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Customer Reviews

Excellent facility and caregivers

Comfortable Living !!

The staff has been very helpful on helping my loved one make the transition into this new community. He seems to really be enjoy him self and is feeling right at home. It is a great location and very comfortable living.

Heritage Village is Not the Right Place for a Person with Late Stage Alzheimer's

Heritage Village is a beautiful facility. But while their website claims that they offer memory care services for patients with Alzheimer's disease, their staff is not not properly trained or capable of providing sufficient care for people who are suffering from late stage Alzheimer's. Our family has had an awful experience with Heritage Village-- if you're looking for a facility that is able to care for a late stage Alzheimer's patient, this is not the place.

Instead of letting my Mom know that they couldn't provide the care that my grandfather needs due to his late stage of Alzheimer's, and asking her to find a different facility that is a better fit for him, they had him transported and "dumped" at the local ER in his pajamas. He did not have a medical emergency that needed to be addressed--they just didn't want to deal with him. He was in the ER for over 36 hours before he was transferred to a nursing home with an Alzheimer's unit.

Jennifer, the director of the facility, would not return my mother's calls, and my grandfather's case worker had to call three times before she demanded to talk to speak to this woman and finally got a call back. Alyssa, one of my grandfather's caretakers, was incredibly rude to my mother on three occasions-- if she speaks to a resident's family member like that, how does she treat the residents? My mother has been an ICU nurse for nearly 30 years, and she has never been rude to any of her patients' family members. She did not deserve to be spoken to in the manner that she was.

Heritage Village may be a great place for older senior citizens who are no longer able to live alone, but it is an awful place for late stage Alzheimer's patients. This facility accepted my grandfather as a resident less than a month ago knowing his current condition. The last few weeks have been a nightmare for my family, and I am incredibly saddened that my grandfather has not been treated with the compassion and respect that all elderly people deserve.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

I'd like to respond to Amber's review. My name is Gary Crosby and my family is the owner of Heritage Village.

Let me start by saying that I will be first to state we can make mistakes like anyone. Also, I commend her for loving and obviously caring deeply for her grandfather. It grieves me greatly that I need to respond to someone who, for any reason, is disappointed in our care. We want and strive everyday to be the very best in our industry.

However, at the same time, pounding out on a keyboard inaccurate and degrading remarks (for which I will address here) because you are angry isn't fair to us nor to those that provide a tremendous service to our loved ones and community as a whole.

Please consider the following:

1) All of our caregivers have taken the courses and are certified by the state of Arizona. They also go through our rigorous screening process prior to working with us. Amber's statement that our staff is not properly trained is a factually grievous inaccuracy. Our staff members take pride in their training and indeed meet or exceed the state's training and certification requirements. We care for 60 residents currently, as of this writing, in three different homes on-site. We care for many advanced Alzheimer's residents every day and we do a fine job providing for their care. Our resident's families will differ greatly from Amber's opinion regarding their loved ones' excellent care.

In fact, one of our first residents by the name of Sue has been a shining example of our care for late-stage Alzheimer's. She has been with us for 2 1/2 years (since we opened). She has actually gotten better--we think due to our care (which includes activities, proper nutrition, and a well-designed home for such human interaction)! Her husband will attest to our excellent care! This is just one example of many. It is therefore factually true that we can and do care for our residents very well.

2) Regarding the next inaccurate statement: We "dumped" her grandfather "at the local ER". As anyone can see, it is not appropriate to use of the word "dump" when referring to people even if you put "quotation marks" around the word. I think we all can reason together that it would be inaccurate to state that 911 was called to have someone transported and "dumped" at the ER without a health emergency. In Amber's grandfather's case, of course we were concerned for her grandfather's health and welfare before calling 911. Of course we also properly called the POA to let the family know that he had been transported to the ER. This is standard common courtesy and protocol.

In response to his return to our community, we indeed require the person to be stabilized. The Discharge Nurse at the hospital is experienced to know if a person is stable enough to return. We don't want to have to just turn around and send them back to the ER again. And this is what occurred in Amber's grandfather's case. The Discharge Nurse determined that he needed to stay in the hospital for awhile to stabilize and then the Discharge Nurse determined that he needed a higher level of care and was discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility. This, of course, is strictly the decision of the discharging hospital for we would have accepted him back with open arms had he been able.

3) Next inaccuracy is that we don't return phone calls unless we are threatened or demanded to return them. Our phones, our residents and our reputation are our life blood. There are many individuals that Amber could contact, including me but didn't. My name and number is clearly printed on our information and is on our website at HeritageMesa.com.

