Covenant Village of Green Township - Cincinnati, OH

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  • Physical Therapy Available
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  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Customer Reviews

Pretty place

I was a patient in the rehab side of the facility. The place is clean and beautiful. The food was awful but I hear they have a new chef and it has greatly improved. Thats the good.
Now for the bad: it is impossible to get help and all you get is excuses from the nurses upto the Director of Nursing. I had knee surgery and could not get help to go to the bathroom. After 40 minutes I went to the bathroom myself. I fell in the bathroom and could not get up. I pulled the emergency cord to get help. No one came. After more than an hour on the floor, I dragged myself out and to the bed. My daughters tried calling to the DON but she would nor return their calls. My daughter finally walked in her office when she saw the DON laughing with the ADON so she figured they weren't having an important meeting. The DON never apologized. She just said that shouldn't have happened. I also could not get my pain meds until late at night on the first day I got there. The nurse aides said we told the nurse, the nurse said the doctor has not sent us the okay. My doctor said they did said the okay then the ADON said well were waiting for our facilities doctor to give the okay. Later I found out that was a total lie. Doctors just need an okay from your doctor. Since then my granddaughter worked at the therapy department (they are not employed by Covenant Village). She said the help the place is poorly run, especially the rehab side. They have so much trouble with patients getting their pain meds that [Removed] will no longer send their patients there. Too bad. If management was in better hands maybe it would be a good facility.

avoid this place!!

I would not recommend covenant village to anybody. the food is horrible!! the food service staff is not much better!! therapy department is poorly managed by director of therapy [Removed]. one of their occupational therapist named [Removed] is very much child like and very in professional!! I am only leaving one star because no stars is not an option!

Do your homework on this facility

DO your homework on this facility. I read many reviews and decided to give Covenant a shot. The building is new and clean which is appealing. The on floor staff is friendly and forms nice relationships with the residents. The major problem is when health matters arise and the upper management/staff are informed there is lack of action. The Dr only sees your loved one once a week for mere minutes. Test results and medication approvals are delayed causing major unnecessary medical complications. Please read each review please discuss with your family Dr. Huge decision and I regret terribly the added medical issues this facility caused my loved one.

Gem in our backyard

This is the third time my father has been admitted to Civenant. The facility is immaculate and it's so nice to have this right in out community. There were no beds on the day hairs of his discharge from the hospital following surgery. The staff at CV were able to place him in a long term care bed for 24 hrs until a bed opened up on the short term care side.

The rooms a re spacious and the shower and bathroom in the room are truly barrier free and oversized. They a planning for the facility outfitted each room with ample closet space as well as a mini fridge that is fantastic in its design as well as a counter and large drawer unit. There is also bistro table and chairs. The room is such that fm or visitors don't feel crowded even for in room meals or visits.

There is a large dining room as well as several smaller dining rooms that you can use for parties or large fm gatherings. Public spaces also include a living room and library, a chapel, as well as small seating areas located near groups of patient rooms. This is a nice place for visitors to step out to if the patient is in need of some privacy for assessments or things Like Toileting.

The therapy space is beautiful and you can tell a lot of thought went into its design. There are also 2 therapy pools that have floors which drop down so that the pt cane wheeled right into that pool thus avoiding steps, ramps or chairlifts. The building is also built around outdoor courtyards which is nice - weather permitting.

CV staff are the icing on the cake. Each we encountered has seemed to truly love the work that they do. That's something that can't be faked. Keep up the good work and thanks on the part of my Dad for all that you do!

I wouldn't send my worst enemy here.

I was there following surgery late October, 2015. The physical therapy was very good. The staff were friendly. The reason for the bad rating, which would be zero if the above wasn't true, is three-fold. First, and most importantly, the food service (and I use the term service lightly) was beyond belief awful. One morning many of us received 2 pieces of bacon and a beverage - NOTHING ELSE. When I called about it I was told they were out of all of the several options I requested and they offered no alternative. Of the first 14 meals I received (not counting the day of admission), two were correct if I overlooked minor errors, such as the wrong beverage. There is a second choice option and an "anytime" option on the menu. I am including these since they were incorrect as well, sometimes after two attempts. How difficult is it to deliver the prepackaged dry cereal when there are only a few choices? More than once I had to send the food back because it was incorrect or inedible and they STILL got it wrong. I was never delivered a diabetic meal even though my paperwork indicated I was to receive one. I received many items I either disliked, had sensitivity to, or simply couldn't eat (both incorrect AND prepared badly). Eating well is particularly important after surgery or a major health crisis. Speaking with the "CHEF" was worthless; all I heard was excuses. Good nutrition is a must; the only time that happened to me was when my husband brought me food, which he ended up doing most of the remaining time I spent there. 2nd, I was never given the option of using the pool for PT. I had no medical reason that would have limited my use of the pool. I had been having warm water therapy prior to my surgery and would liked to have continued it (I have other health issues which the water helped). Requesting anything had to be cleared through the staff doctor, which took days or a reply was never received. Also, it was written in my records that I was supposed to receive a saline nasal spray after surgery. I found that out only when I was reviewing my records as I checked out. My post office visit with the surgeon was very unhappy when I told him; he said that it was in his orders and I should have been using it the whole time since the mouth, nose and throat were involved in the surgery. Lastly, they were very short staffed which made it difficult for the staff they DID have to do their jobs well. The building is beautiful, the grounds are well kept but these things mean nothing when the care received is poor.

My family was extremely disappointed with the care our father got at your facility. My father's stay there was short as he was abruptly released by the administration. It seemed as though the staff didn't want to be bothered with his care.

need more staff

They are very short staffed. Residents seem to stay in their room most of the day. Place would be soo much better if they were staffed correctly. Friend had family member in there two years ago. Same problems today as two years ago. Why?

summary of facility

at facility for post op rehabilitation. beautiful facility, no doubt. communication has not been the best. not much of a reception upon arrival. no explanation of how things work; ordering food, having medication administered.
patient did not receive pain pills every 4 hours through the night as prescribed by the doctor. we were told that the patient has to request the meds. staff was less than desirable. check this place out before you or your loved one stays.

They were ok.....

They were ok, except she wanted to be out and around people, but they kept her in her room and in her wheelchair. She would push the wheelchair with her feet and they would put a cushion under her so her so her feet didn't reach the floor, and she wouldn't be able to get around. We didn't get to see the therapy personnel until 3 weeks after she was admitted, and then we didn't hear from them again. Communication with the staff was not so great.

From the Community

Covenant Village of Green Township, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a rehabilitation and therapeutic particular facility that provides high-quality care for seniors. Guests enjoy an extensive list of amenities and therapeutic services including advanced hydro therapy pool, which has an underwater treadmill that raises and lowers residents to ease the challenges of getting in and out of the pool. Covenant Village of Green Township provides real-life therapies to help support the re-learning of daily skills including trips to the gas station, getting in and out the car, grocery shopping, walks and curbs, kitchen use, and laundry.