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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call

Customer Reviews

Thank you Brookdale Skyline

I recently spent 11 days in the Brookdale Skyline Rehab following surgery and I received efficient, friendly care. My move in was arranged from transportation from the hospital, to a wonderful room and paperwork easily signed. I was not allowed to get up by myself the first day and when I rang for assistance it came quickly. Not wanting heavy foods I made some choices that were not on the menu and the kitchen staff prepared my choices. The PT and OT staff went out of their way to help me recover and walk with their encouragement and patience. Thank you to the entire staff at Brookdale Skyline for my recovery.


This Review is for the Assisted Living, Most of the staff are good! This place has gone WAY downhill!!!! I would NOT recommend this place at all. Way overpriced!!!! Always getting medications messed up and late. They just don't have enough help! Not sure why they have call buttons? takes them over and hour to answer them at times? The food is below average at best!!


This place was GOOD to years ago, but now i would not recommend it at all!!!! The staff is great!! But must be way under paid? They never have enough help! The food is not that good, they over cook the vegetable to the point you cant eat them!!!!! And the place is over priced!! I would move my Mom out if she would let me? but thinks it would be to much of a hassle at her age? The laundry room is the PITS, old dryers that do not work half of the time, and unless you don"t want your clothes shrunk you better wash them yourself!!!!

Not Impressed

She is there for rehab and has hardly had any rehab done. They just give her the meds with no personal attention for physical therapy. Communication with the patients from the medical staff is extremely poor. They just keep her bedridden and take a very long time to respond to her requests. A very unorganized facility in all aspects.

Ideal Location

Overall, I feel that my experience with Brookdale Skyline has been good. There have been some glitches and miscommunications along the way, but they are often willing to come up with a solution that suits both of us. They have a full schedule if activities her including a gym and a pool. I also find that the community is clean and well-maintained, and I feel its location is ideal. Brookdale has an excellent reputation, and for the most part, I think they've done a good job so far. I'm pleased.

Glad we made this choice

My mom is very happy at Brookdale Skyline. She loves the food there and likes the fact they have a bus that takes them to the grocery store. The staff and caregivers are very attentive. The community is very clean I am very glad we made this choice. I was really impressed with it.

One of Mom's Options

We had a tour here and along with other places too. They were fine and suitable for our needs but my mom did not pick this community for her reasons.

Excellent Choice

My children made an excellent choice for me when they chose Brookdale Skyline. It is a beautiful, well-kept, and clean community. The lobby is very warm and inviting and the staff is friendly and helpful. This community is perfect for independent seniors. I have a very nice duplex. The meals they provide are very good, they offer a wide variety of choices. They have four different buildings where activities are provided and the residents can choose which ones they want to engage in. There is an indoor pool which I plan to be using soon. There is transportation available for residents to go to Dr. appointments and shopping.

Looked Good - Doesn't Deliver

We had high hopes that my dad would have folks to play cards with and establish a good routine. Unfortunately after 7 weeks the staff still have not connected him with one person other than to share a meal. Their activities are poorly attended and the staff seem to put folks to bed by 7. Quite disappointing considering how nice and clean the facility is. I'd like to think you could have a great facility and great service but it's not materializing. We are now considering a move. Staff turnover seems high and the new staff seem poorly trained. All very discouraging.

Had its ups and downs

It is always a struggle when you have to place both of your parents and at least one of them is in need of more care than the other that was the case in my family. My parents wanted to stay together but it was quite clear that mom needed to be moved to the memory care floor once that was done things started to improve slightly. The community itself was slightly too large for my parents but a very nice place. It was clean and well maintained. The staff was pleasant and very kind and extremely patient helping us work through issues with my mom. The community offers a lot of activities but my father chose not to participate in them.

Care for dad

We have liked the care from this community. The staff is caring but they do need more staff available. The community is clean and maintained. The menu is outstanding and we have liked the meals that we have had with my father on different occasions. We would recommend that families tour this community for the care and the options that are available for the care of a loved one.

Great place!

Our friend's current stay at this Brookdale location is going great! He very much enjoys this facility, as it offers the care and amenities that he needs and wants. Overall, this location is very nice and we have no complaints!

A very good tour!

