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On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best. I give this place a 2.

I lived here for 4 years, the manager here now is a joke. [removed]. Break in and vandalism to cars here. Management has raised the rent for $508 in 2012 to over $850 now. They fix nothing. The manager is only here 6 hours a week if that. There are people living here that are far from 55+. [removed]
I have never lived in apartment complex this terrible. Management lies and doesn't care about anyone or anything here. They just what get as much rent as they can and that's that.
Don't more here. I'm moving as soon as I find a different place that fits my needs and costs. Unfortunately, there are lots of seniors who don't have the support of others to move some where else. This makes me sad. I would never move my loved one in here. In the past 2 year it's changed ownership twice. Each time it just gets worse. Management is the worst I have ever seen.

Great place to live

Great place to live

NOT recommended

This property is no longer owned by [removed] and no longer managed by [name removed] If she was a bad manager (and I was fairly happy with her) then the new one is a monster and she was a fairy god mother. I am one of the tenants who moved in 4 yrs ago (end of 2011) and was not told that the complex was on the market. Six weeks after I moved here my 55 yr old husband died unexpectedly and then I found out that the place was for sale, and had been considered as such since before I moved in.

Things might not have been great with [removed] but they were OK and MUCH better than now. The new owner/manager is rude and [removed] to people. New heating and AC units were installed to save the owners from providing free heat, which was a great aspect of this place prior to fall of 2015. We no longer have the free gas heat and the units they installed are for a moderately sized hotel room and don't heat the bathroom or bedroom at all. There seems to be mold in my kitchen, which I have just reported today. It seems they might have to open up the wall to fix that. [removed] sold this place because the "physical plant" was old and not worth repairing. I'm afraid the new management is going to let this become a complete slum.

When they installed the new units they had to tear open the wall and they allowed dust and plaster to fly all around. [removed] and I wonder if they were taking proper precautions in case of asbestos. I doubt it. I am a disabled senior and it's very difficult for me to move. I do NOT recommend this place.

Property being SOLD!!!!!!

Property went up for Sale in 2012 and a letter was written by the Sr. Vice President Betsy Donovan. Some tenants got it most didn't. The Manager Donna Garrett does not tell any new tenants that the place is for sale. She never told when we moved in or our friends that have been her 2 years , 5 years , 15 years , 27 years. They found out through the grape fine. The Corporate office is not spending any more money fixing up the place. They just pay Peter to Paul. They use other empty apartments stuff to fix things in other apartments. Old refrigerators breaking down. They will not buy new ones nor will Donna the manager call in a HVAC man to fix them. To much money. So all are food goes bad and melts and we are spending more money on food because we always have to throw away!!!! They don't care. We were told this is a 55 + community no one under can live here. Well the lady across are breeze way has a 31 year old son who is a Gambler Addict, no job, no car. Manager got him out end of last year. He sneaked back in at the holidays. Manager said to keep notes so she can evict both of them because she said again he can't live here. Well when nothing gets done and she doesn't follow through which is 95 % of the time we call her manager and that ticks her off so she plays Revenge games. So now she says by CA law you can have a 80/20 in the community, which means if the lease holder is 55 and above they can have people staying there under 55. WHAT!!!! She changes rules like the weather.She lies with a smile. She says she is going to do something but if she doesn't like what you might say to her she gets back at you like, well I'm not going to do that now. What a piece of work. This corporation does not care at all. All of there other locations are up to pare with managers 5 days a week 8-4pm, have security, things break down they are fixed right away. She has been told by upper management to stop her rudeness and be a better manager and stop blaming your tenants for your bad manager skills. DON'T STAY HERE!!!!!! BAD CORPORATE. FOR SALE. HORRIBLE MANAGER. THEY ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO IMPROVE APARTMENTS AT ALL. NEVER. OF CORPORATION AND MANAGEMENT. I WOULD NOT PUT MY MOM OR DAD HERE. Building and landscaping looking worse this year. Trees need pruning and pulled out dead trees.


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From Eskaton Management in response to "Property being SOLD!" review.

Eskaton is Transforming the Aging Experience of seniors through a wide spectrum of services. As a provider of choice, Eskaton elected to sell Henson Manor due to property limitations. We value our residents and will continue to keep each and every resident informed of the selling process. Our staff will continue to provide the same services and standards that our residents have always known. This is reflected in our most recent resident survey with a 90.2% satisfaction rating. Our exterior grounds received a rating of 95.0% and the cleanliness of the common areas received a 91.9% rating. As a testament to our community and services provided, Eskaton Henson Manor has several residents who have chosen to reside in our community for the past several years, and others have returned to continue their aging experience with Eskaton.