Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center - East Orange, NJ

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From the Office

Welcome to Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, where we deliver unparalleled care and healing in the warmest environment and where everyone is treated like family!

The Park Crescent Nursing and Post-acute rehabilitation center, located in East Orange NJ, is considered the premier center for short term rehabilitation and sub-acute care in the area, as well as long term skilled nursing care.

Our facility features high-end, modern aesthetics, delicious dining, a robust schedule of activities and a state-of-the-art rehab gym geared toward accelerating the road to recovery for our patients.

  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Doctor on Call
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Hospice Available
  • Pets Allowed
  • Behavioral Psychiatrist Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recreational & Social Activities
  • Free Nourishment Stations
  • Free Wifi
  • Private Pay Care
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Full Schedule of Trips, Events and Activities!
  • Full-time Activity Director
  • Medical Director on Staff
  • Medical Social Workers

Customer Reviews

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

My loved one eats the food, but the meats should be a little softer. The facility is clean.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

The facility is nice and clean. My loved one said that the food is better there than at the hospital.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

So far everything seems to be wonderful. Therapy is a little rough for my loved one right now, due to her surgery, but it's great. Looks clean to me. She hasn't complained about the food. They talk to my loved one to keep her informed, but not me.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

My loved one says everybody has been really nice and he really likes it.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

They are polite and took good care of her. I'd recommend. The communication was okay, she wasn't there that long.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

My loved one is okay there and satisfied with what's going on. The place is clean. She has no complaints and neither do we.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

I'd recommend Park Crescent!

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Overall, I have been very satisfied with the service I've gotten from Park Crescent. From what I've seen, the rehab therapy is great.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

They do very well. My loved one is in good spirits. She needs someone constantly watching over her and they are doing a good job. She likes the therapy. I hear from her every day. I would like to hear from them, too, but so far she is enjoying herself and she is benefiting from their services.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

The admissions director and the financial office and everybody have been just super responsive and kind. The nursing care so far has been great. As far as keeping me informed, I'd give them a five plus out of five!

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

My loved one isn't complaining about anything, so I think they're doing a good job. I think the meals are good.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

I'd recommend Park Crescent!

It's nice and clean and no odor. They have good food, he likes it. They didn't label my loved one's clothes, and he is supposed to get a shower twice a week and that hasn't happened.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Rehab therapy, nursing, and staff care are 4 out of 5.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

I'd recommend Park Crescent, but I think they're understaffed. The aides seem to be understaffed. The facilities seem rather clean.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

I would recommend the rehab, it was very clean. Don't smell nothing in that place. I haven't had any trouble with the staff yet. But somebody took the clothes they had for my sister there so I had to take some more clothes over. It seems like they don't care who they hired, and the nurses reflect that by treating the job like a paycheck. I don't see too many nurses when I go there. There was a patient in a wheelchair begging and crying for the nurses to help put them onto the bed. They don't call me for anything. It seems like the patients manage themselves.

We had a great overall experience at this rehab. However the food is kind of salty and my loved one doesn't really like it.

I was reluctant to let anyone look after my loved one but me, but they did a great job. I went to other facilities and this was the cleanest. My loved one ate everything they gave her.

I'd recommend Park Crescent. Although my loved one said that the food was bland.

I would recommend Park Crescent to a loved one!

Park Crescent is a place I'd recommend.

Everything was excellent. The cleanliness was decent. They always called and kept me updated.

I like that the staff is quite friendly and courteous, and I like their attention to detail. My loved one is showing improvements from therapy. She is quite satisfied with the meals. They could keep me better informed.

It was fine, I'd recommend it. My only complaint is the coffee was awful and my loved one didn't like the food.

Everyone was good with my loved one. I've already recommended them to people.

I'd recommend Park Crescent so far. She loves the fruit salad. They send my loved one to bed too late.

I would recommend Park Crescent! Although my loved one didn't like any of the food.

The facility is not perfect, and things could have been better. The personal care stands out for me. My father is [Removed] and they have [Removed] staff that make it more personable for him. The therapist was very informative and patient with him. He is a vegan, and they have been accommodating him, and he likes the food.