The staff at Brookdale Skyline was very nice. The residents there seemed to be very happy. The reason we did not choose this community is because they do not have a memory care unit, and we knew my loved one would eventually need it.

A Very Good Experience But Not the Best Fit

I had helpful and friendly people giving me a tour and giving me useful resources. I felt they were fantastic people to work with. They were willing and always offering to help me find a good fit for my parents. It did not feel like a sales experience. I discovered that all the Brookdale properties provide different levels of care but they can direct you to the best fit for your needs.

Impressive but too large

Brookdale was very impressive and the community was gorgeous! I felt it was too big for my mother and I didn't like the room they showed me very much. It's a beautiful community overall.

We Saw A Big Community

From our advisor's referral we went to tour this community. The staff did well showing us their activities, living areas and room that were available, it went very well. They were professional and ready. i thought that it was an excellent community but it was very big, we were looking for a smaller, cozy community.

My parents are enjoying it...

My mother's parents lived here previously so my mother felt very comfortable moving in. My parents really like their cottage and the atmosphere of the place. They have 2 meals provided, and the view from the dining room is amazing. My mother gets her hair done there in the community and she really likes it. The only thing that has been a little slow so far, is when they need something fixed at their place. I can understand, though, because they have about 180 cottages and that is not including the apartments.


My mom was in the rehab center (skilled nursing) and in Clare Bridge Memory Care. The experiences at both places were terrible. Her care in rehab was substandard. Left to sit in soiled diapers. Getting very little attention. I have no complaints about the therapists. They seemed to be doing their jobs. She had been there 3 times and hated it. I found out that she's still being billed for a wheelchair but she passed away at the end of July and here it is, almost December 1st. They had her sign for the chair and she had Alzheimer's. They don't know where it is, at this point. As far as Clare Bridge...a complete nightmare. Falls all the time, smelling like urine, her clothes turning up missing, rude employees, etc, etc, etc. So many urine stains on her (almost) brand new mattress, watery diarrhea left to dry all over the bathroom floor and lower part of the walls. She was on her death bed, semi-comatose, and no one called us for a day and a half. I found her in that condition when I went to visit her. Everyone was outside having a bbq while she was left in her bedroom, alone. We all missed out on time with her while she was left by herself. I wouldn't let either place take care of my neighbor's dog!!!

We do not feel this is the correct place for dad. Too large and not a secured area so he can not wonder off.
We feel he would have a more difficult time in this large of a facility.

Wonderful management and staff

The management at Brookdale Skyline, and all the staff, are extremely caring and compassionate. My father has had numerous health problems, and Brookdale offers a full array of services to help him. The people here are really wonderful!
The location is fantastic, nestled against the mountains, and the large windows in the dining room overlook Colorado Springs with a beautiful view of the Garden of the Gods!
My father loves living here, and he is very happy.

Very nice

Very nice facility. Before Brookdale took it over, I had heard it wasn't too nice. However, millions of dollars invested in the property can certainly change that. It's lovely, and the food is excellent. The service in the dining rooms can be a little slow, but retired people are rarely in that big of a hurry. My parents are very happy and comfortable there. My mom swims daily to keep her joints flexible, and the apartment is very large, for an assisted living facility. Walk-in closets, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. They really did a lot to help with settling in, also. Again, very pleased.

Satisfied Family Member

Excellent! Staff very friendly and caring. Feels great from the time you walk in. They offer everything that anyone could want or need. I was very pleased with every aspect of the community. They offer many programs to help keep residents well and active.

Not What I Expected

This community is clean and beautiful. I like the staff they are caring and welcoming. The food is good to me. There are activities available but mom and dad have not yet joined one. I only disliked the fact that they did not honor what they said. I was told my parents can live together but was later put in two different areas. I fell they just said what they needed to get me to move my parents in. For the most part I would recommend this community.

Follow up is the key with this community

Some of the staff at Brookdale Skyline need to be constantly monitored by family as we had a major issue with my Mothers medication. She received her medication late or not at all, when they did give her the meds they were given in an incorrect order. There was also an issue with the billing department regarding her long term care insurance. When we were going to move my Mother into the community there were several issues with the level of care they could provide. To make a long story short I had to hire 24 hour care for two weeks totaling $8,000 because they decided they could not provide the level of care Mom needed. Mason is the guy we were dealing with at the time and he actually rented out the room intended for my mother without notifying us. Good thing is the food and some of the nursing staff were very good and the community is beautiful.

