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  • Laundry services
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Cable Included
  • Free Wifi
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Short Term Rehab
  • 24 hour care

Customer Reviews

Review of The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

This time at the rehab is much better than last time a year ago. There is more communications when you call or set up a time to meet.

Review of The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

They're treating my loved one fine. The doctor’s visit once a month. They have some nice nurses. They're on schedule. Nurses are coming right and left, asking if the patients need anything. They're attentive. He does his therapy. They're very clean. I go out there, and they go cleaning under the floor, back and forth. They're a nice group. In my husband's words, this is the best place he's laid up overnight! The meals are good. I like what they're offering my husband, and he does eat it. They keep us informed. Nobody has phones in their room. I think it would be helpful for my husband.

Review of The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Overall it is pretty good. One time I asked them to help and they were unfriendly with an attitude. One time it two hours to change and it took a while to get pain medication. The bathroom shower is not clean. The meals are pretty good. My mom has been asking to speak with the social worker and she has not gotten back to her yet for 3 weeks.

From what I have seen, my mother's stay has been very great. I love how they treat her and they are making sure that she gets up to move around every day. They are very good at keeping me informed. When I ask the CNAs to do something for her, they do it right away with no hesitation. The facility has no smell to it like other facilities like this. She is eating now, she was not eating at a previous facility she was at.

It's a clean place, they feed my aunt well, and stick to her soft diet. They let me know if anything is going on with her.

I like that the facility is more like a family and seems like it's homey. It is very clean. My mom is a picky eater, and doesn't want to eat, period. It has nothing to do with the food.

It was good, everything was great there. I've told a lot people about the facility

They've been very good to my sister, it's not perfect but they're trying. They work very very hard to keep that place clean. They try very hard to give her food she can have on her limited diet. There were a few glitches with communication early on, but they've been very good lately.

It seems not to be as clean as it used to be. The care isn't as good, and they seem short on CNAs. We had a bad experience with one of the caregivers. The nurses aren't very personable.

They lack bedside manner, they dictate instead of explain. My father goes there to help my mom and they are not kind to him. Some of them are nice but a few of them are not at all. The alarm system is insane and non-stop beeping, which is very hard on my mom with her hearing aids. I asked them to get a wider toilet and to help my mom to the restroom more promptly and they gave her a catheter instead. The doors are locked but there's no actual security and it's a very bad neighborhood. When I leave after dark, I don't feel safe at all. She's making progress with the therapy, but the communication is a problem. They run tests and we can't get results. I had to clean another person's urine off the toilet so my mother could use it. The TV is hanging by one screw and even the tech guy couldn't figure out how to work the closed captioning on it. She's on a special diet, and it looks healthy, and they stick to the doctor's orders. They at least try to keep me informed

We've had some issues. My grandmother went four days without a shower or a change of clothes when we first got there. They didn't help her with her hygiene at all. Then they sent her home with someone else's medication.

Since Bristol took over, it seems like they are short staffed. Nursing and staff care is outsourced to a different company.

Everyone is nice and friendly. They give my mother the correct meals according to her diet. They call and update me when she falls or goes to the hospital.

They empty my dad's trash, change his sheets, and do his laundry.

The nurses give my mom her medication on time. Everyone is nice and friendly. The facility is clean and so is her room

The people there are wonderful. My husband was there in during the hurricane and they let the workers bring their kids to work. They set up a childcare area for the employees, which allowed the workers to focus on the patients. I thought it was amazing. He goes to therapy every day that he can and he does improve. The nurses are really good with him. They check up on him when he isn't doing too well. They are aware of his medical needs. The staff know who I am, they know his habits, they are very personable. The transport people are very nice. They do a really good job keeping things clean, especially with the place being so big. I see people cleaning all the time and it doesn't smell. He really likes the meals. They keep me updated if there is a change in his condition or if he falls.

They do what they are supposed to do to try to get my loved one better in rehab. It just seems like she’s not getting better. The facility is always clean. The meals look really nice. They seem to be nice every day. The facility lets me know everything, they call me and tell me what is going on. I don't ever have to call them, they call me.

I met with the dietitian about my dad's dietary needs and options, and she was very helpful

It's very clean. My mother says she loves the meals.

They are doing everything that they can to make my loved one’s transition easier. The bed needs to be safer, though, so she doesn’t fall

The CNAs need to answer the light a little faster. The rehab is great, she is improving. They are all really friendly. They keep everything clean. She complains to me about the meals sometimes, but she is just picky. They do give her options that she can write down if she doesn't like something she is served. The rehab probably could give a little bit more but info on how my mother is doing, but I do know that they are busy

I would recommend Bristol, I'm actually taking my dad there as well. I wish they had more activities. Every time I go visit my mom is just sitting there in the lobby. I don't know who is taking care of her. They need a whiteboard with whoever is taking care of her that day written on it in case I needed to ask any questions. My mom said the food is good. I have to reach out to them if I want any information.