4) I'd like to point out here that Amber states that we are "a great place for older senior citizens". We indeed treat all residents with love and kindness. It's inaccurate to state this and yet, at the same time, state that we treated her grandfather less than anyone else. Wouldn't you agree?

I hope you can see that this review is not accurate of our community. I invite all to come and see the most remarkable Assisted Living community in the Southwest at 8035 E Brown Rd in Mesa, AZ and see that the only two accurate statements really in Amber's entire review of Heritage Village is "Heritage Village is a beautiful facility" and, "Heritage Village [is] a great place for older senior citizens who are no longer able to live alone".

Finally, I want to point out to everyone here that we received SeniorAdvisor's "BEST ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY IN MESA ARIZONA" for this year!! We don't get this award by not trying extremely hard to be the very best in all we do.

Thank you for allowing me to respond to this review.

Gary Crosby, Owner
Heritage Village Assisted Living, LLC

Loved the place but too expensive!

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Please come back and tell me why you believe we are too expensive. I often compare our rates to our competition and our rates are lower to mid-range--especially is this true when comparing in-your-own-home care. We typically run less than 1/4 their rates! Like I said, please come back and don't let cost be an issue for anyone.

Two Inaccurate Reviews on your Website

This is the best place we have found for my father-in-law. I have read the reviews on your website and I would like to review YOUR website.

There have been two less-than-positive reviews on your website and both are inaccurate reviews created obviously by competitors.

One mentioned that the portions of food are small. Are you kidding? My FIL states they feed him too much because he is always asked if he would like more. The other mention is that they only have a small common area. This also is very inaccurate, for they have an entire 5 acres with about 1400 feet of private sidewalk by what I can measure.

Reviews that are inaccurate, or again, filled out by competitors most likely only diminishes your site's reviews and also opens you up for lawsuits as posting reviews to damage a wonderful company with whom we are very fond of.

You should be promoting it and not tearing it down with complete garbage.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you John for the review. Often we have competitors who pound out inaccuracies about us to try to sway residents away from the most remarkable assisted living community perhaps in the United States. We invite all to come and see what we are all about.

We love it. They are awesome.

We love it. They are awesome. She is happy there. We like to visit, you feel comfortable there. We haven't had any complaints about food or anything. There seemed to be a high ratio of staff to residents, here which we really like. They have a full time cook and staff are dedicated to their roles, so the resident caregivers, aren't running around trying to get meals and laundry done. They are caring for the residents.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you for the nice review and compliments. We do have separate cooking and cleaning staff from our care givers so that they can focus strictly on superb meals, cleanliness, and excellent care.

Good So Far

It is a good community so far. The staff and the other elderly are friendly. The food is good and activities. I dont have any complaints. The only think is its kind of on the expensive side but then again you pay for what you get and glad we have chose this place.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you for the kind review. If I may offer any comfort regarding our rates, I can promise you we are very competitive and yet still offer more than anyone else in regard to our community, cleanliness, food and nutrition, and ultimately the level of care.

We are very pleased.

We are very pleased. It's been great. They have done a great job, and they really take care of business, we are pleased with their responsiveness. I don't have any concerns over how clean it's kept, or complaints about food, things like that.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you for the nice review. We do try to be the very best.

Review of Heritage VIllages - Mesa, AZ

Overwhelmingly positive! It is a hugely positive change from where he was. I feel like he will be lovingly cared for here.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you for the compliment Cindra. We do offer the very best care for our residents.

Extremely Happy

I have my Father-in-Law staying at Heritage Village and we are extremely happy with all they have to offer. It has been a God-send to me and our family. They take really good care of him, are very friendly and the food is outstanding with having a chef on staff. My Father-in-Law gets all he wants to eat. If he wants seconds he says he just asks and he can have seconds. We couldn't ask for anything better than Heritage Village Assisted Living.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you Brent for the nice review and compliments.

My only complaint is the food.

My only complaint is the food. The portion size is a little small and my loved one complains about that. It’s not for someone who needs skilled nursing, but it would work okay for heavy assisted living. They have an outside area. I haven’t had any issues with parking or laundry service.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. Please contact me and let me know who would like seconds! We certainly don't want anyone to be hungry. This is the first I have heard that our portions are small. We also offer snacks throughout the day. All one has to do is ask! Thank you.

I was not impressed with th...

I was not impressed with the interaction between the staff and clients. Very small outside secured area for the clients.

Gary Crosby

Local Representative

Sorry you were not impressed. I invite you to come back, competition or not, and I will personally give you a tour to show you how we have created the very best of environments to foster staff and resident interaction better than anyone due to our limited number of residents in each home. The staff ratio is better than any of our competition. By the way, there is approximately 1,400 feet of private sidewalk in our community. How did you miss that? Please come back to see us!