We have a pretty high opinion of them so far.

We have a pretty high opinion of them so far. The other residents have been friendly and welcoming. We haven't seen anything we have found objectionable so far.

Looks better than it is-

My loved one is in memory care and the place is never really clean. The bathroom is still disgusting from a prior resident and the carpet never looks like it's been vacuumed. Whoever does the laundry, gets things mixed up. There's been numerous missing pieces of clothing and a towel or two. I'm not sure how often the sheets gets changed. I checked, one time, and they were soaked with urine. Now, the mattress is badly stained. Most of the staff is not friendly, including the elderly lady at the front desk downstairs. The care isn't bad but not what I'd expect for the cost of this place (which is outrageous.) It's hard to say anything about the activities because a lot of them don't take part, which is understandable. Look beyond the general beauty of the place and pay attention to the current residents. Ask families what they think and if they have any complaints. I can't rate any part of this facility but the memory care and, overall, I can't do any better than 3 stars.

Nice atmosphere

We really like this facility. The staff is very professional and caring. The place is always very clean and it seems to be kept up well. The residents seem happy and well taken care of. They have a nice atmosphere here.

Pleasant experience

Brookdale Skyline is a great facility. It is always clean and well kept. The staff is thoughtful, helpful and attentive. They really do a great job with the residents. The food here is very good also. A pleasant experience so far.

Great Job

I know I speak for anyone reading this message. This was the most stressful weeks of my life having to convince my mom not to be alone. Mason at Brookdale at Skyline was an awesome part of a smooth transition for my mom. Living out of state as been rough, but I feel 1000% better knowing she is being looked after in a active community scenario. Great Work!

On Hold!

The place is really great however, I have put moving there on hold for the time being.

Great staff

The staff is great here. From the people in the office, to the caregivers, to the maintenance crew, everyone here is always so friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and well kept. The food here is not bad at all.


When my parents went to stay they were under renovation and did not have their place together. The room was not ready. The toilet did not work and my parents were new coming in and they act like they didn't know they were coming. Just organized.

A Wonderful Place

The Brookdale Skyline is really a wonderful place. It is a very well run and well kept facility, The staff people are always friendly and attentive to you and the food is quite good. It is a good experience.


It is fantastic at Brookdale Skyline. He is very happy there. I am really pleased with this facility. I cant think of anything they could improve on. It's been a really good experience here. The facility is great.

A Lovely Place

I thought the marketing people were great, they weren't pushy at all. From day one they remembered her day. They are nice to her. My loved one herself talks about how kind the staff is and she has a lovely little apartment. There are hundreds of things to do and there is transportation. She hasn't complained once.

Looking Forward To Moving In

We were invited for a meal, which we took advantage of and enjoyed it very much. Also the marketing people were just delightful and extremely helpful and I just couldn't be more grateful for their service. We are looking forward moving in.

For the most part the staff are really nice

For the most part the staff are really nice at Brookdale Syline. I would say that some of the dining room staff are not as pleasant as what they should be. They just don't seem very patient. Overall it has been a pleasant experience here.

Needs Better Communication

I think they could improve communication. For instance, my mother is diabetic and has high blood pressure, and when we went in they told us they were going to give her the right food, but the only way that happens is if they have an order from the doctor and they didn't tell us this. So that was frustrating for us. It was all talk and not enough seriousness for what needs to be done. Even when she went to the hospital, they called and told us, but couldn't tell us which hospital she was at. A good thing is they really work with her to socialize, so that helps out. There are people there that really care.

The best of Colorado Springs - 6 stars

The best place in Colorado Springs. We live in a cottage and face Cheyenne Mountain (beautiful view), have deer in our yard and feel as independent as we can. Some residents have been here over 14 years. If you want 5 star care, friendly and caring staff, large apartments or cottages, and classy people from the westside, look no further. There is a great mix of professionals from former retired doctors, surgeons, city officials, business owners, former models, military officers and the who's who of Colorado Springs all live here. I give it 6 stars.

