My loved one does not like the food.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

It seemed like a smooth transition, and everyone was very welcoming. We like the person in admissions who helped when we first got there.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

I think they have been really great so far. They take care of what my mom needs done. It is very clean. My mom loves the food. Communication is great so far. We like the speech therapist. The staff all seems very nice and keeps us informed really well.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

They have been excellent. Everybody there have been supportive and doing everything that needs to be done. The doctor gave a report that my loved one has done extremely well. The therapists are all wonderful.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

My loved one requires a lot of attention, and they do their best to attend to her needs. They make sure she gets her medication and rehab therapy.

Review of Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites

My loved one likes it really well. She is improving. The staff is very helpful. They always answer questions. Her room is very clean. She likes the food she gets, but says she doesn't get enough, though portion control is good for her. They are really good at informing me. They attempt to get a hold of not only me, but my other sisters, as well. When I am there, someone is checking on her. She says they are taking a while to get to her call light. She lost some clothes.

It's nice and clean.

My loved one needed to go to the hospital, but he will be returning to the rehab facility. They were very sweet to him there at the rehab. They kept the facility clean. The meals were great. They were great at keeping me informed.

Everyone has been really good, I've been really pleased. I've already recommended Hillside to friends and family members.

It's a great place to be. There were two nurses that are really nice to my loved one and help him when he needs it. The cleanliness could use a little more work. The floors are a little dirty. He's said the food could use a little bit of help, too.

My loved one wasn't too happy with the food. Overall I would recommend to a friend.

It's been very good, except the meals are terrible. These people are there to get better and they're getting sandwiches and canned vegetable soup. There is no dietitian on staff, and it shows in the unhealthy meals they serve.

It's very clean, and everybody has been very nice and polite and thoughtful. I wish that my loved one could get more therapy, it doesn't seem to be a full hour. The meals need a little help. The meatloaf was good and the plates are fixed nicely, but sometimes the food is very bland.

We don't see that many nurses. The kitchen seems to overcook some things and broccoli is on every meal.

Occupational and physical therapy is really good. It's all super clean.

I don't think they change my loved one enough, and when he needs something it takes too long for them to come help him. The food looks nice, but he doesn't like it. But he's very picky.

It has been really good, they work together and do a great job.

My loved one likes the food and the therapy, but not the dining area. It's too much like a nursing home. He hasn't been able to have a social life. His therapist works him real good. The staff has all been real good. I spilled something and three days later it was still on the floor. I don't think they clean the rooms very well. I have no idea what’s going on for the most part. I've only had one meeting in a week and they said it would be the only meeting.

From the Community

At Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites, our family is taking care of yours. We strive to provide quality nursing care in a homelike environment, whether you are seeking a short-term transitional stay or long-term care.

You’ll find our community in Amarillo, Texas, just outside of the hospital district. Our facility features spacious suites with private showers, cozy lounges for residents and families, an impressive loggia, and two fine dining areas. To assist the rehabilitation process, we have a fully-equipped rehabilitation gym, large recreation area, and outdoor mobility garden.

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program in our recently renovated wing, where trained clinicians provide services in mobility, communication, and cognitive rehabilitation, along with pain and wound management. Our Pulmonary Medical Specialty unit features in-wall oxygen and suction capabilities. We partner with independent physicians in conjunction with your primary care provider to ensure the highest quality care possible.