Green House Cottages of Carmel - Carmel, IN

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  • 24 hour care
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • IV Therapy
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Memory Care Services
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available

Customer Reviews

Review of Green House Cottages of Carmel

So far everything has been great! I have no complaints! The Admissions Director is fantastic.

Review of Green House Cottages of Carmel

The facility, personnel, and kindness of everyone is superb. My mom says the rehab is very good. It's extremely clean. The nursing care and staff care is very good.

Review of Green House Cottages of Carmel

I'm extremely happy. They provide good care. I hear from all of the staff. My dad says the meals are good.

Review of Green House Cottages of Carmel

I like how it is smaller and the staff is attentive. Everybody has been good.

Review of Green House Cottages of Carmel

Green House Cottages is different than a traditional facility. It feels comfortable. The consistent therapy group works well with my mom. The staff care is excellent and they are very friendly. They do a fine job with just the right level of communication. The cleanliness and meals are excellent too.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

My sister has been very pleased with the service, the rehab and all. The staff is very friendly, nice and helpful. She doesn't have any complaints. The cleanliness is very good.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

The staff there was excellent. They took great care of my mother. I've been recommending it to everyone.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

Everything's great. The service, the people are nice, everything. It's very clean. They do well at keeping me informed.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

The care has been exceptional. The workers have been responsive and truly caring, and that has exceeded my expectations. The staff care is absolutely wonderful. I would like to see more variety of food. They haven't been able to tailor the food around my mom's preferences. It's a set menu of mostly rich and fried food. They are great at keeping me informed. They are attentive and on top of any sort of perceived concern.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

The care is great. All of the nurses and aides have been great. They're kind. I feel like they genuinely care about my mom and her recovery. She loves the food. The facility itself is always clean and smells good. The atmosphere is real important to me, and it's a beautiful facility. Her room is always clean and her bed is always clean. She's always dressed and bathed. She was at a different facility before, and the difference is night and day. They keep me informed. They call me. I go in every day and always talk to at least one of the aides, but the nurse will call me when the doctor's been in and give me an update.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

Everything's been fine. My father has been happy. The staff is very good. It's very clean. The meals are very good. They're very good at keeping me informed.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

It's much, much better than my mother's last situation. As far as the care goes, I think she's getting excellent, excellent care. The therapists do very well. The nurses are very, very good. My mother really likes the meals. The staff is almost overly informative. Sometimes they give too much information and ask too much approval, even things that aren't a big deal to us, but I'd rather them do that than not. There have been some instances of poor communication or bad information that have been frustrating.

Review of Green House Cottages Of Carmel

They have great food and the staff is really nice. It is a great facility. The nurses seem real good, as does the rest of the staff. The whole place is pretty clean. They have really good, balanced meals. They do a pretty good job keeping me informed.

I ate dinner with my loved one last week and it was good. They would give you hot tea and coffee. They do an excellent job keeping me updated about her care.

It's the best, plus. It's one of the few places I've found where they seem to have it together. The feeling that you get is that it's a place that I'd want to be. If I had to go to a home, this would be my choice. It's a good feeling. It's homey, it has a good arrangement of rooms, the food is prepared fresh in front of the patients. There's 12 rooms in each cottage, they're nice and big. There's a long table and they're encouraged to eat all together. They're very accommodating. The administrator, the nursing director, and the social worker are down to earth and professional and they're wonderful. The rooms are all private. It doesn't feel like your typical old folks home. The location is good, it's very safe.

I'd recommend Green House Cottages!

I've already recommended them to someone. It's perfectly clean. They offered me food every time I was visiting, and I thought it was good.

The care is exceptional. The food was excellent. The chef was always there so you could customize your meal.

I would recommend Green House Cottages of Carmel to a loved one.

They were very trusting and compassionate. The nurses and aides were very nice and compassionate. They were not money oriented like other senior communities I've worked with in the past. They made sure she was comfortable during her stay.

They have been very good. I have not had any problems.

I would absolutely recommend this rehab center; they have been very good to my mother. My mother loves everything and everyone there! I am there very often, so they answer my questions whenever I have any.

We've had a positive experience so far. She seems more than content here.

I would recommend Green House Cottages of Carmel to a friend.

We feel that everything is going good. We rave about the place, it has a great concept. It is walking distance from my house which makes it better and easier to spend more time with my mother in law. Everyone is very nice and helpful with my mother in law. The community is pretty clean. We have seen the meals and the food looks good.

I would recommend Green House Cottages of Carmel to a friend. But they do not keep me informed on every detail about my wife. They do not communicate very well.

Everything has been fantastic! This place is not like anything that is out there, it is a top, top notch place. They have a new concept to our care, I recommend it to everyone.

The Green House was wonderful. I will reach out to them if I ever need anything. I would recommend them to a friend or loved one.

Part of the time the food was good and other times it was mediocre. It depends on the cook.

From the Community

Green House Cottages of Carmel provides personal and meaningful care with a unique approach. We provide a real home environment where meals are served exactly to our elder's liking. Care is person-directed, meaning we take into account each elder's individual goals and customize a care plan utilizing our state of the art therapy equipment, to assist them reach their full potential. Our staff ratio per resident is 1 to 4, therefore our staff members are highly involved and invested in your success at Green House Cottages of Carmel!