Great place, but cafeteria is a little slow

Great Location. My only comment is not to use so many acronyms in their schedule and on the board. It makes it confusing with everything else that is on the board, like the cafeteria menu and the activities sign ups, etc... The dining room decor is a bit outdated and the staff is relatively junior. They are very nice, but sometimes a little too slow. Overall, my dad is happy and in good hands. The nurses and the staff are great and my dad has never complained. We are happy.

The place is very clean

My mom only lasted there seven days (she passed away due to cancer) so we did not have a lot of experience to go on, but the experience we had during that time was really good. Very nice place with excellent care and people.

My mother is so very happy here. The apartments are wonderful and the views the best. There are so many places to walk, so many good friends, and so many things to do. I don;t know of any place like it in Colorado. It doesn't matter what is needed it is offered. We are very please with the decision my mother, as is she, to live to Skyline.

really good experience

My mom only lasted there ten days (she fell and broke her hip and had to go into rehab) so we did not have a lot of experience to go on, but the experience we had during that time was really good. Very nice place with excellent care and people.


For the most part we are very pleased with Brookdale at Skyline. The place is very clean and well kept and the grounds are very nice. They people are very nice and helpful. Mothers place was very clean and freshly painted and very roomy. Our main complaint is that there just doesn't seem to be enough help in the dining room....EVER! Try getting into Brunch on Sunday is very stressful.....and a long wait. My mother has just given up and went back to her apartment. When she get only this one meal on Sunday that is not right and that upsets us. Some of the servers are so over worked that their spirits seem down. They forget the "your welcome, or I will be with you in just a moment" would go a long way. I think that is the only real major complaint that we have.

Short handed in the dining room.

We have been very pleased with Brookdale Skyline for the most part. The place is very clean and well kept. My mothers unit was clean and freshly painted and ready for her to move in. Most all the people that work there are very friendly and eager to help and answer questions.
The down side is that they are very short handed in the dining room and because of this some of the servers are short with peoples request and food takes some time coming out........they seem to be stressed and they have too many tables to take care of. They need more help there. A "You're welcome and I will be with you in a moment" would go along way.

$9000.month; have PALS prog...

$9000.month; have PALS program so if eventually Papa is gone Toni could move to independent living but still get help w/ medications or showering etc. all levels available


The activities look great – there is a great variety. The staff is really great. I picked it because I liked the way the dining room looked, the way the rooms looked, and how interactive the staff was with people. They were really nice, called us back, let us know about specials, but didn’t pressure us. The tour was very open. The guy giving the tour knew people’s names.

Could be better

I think all these communities are ridiculously overpriced. There weren’t as many activities as I thought there would be. The lady I worked with was wonderful –and that’s one of the reasons we picked this community in the first place.

Disappointed to say the least

The tour and initial meeting of the sales/marketing director was great. We got a really good first impression of Village and liked what the facility had to offer. Not to mention with incredible views! However my parents then received a phone call 1 week before their move-in date saying their move-in date got moved to a week later. I already had my flight scheduled to go pick them up and drive them to Colorado as well as their movers were already set to come a specific date. It was really upsetting to my parents at an already stressful time. Then once beginning to move in, there was still work being done to their apartment and things like a shower head missing and doors installed incorrectly, etc. which made it difficult for them to really move in and feel at home. My mom contacted personalized living within the first couple days she was there and they never returned her call. She had to call several times and tell several people who did stop by to get in contact with someone from personalized living, when we were told someone is supposed to stop by to meet them within the first couple days. It was at least 10 days before they were in contact with someone. The food quality is not great but not terrible. Half of the wait staff is friendly and the other half is not. We tried to visit my parents and eat at the dining center with them with a reservation my mom made for 5:00pm. Our server came by the table and told us it would be a bit of a wait even though not even half the tables had people at them. We waited for 25 minutes for the server to return to take our order (there's only a few options so it's not like a real restaurant where it might take you awhile to decide) and then another 25 minutes for our food. Again there are only a few options each night so it's not like they were making something from scratch. We finally had to ask the hostess where our food was and she gave us attitude saying 'the time on the ticket was only 20 minutes.' I explained we waited for half an hour before that to even order. She did not care. It's a shame things are run so poorly in this facility because we want to visit my parents and have it be a pleasant experience. We want them to receive the best service from the kindest people, not someone having a terrible day and taking it out on people they should be taking care of. We want my parents to feel welcomed and safe and secure in their new "home," however these experiences have opened our eyes. It doesn't matter how much research you have done (I did a ton!), until you get in there and live it, you have no idea how a place is actually run.
From another person's experience, her grandfather started renting an apartment in independent living and started getting acquainted with the facility by going to dine there once a month, but was so turned off by the service he received and people he came in contact with, he never moved in and ended up passing away alone in his home. That is a true shame.

