Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care - Wylie, TX

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I put my Mother in this place after leg surgery. The first night they did not bring her any pain meds. and when she asked for them the night nurse said the Dr didn't order them. When she told them she was supposed to get them at such and such time (she had discussed this with the Dr) they said "I'll check" and walked out and never came back. She laid there in after surgery pain for four hours and finally called again for the nurse. They brought her one pill. She asked for two and they argued again. Again they said "I'll go check" and they didn't come back for over and hour. By this time she was in terrible pain and was behind schedule on her pain meds. My Mother is very sharp mentally. She knew when she should get her meds and how much. The night nurses not only treated her like she was stupid, they were very inconsiderate of her need for rest. They came in at night to deliver pills to her neighbor and turned on all the lights...left the door open with all the hallway racket and changed the trash at 2 am! She has stomach issues and asked for a bland diet every day! She got not one bland meal but had to pick around and send back the over peppered food. My Mother was so distressed and tired her therapist noticed and questioned her. I am appalled that this place calls itself a care center because they obviously DO NOT CARE.
My only positive experience was with the therapist, [Removed], she took very good care of my Mother and treated her with dignity and respect.
We got her out as fast as possible and she is now thriving with proper rest, considerate workers, food she can eat and pain meds when she needs it