I've been very happy with the experience so far. I'm up there every day and I ask questions every day, so they haven't had much of a chance to seek me out to give me information, but when I ask, they're able to give me whatever information I need.

The people are very attentive. They keep things clean, I notice when I walk in there is no smell. I would recommend them for everything but the food. The food is what gives the elderly strength, it matters. My loved one says the food is tasteless. They provide options, but according to her it's still bad. She said that the bread they serve is sticky.

I'd recommend Park Crescent to a friend!

We'd had a family that lived there before and I don't have anything negative to say about it. They are being taken care of while they are there.

There was a nursing supervisor, I don't remember her name but she was really helpful. My loved one enjoyed his meals. They don't communicate with me but they communicate with him.

Great rehab facility overall. My loved one isn't too happy about the food. She said it is cold when she gets it. I have to ask if I want any information, and I'm still waiting for someone to get in touch with me.

Since my loved one has been there, they haven't cleaned her room or her bathroom once, and we've asked them repeatedly to do it. They say they'll get somebody to clean it but no one ever does.

It wasn't clear whether they had a notary or not, I was first told they didn't have one and now I found out they do. They didn't have a copy of the POA on file and I would think that is something they would have.

Review of Park Crescent Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center - East Orange, NJ

Warm, friendly, caring professional staff. Every effort is made to engage residents in the many planned activities. Various staff members smile and greet me by name whenever I am visiting. The guests/residents are kept clean as are the rooms I have never heard “It’s not my job”.

Anything I address with them, it's taken care of. I usually speak to the nurses and get information about my loved one from them. I seem to see gloves or paper towels on the floor that might not be sanitary in my loved one's room.

All of the nurses have been really nice to my loved one. I appreciate them! She eats everything that they give her, and she enjoys the food.

I'm doing therapy in bed, it's pretty much good. I'm getting my meds and eye drops on time. The nurses are okay unless they are making rounds, then it may be a little wait. The facility is very clean.

I see a big improvement in my loved one, I see him getting up and he is not in as much pain as he was. The therapy part is the main thing he needed, to help him getting into his exercises, and the therapists have a good attitude.

The people have been very nice to our family, they treat my loved one nice and she hasn't complained about any problems since she's been there. She's been here before, and if something was wrong we wouldn't have bought her back. I may be in this place one day! The concern the nurses treat her with is great. I am pleased with the staff. They take very good care of her. The therapy is going okay. The common areas could be a little bit cleaner, sometimes there is paper on the floor. Her room has been kept nice, though. She has not complained, so far the food has met our requirements and she eats it all. I'm here twice a day, we stay in contact with the doctors and nurses.

The nurses are very helpful and they go out of their way to help my loved one. She is very picky when it comes to meals.

The only thing I wish is that they had more rehab on the weekends. The cleanliness of the facility is good!

He is adjusting to it. The receptionist is polite and everyone else, they are nice. The facility is very nice, I'd recommend it. He gets special meals, sometimes he gets something that he doesn't like but they do take it back and he can pick something else.

My dad wasn't being treated well by the doctor, so they had to switch his doctor. Once they did that, he was happier. I recommend this place. The food isn't very tasty though.

The nurses gave my loved one everything they were supposed to. Two staff members were particularly excellent and very helpful. The cleanliness is much better than when I first came. I think we need improvement on having the nurses coming in more and speaking to the patients. For example, just come in to say, "Are you okay? Do you need anything?" The meals would be better if they had more variety and accommodation. I didn't get any update calls but when I am here they will give me any information that I ask them for.

I recommend this rehab, the nurses respond in a timely fashion and they administer medications on time. The staff is very accommodating and they check on her from time to time. My loved one does therapy every day for an hour, but at least once she’s fallen asleep during therapy because the lady kept taking breaks. The trash was always full, the bathroom wasn't clean all the way, when you walk in the building it doesn't stink but it isn't a fresh smell either.