Wonderful views,nice size r...

Wonderful views,nice size rooms, & every room has a sliding glass door to an outside balcony. Views of Garden of Gods or Cheyenne Mtn. Prices are a little higher but many things included. Beautiful bird sanctuary inside. Like the pricing structure for 'extras'. Security gate closes at dark, but can access with code.

They have four units from independent to memory care.

They have four units from independent through memory care. It's nice that all the buildings are connected and even though they are in different units for different levels of care they can visit one another with out leaving the building. My mother in law complains about the food, but I think it's probably ok.

Very Accommodating

(Activities Not Rated) The Village at Skyline was having a really good sale on the spaces available. They were very accommodating in holding the sale prices for us while we sold the home. The community itself is really beautiful and it just seemed like the right fit for our loved one.

Very nice place. Clean, bright, frie...

Very nice place. Clean, bright, friendly. Apartments were a little small. Really liked the cottages, which would be a good fit for my Mom. Also, the location was a bit remote (not close/convenient for walks to shopping, church, etc.). But a really nice facility!

From the Community

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains, Brookdale Skyline is an exclusive senior living community with refined accommodations, restaurant-style dining and opportunities to engage your interests, passion and purpose.

Residents of our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) enjoy an engaging and rewarding lifestyle with a selection of care options to meet changing needs. From Independent Living and Assisted Living to Alzheimer's and Dementia Care and Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing, transitioning between levels of care is simple.

You or your loved one will have the security of knowing that a continuum of care options is available on one campus without the concern of selecting new services at different location.

The freedom to live life as you choose

Our residents enjoy spacious apartments and garden homes with striking views of Colorado's impressive vistas and amenities and services to rival resort lodges. Step into our light-filled lobby with its atrium skylight and step into the sophisticated comfort of a mountain retreat.

Enjoy restaurant-style dining in our elegant dining room with chef-prepared menu options including our popular Sunday brunch, or meet friends for a stroll across campus on walking paths winding through landscaped grounds. Join an exercise class in our fitness center or take a dip in our indoor swimming pool. Live life as you choose and enjoy the rewarding retirement you deserve.

As a resident, you'll have a selection of activities and clubs to share with friends and neighbors. Join one of our shopping trips to local stores and boutiques, take wine-tasting class, play dominoes or practice your swing on our putting green before teeing off at one of several world-class golf courses near campus.

Downtown Colorado Springs is a short drive away with its charming shops, local restaurants and attractions such as the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Fine Arts Center. Visit the Garden of the Gods Park with its unique geological formations or explore the great outdoors with hiking, fishing or biking. Our residents enjoy outings to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife, Fort Carson, Manitou Cliff Dwellings and Glen Eyrie Castle.

Our campus also includes the following accommodations and levels of care:
Independent Living apartments offer the privacy of well-appointed residences and the services and amenities of a vacation property. These include restaurant-style dining, transportation services, housekeeping services, and outings to local attractions. We also offer the option of seasonal stays.
Assisted Living accommodations for those who may need some extra help with daily living activities. We balance assistance with independence, providing just the right amount care needed.
Alzheimer's and Dementia care program where skilled associates provide residents with a structured routine of activities that help maintain their abilities, encourage the use of their current skills and experience daily moments of success with a sense of purpose.
Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation — Licensed and Medicare-approved, our community offers skilled nursing care supported by speech, physical and occupational therapies and other rehabilitation services. We also offer respite care and hospice.

Fitness and wellness programs are an important part of our commitment to our residents' experience at Skyline. Brookdale's Optimum Life is a holistic initiative that balances six key dimensions of wellness — purposeful, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual — to help you live a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness and fulfillment.

Pet-friendly senior living
Innovative senior fitness programs
Meditation chapel
Walking paths
Scheduled transportation services