Elmwood Hills - Blackwood, NJ

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  • Free Wifi
  • Free Nourishment Stations
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Certified Dementia Practioner
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical Director on Staff
  • Behavioral Psychiatrist Available
  • Pets Allowed
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Private Pay Care

Customer Reviews

Review of Elmwood Hills

Everyone is very helpful.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I would recommend Elmwood Hills to a friend. She has not been there that long, and there have been no issues. They do need to keep in touch with me and touch base with what is going on.

Review of Elmwood Hills

The two ladies at the desk were very helpful and fixed his phone. I thought that was nice. Both times I went there, the people were very nice. They say hi in the hall. The staff are doing fine. Very nice place. I think it's clean. He doesn't seem real happy with the meals, and said he isn't eating enough.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I'm happy with everything so far, and so are my brothers and sisters. The staff care is good. They let us know what is going on. They are upfront with what we want and they know what we expect. He is not coming out running marathons but we want him to take care of himself so we can help him.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I have not had any problem whatsoever. They are doing excellent with me. They are very friendly. Meals are good.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I'd recommend Elmwood Hills. They cleaned every day. He never complained that I know of.

Review of Elmwood Hills

They are doing good so far. The therapy is the big thing he's there for and they are right there doing the thing he has to do and that's really good. They are great, so far no problem with the staff. The first day there the bathroom was dirty and we had to mention it for them to clean it, but they took care of it right away. He is a special needs patient and his food is supposed to be chopped, and they bring meat that's not chopped. I have to be there to cut his meat smaller. Also they bring him food that's against his diet sometimes.

Review of Elmwood Hills

It's good. The workers and everything are really nice and polite. The social worker is very good. I haven't had any problem so far. The staff is very friendly. The food is excellent! He eats. He has a very good appetite. He seems to like the food. He eats it all. They do very well in general.

Review of Elmwood Hills

My father's happy. I'm happy with his physical therapy. They got him moving around. Everyone's good with communication with me. It's been good care. I have no complaints about the meals.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I'm very pleased. I'm pleased with the nursing and staff care. The social worker and the unit clerk were on top of things and called me when I needed to and they spotted that my loved one needed additional support. My cousin recommended this facility to me and I'm glad.

Review of Elmwood Hills

It is good so far. I'd recommend them.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I do not have any problems with it. Everything has been great.

Review of Elmwood Hills

It seems pretty good. The doctor gets a 5 out of 5. So far, everybody seems nice. I haven't had any complaints. It's pretty clean there. The food isn't gourmet. My father usually thinks everything tastes good, but not this. Anytime anything serious has happened, I've gotten a phone call. They haven't hesitated to call.

Review of Elmwood Hills

I really like the rehab people. They just do not have enough other staff. I'm always on their backs making sure everything was done. They would answer any questions.

Review of Elmwood Hills

The nurses are taking care of him and OT and PT staff. They are real friendly and helpful.

Review of Elmwood Hills

Everybody is friendly so far. The staff is good.

Review of Elmwood Hills

They answer my questions. They've been very friendly to me. My father has a lot of complaints, but I don't see anything wrong when I'm there. If he needs help, they seem to come right away. He says it's because I'm there and that when I'm not there, they don't come as quickly. My father is not a fan of the meals. I feel like I'm asking for information, but people will say they just got there and don't know.

Review of Elmwood Hills

It's a beautiful place! When I've been there, the staff has been good. They've all been really nice. It's very clean. The meals are fantastic! I have a problem with nobody coming to fix the toilet. It's got a real bad leak. I've asked for a bed alarm and they don't have one on him. Other than that, it's pretty good.

I'd recommend Elmwood Hills! My loved one doesn't complain about the food. She eats a lot of tuna fish sandwiches.

We're happy with them and my dad's doing pretty good. Rehab is great. The only problem we have every once in a while is slower response times, but we understand that they're busy and a little understaffed. The cleanliness is good. They're good about keeping me informed.

Review of Elmwood Hills - Blackwood, NJ

People working here are sweet and nice. Therapy made all one work I did so worth it!
They make you, want to push yourself to do more.

