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Customer Reviews

Independent Living

My mother has lived in Independent Living for 6 years now and we've always found the staff helpful and easy to deal with.

Total inexperience ....usually starts at the top...

About 3 years ago I spent 30 days at Epworth skilled nursing department... the physical therapy department... I found to be the best.. and that department was fully staffed...the dining experience was way below average....not enough wait people...and at breakfast the RN..would prepare the food...once in awhile a regular kitchen help would be there ....for lunch and dinner they would bring the food from their kitchen in another part of the facility....and it was not good and menu was repeated often in the same week....I would give them a zero on the food and service...
The nursing aides were basically young ..and inexperienced....I fell twice in the shower once because the aide didn't lock the chair I needed in order to shower......and luckily I could reach the bell for help...and they sent a young man to help me with the rest of my shower....to say the least I was embarrassed as he was young and again I weighed more than he did...for what they charge the food should be excellent....and daily care should also be....
What the main problem there is inexperience...and not enough employees as the excuse there was always the same ..."today we are short of help"
I must say the place is beautiful to look at ...but what good is that ..if...the rest of the experience sucks....

Epworth Villa is a horrible place

Please research this facility before placing any loved one here or allowing loved ones to move here. The facility is very aesthetically pleasing, however the care, specifically in the nursing facility, is deplorable. Time after time our concerns were presented to the staff and little to nothing was done to correct the problems. In one instance our grandmother's arm received a rather large skin tear after her unassisted attempt to move to her wheelchair. The nurse on duty in the household was not present and could not be located. Another nurse from a different household finally arrived after approx. 20 min and treated my grandmother's arm by leaving the skin retracted which was the complete opposite of what SHOULD have been done. Our grandmother has been given other resident's medications before. The list could go on, and on. Also, be very cautious of any dealings with Lisa [removed]. This woman will lie and distort truths so as to not take any responsibility for the horrible conditions. Meals are a gamble as they are so insufficiently staffed there may not be anyone there to prepare meals. And the poor staff are not only tasked with providing medical care for the residents, but also ALL of the housekeeping chores.

Management Sucks

My father lived in Epworth Villa independent living for the last three years of his life. Overall, he was happy he moved there, but the last six months of his life were a nightmare. Epworth was "expanding", which meant that interior access to facilities such a the fitness center were eliminated. Dad had to either drive (or when he could no longer drive, use a motorized chair) to get to the facility. This is Oklahoma, both hot, cold, rainy, etc. But Epworth seemed to think this was not a problem. Then they began remodeling the kitchen. So now residents could only get a very limited menu of food and it was served on paper plates with plastic silverware. Not exactly what you pay premium rates for. Also the dining facilities never had enough staff to serve the residents, apparently Epworth is such a horrible place to work for that they cannot keep staff. Don't move there!

Epworth Villa - Not What They Claim

My father lived in Independent Living at Epworth Villa until his death on May 22, 2015. Epworth says they are a caring facility, but actually doesn't live up to that. They were doing a huge expansion the six months before my father passed. That meant, for him, that he had to go outside and drive his car to get the fitness facility to do his daily workout. When he could no longer drive, we got him a motorized chair so he could make the long trip outside. Regardless of the weather, that was the only access he had, and Epworth seemed to think this was "acceptable". The expansion also meant that those six months, the food provided by Epworth was a very limited menu... and served on paper plates with plastic silverware. When you are paying the prices that Epworth charges, really you expect a bit more. They do not seem to be able to keep qualified staff, we ate there several nights where we had wait 30 minutes for service - because there were only 2-3 wait staff. And worst of all, when I brought my father home from the hospital to hospice care in his apartment, no one from Epworth ever came to check on him. [Removed]

From the Community

Independent Living at Epworth Villa means more freedom than you find in most Oklahoma City retirement communities: A large selection of floor plan styles for cottages and apartments, a rich menu of services and amenities included in your monthly fee, an action-packed calendar of activities for every taste, and a philosophy of "Whole Person Wellness" to help you make the most of living here. Above all, we have an unusually wide choice of health care options, with your choice of Life Care or fee-for-service plans—reassurance that we have the capabilities to care for you in just about any situation, with options that best suit your budget.