My loved one is improving with rehab. Most of the employees have been very generous with their care. The meals are excellent and just what she needs. She eats them right up.

One of the aides was really great, my mom said she was absolutely pleased with her. I'd recommend the rehab but the nurses didn't do a good job of managing my loved one's insulin. It's pretty decently clean but the meals are awful. I'm going to start bringing her meals.

My husband is there for rehab therapy, and he said that they are not doing rehab very regularly. I feel he is doing good because Saturday he has been walking a little bit and bending his leg, but I feel like the rehab could be a little better. I think he does more for himself than they’re helping. The facility is clean every time I go there. The receptionist is very friendly. The nurse that does the meds and one of the others are friendly but the rest of the staff not so much. My husband was unable to sleep the other night because there was another patient screaming for a nurse in the middle of the night. He has been there for two days and the television is not working. Also, his telephone is not working either, so I can’t reach him. I came in one day and was looking for my husband because he was not in his room. I went to the nurses’ desk and I was told that he is in the day room but he wasn't. He was downstairs, walking. So that tells me that they don’t keep up with their patients. My husband doesn’t really like the food, and some of it doesn’t seem very fresh. He said that they don’t ask him what he wants to eat anymore, they have just been bringing him whatever is served that day.

The therapists are working with my mom, but she's not really participating. The nurses have been great. My mom doesn't like the food, but she's eating it.

I have not had any bad experiences with her there. They puree her food and do very good with her.

They are very good to my mother. They keep it very clean. We would most definitely recommend them.

It's been very good. I really like the way Park Crescent handles things and takes care of its patients. It's been a very pleasant experience. People in this area are really lucky to have Park Crescent. I would recommend it to anyone who needs assistance! I'm glad they're there. I'm really satisfied with the way the therapists have handled everything. My loved one wasn't in very good shape when she went in, and they've helped her recover quite a bit.

Once they got my phone number, the social worker has called me about every other day to keep me informed.

My loved one does not like the food. He is very old fashioned and doesn't want a lot of the things that they serve. They keep my husband informed.

I am not there all of the time but I know my loved one likes it.

I'd recommend!

my experience as a patient at Park Crescent Healthcare

food was great. Activities was fantastic. I would come back to Park Crescent Rehabilitation to contribute gifts to bingo. Therapy was great. I wish I could take them home. I fell in love with the nurses who were all great

Park Crescent nursing home

I am very pleased with the cleanliness of the facility. My concern is that at times, the nurses and CNA are not always playing their part.

Park crescent healthcare review

I am happy to know that my family member is in the care of the folks at Park Crescent Healthcare

I would rate my experience 5 out of 5!

I would recommend.

They do not really call me with updates, but it has only been a week so I'm sure there is not much to inform us about yet. So far I would recommend to a friend.

I would recommend Park Crescent to a friend!

It seems to be okay. The staff seems quite friendly and capable and they do try their best. The cleanliness is fair. If I don't ask, they don't normally volunteer information. I would recommend this place to someone if they had family around to check in and keep track of how they're doing and make sure they're getting what they need. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who didn't have family nearby.

I don't like my experience so far. The nurses take too long to help in the bathroom.

We were quite pleased with the staff and therapy at Park Crescent in East Orange, Nj
Mom spent 3 weeks there after surgery at East Orange Medicare.

Care at Park Crescent Healthcare center was good overall.
I didn’t care for the good and didn’t get too involved in recreation.
I was there for recovery and therapy and that’s what I did. I would recommend.

I was very happy with the care at the Park Crescent Rehab in East Orange they are a top rehab provider in my experience.

I was satisfied with the care. Social services was also very responsible and kept my daughter in the loop constantly. this helped with my peace of mind knowing that my daughter understood and stayed on top of my care plan

From the first time I entered the building to visit a resident, I was impressed. My feelings were confirmed by the receptionist and I also met several residents who were raiding the snack machine! The appeared so happy and comfortable with their surroundings. We chose to place my Mom at Park Crescent and were very happy we did