Review of Elmwood Hills - Blackwood, NJ

Place is very nice and so are the nurses and aides.

Our Elmwood Hills Experience

Loved the PT folks. They were very patient with our loved one (who can be a tough patient). The place is very clean and everyone seemed genuinely friendly.
His feet are now healing and the blood infection is gone.

elmwood hills rehab customer review

Elmwood Hills was a good place to stay. The staff was great and so was the food. Very clean.

I would recommend Elmwood Hills Health Care Center to a friend!

They were so good to my brother there. The nurses are very nice. He had one nurse who was a doll, she went out of her way caring for him.

So far, I like Elmwood Hills very much. My mom was at another place and I didn't like it. I definitely like this place. When my mom first went here, the doctor came in and checked her out and found out she had a problem; I feel like this place is much better and cares more, because the other place didn't catch it.

I would rate everything 5 out of 5!

I would highly recommend this facility! Everyone there is very nice!

I'd recommend.

I would recommend.

From my observation, Elmwood Hills has been good. They keep the place clean, and my loved one seems content.

The facility is extremely clean.

My loved one didn't like it as much as the last time he was there. My loved one was also on a portable tank of oxygen, but there were a few times where it was empty. They did not fill it as much as we would have liked. When I spoke to the staff and social workers, they are great at giving me information.

The weekdays are great, the weekends are not. The aides have been very good. The place is clean! I need to go get the information I need, but they have it all the time

I really don't see the doctor, but the nurses kind of cover for that. It's a bad time to be here and have questions, because a lot of people are on vacation.

So far, I'd rate it pretty good!

I was very pleased with it up until my loved one was missing some things.

My loved one waits for them to come check on her. I was visiting and as soon as my loved one saw me she told me she was wet and that they came to help her neighbor but not her. She wasn't checked on by 1:45 in the afternoon while every other patient seemed to be in the dining area and dressed. I haven't witnessed the meals. They kept me informed of the status of when she's being cut off for the rehab services, but I'm not happy on how that went down and what they wrote as her abilities. From what I found, it didn't seem close to the same. I've appealed twice and being turned down. It's kind of hard to rate them, they've all been very very nice which I would expect. I don't hear a whole lot from them, when I go in I have to hunt them down. They don't reach out to me a whole lot.

Elmwood Hills Is A Wonderful Nursing Home

They treat you fair here at Elmwood Hills and the meals are good

People working at Elmwood Hills are great!
Therapy pushed me to achieve my goals and I would not have believed. I would be where I am now without their amazing help.

Elmwood hills in blackwood NJ is a fine place with courteous employees.

Very knowledgeable employees and pleasant. Nice atmosphere all around.

I want to thank the Elmwood Hills staff for their wonderful care.
My father in law during his recent stay at the facility.
He said the nurses and aides were all very nice and he especially enjoyed the food.

The place is clean and bright makes for a nice environment. The nurse s are sharp and know what they are doing.

The have a lovely garden which is available for use.

Also, the staff was prompt with helping us with our concerns.

I have been to Elmwood Hills for rehab on several occasions and was happy each time.

The facility is clean and bright and cheerful. Staff really cares

Care for our Dad was great. Staff [was] very friendly and the facility is beautiful and beautifully maintained. The food was ok

From the Office

Elmwood Hills is now family owned and operated, which means that we do things with a personal touch. You’ll notice it in your caregiver’s genuine concern, the administrator’s friendly “Good morning!” and the house-keeper’s cheerful smile.

Elmwood Hills provides a full spectrum of healthcare needs, with a special focus on short-term nursing care and rehabilitative care and therapy.

Our experienced team of therapists is goal-oriented, and works hard to help patients regain optimal mobility, range of motion, functionality, and quality of life. Elmwood Hills provides care for a complete range of short-term needs, including:

Hip or knee replacement
Post-surgery recovery
Complex wound care
Motor vehicle trauma
Cardiac/pulmonary care
Diabetes management
Post Stroke Care
Pain management
IV Therapy
Tracheotomy care
Respiratory therapy
Gastrostomy care