Golden Gate Rehabilitation & Health Care Center - Staten Island, NY

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Customer Reviews


No matter how desperate you are; no matter how bad things are for you as a caregiver, no matter how much your family is not helping you to take care of your loved one, STAY VERY FAR AWAY from this facility. This is a place where they pile all the residents into one, dingy, smelly room during the day, drug them up so they do not have do anything for them, and basically ignore the patients needs.
The administration is useless. They will never answer your questions. The Social Services area is a joke. The nurses were very nice but not skilled. I once found my Mom's pills under her bed! They ignored a UTI that Mom had for months and months. I kept asking for them to get blood work, to treat it, to help her. They ignored me. I finally demanded they take my Mom to hospital by ambulance. My Mother was dead a short time after her admittance; the UTI was so bad and the doctor from the nursing home put her on an antibiotic sher was allergic to. EVEN THOUGH THE INFO WAS RIGHT ON HER CHART. The doctor from this nursing home prescribed a terrible drug that was not supposed to be given to dementia patients. It put her into some coma like state and she never recovered. This was a woman watching NCIS and eating cheesecake and walking around with me one day before the drug was administered. If you are looking for help with dementia or Alzheimer's, DO NOT GO HERE. They no NOTHING of how to care for someone with this disease. My Mom was having a very high anxiety day and when I went up there they said: "We can't handle your mother and you can't either so what do you want to do"? They are the most insensitive, rude obnoxious group of caretakers I have ever met.

I once attended a meeting with the my Mom's medical team at the facility. The head nurse was slumped down in her chair in front of her laptop, acting like the whole meeting was an imposition. They did not know anything about what was going on with my Mom. The place is dirty, the aides are horrible.

They leave patients sitting in urine soaked underpants for hours. The activities are so ridiculous; the food is horrible. I brought my Mom food every night. When family comes to visit, the front desk IS ALWAYS empty. The staff scatters like roaches so you can not get any answers to your questions. The doctors do not call you back. PLEASE DO NOT PUT A FAMILY MEMBER INTO THIS PLACE. You will regret it for the rest of your life.

I had very high hopes for my Mom's care after talking to one of the admissions people so please know this is not a disgruntled review.. The administration cares only about getting their money. This was by far one of the most awful experiences I have ever had. The nutritionist was the only nice person on the floor, but even she took it upon herself to get involved in personal issues my Mom had that she should not have. There is not a shred of professionalism in the place.