Consulate Health Care of Bayonet Point - Hudson, FL

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Customer Reviews

Avoid this rehab facility... .you have been warned

AVOID this place. Worst rehab i have ever organisation .nurses are useless.....let patients on wheelchairs in urine soaked clothes.....this place needs a Medecare calling Monday... [name removed]

Dirty and inadequate care

Bathe patients only 2 times a week. AND Room had "roaches". Have photos.

Do not admit loved one to CONSULATE of Bayonet Point

My husband was admitted for strengthening and recovery from CHF and Stage 4 renal kidney disease thanks to dietary "we cannot prepare special meals for every patient attitude" he gained 14 fluid pounds ended up with 4+ pitting edema has ended up in ICU TWO TIMES SINCE was never seen by his primary physician DaVita group as promised everyday to hospitalist and is now on permanent dialysis and in Long term acute care hospital. Would never recommend. Nurses overworked not enough staff to attend to the most simplest of tasks drink of water on five occasions took 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Husband is now Stage 5 renal failure and dialysis permanently 3-4 times a week.
Moved after one week damage already done. I have video to prove all allegations and pictures and copies of menus and pics of food supposedly renal and low carb diet current nephrologist and cardiologist could not believe diet and inattentiveness to weight gain and 4+ pitting edema!

Not somewhere I would leave my mother

My mother has been there for a few weeks, shes there because her wonderful doctor prescribed way too many antibiotics over a short period of time, thus giving her cdiff infection. While my mother has been staying in this place they have not given her, her usual medication and feed her things she cant eat. Which luckly my mom is not super senile that she cant defend herself or speak for herself. so she has told them time and time again.. and still they are forgetting to even feed her lunch. . while her stay there she has also gotten lice, which she is waiting to see what they will do about that. I work full time other wise id go and just get her now! Which I have told her will be doing as soon as this friday! Its BS. I will never leave my mother in any such facility no one cares for these poor people. It is sad how people in this field go into such field with out passion for it and treat these poor older folks as they would want to be treated when they get old!

It was nice but I had nothing to compare it to.

It was nice but I had nothing to compare it to. It's not their fault it the way nursing homes are generally laid out. The design has a lot of older people in their wheel chairs blocking the road and blocking the areas. I thought the food was ok. They were clean and nice.