The bedside manner could be better but that was addressed with the facility and they are working to correct it. Rehab is good. They are good with my loved one. People get tense under pressure and they are understaffed so that can affect the friendliness. Pest control needs to come because there are roaches and ants that people have complained about for years. They call me if there’s anything I need to know.

I went to therapy seven days a week. Everyone was accommodating, they give me my medications on time, and everyone is nice and friendly. The food is great.

The facility does good rehab. My mom doesn't like the food, so we bring her food. Some of the people at the facility do give me a call when things happen, like when she fell, but some don't.

The therapists are very attentive and knowledgeable. My loved one is doing everything that they ask her to do. The only concern that I have is that I feel like someone should be there with her when she is walking, as a security. They were cleaning as I was there. I will say that they do try to give the residents everything that they want and ask for when it comes to food. For example, my loved one wanted some coffee and when she asked for it they brought it to her. That made her very happy, and the staff mentioned that they wish everyone was as happy as her. They do very good at keeping me informed. They call me all the time.

The staff are all really friendly. My mom said that she likes the meals.

My mom seems to like the food.

If they had cable and Wi-Fi it would be great, but so far they have been pretty good. My loved one doesn't have long waits for the nurses. They keep the place clean. He is a vegetarian and they abide by and accommodate his diet

I would only recommend them if the patients are mobile. My loved one was doing physical therapy and it goes great for the times that she is there. The nurses weren't checking her sugar levels often enough to begin with, but they have gotten better. I wash her clothes, her bathroom is terribly dirty. They don't really give me updates on her care.

My mom’s room was freezing and she couldn’t sleep until they got the heat working. The rehab therapy is great. The smell when you walk through the door is bad, it smells like bowel movement. There is not stuff on the floor or anything, the floors are clean. I'm not there when her meals come, but I have seen the menu and I think that they need more fresh items, everything is cooked. They have not said anything to me about her care, I have to call them. If I ask they do answer my questions

They need to do a better job with intake. Intake sets the tone for the rest of the stay and there is room for improvement. Therapy is going well and I have noticed some improvement in my mother. After intake, the nurses didn’t know she was a new patient, so they didn't feed her and they didn't order her medication. None of my questions were answered, the intake person was rude, didn't greet us. In the beginning, the meal experience was horrible. They ran out of food so they bought her a dry hot dog and some fries. One of the nurses took it upon herself to purchase my mom some food. They didn't give her the correct meals for her diet. If I asked questions they will tell me, but only the therapist volunteers information

I have had a few issues with the facility, such as they have only been half bathing him, they have been losing his clothes, and they have not been making his bed. The facility is good at everything else, like they are good with his medication and breathing treatments. Therapy is doing great, and he is feeling a lot better. The staff are friendly. He seems to like the meals, especially the spaghetti and fried chicken. They call me when they need to get information.

Vincenza Shihada

Local Representative

Thank you so much for the praise on your meal experience with The Bristol at Tampa. We are happy to hear your loved one enjoyed the variety of meals that we offer. Based on your feedback we are working to improve various areas for improvement. We invite you and your loved one back to experience these changes first hand.

I had to break out of that place. I'd never go back there again. I never got service, and they [Removed] my medicine. They had no consideration about my health or well-being. I was there for 10 hours and only got one cup of water and that was because they were taking my vitals. I checked in at 9 p.m. and left at 7 a.m. You wouldn't catch me in there dead. I was supposed to be in there for two weeks until my surgery. I never saw the staff. It was hot, nasty, smelly, and the air conditioner didn't work in my room

There were two people working there that were okay. I took my husband out of there. They never gave him therapy. He was left with a dirty diaper on from the night before. I went to visit at 8 a.m. and it was still on him, stuck to his skin, I had to go get a nurse. They would leave his food, knowing he can't move his arms and they'll just tell me, “Oh, he won't eat.” If I don't bring the food myself, he won't eat. They took him to the hospital and nobody called me.

From the Office

The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has earned a reputation for being on the finest nursing centers in Florida. We continually look to enhance our accommodations and guest experience in a home-like setting. Upon admission, guests are assigned a personal concierge who serves as the liaison between the guest, their family, and staff. Elegant dining, private and semi-private suites, and comfort-enhancing services are provided to help guests relax and enjoy their stay with us.

We offer short term rehabilitation for those that need assistance recuperating from a major surgery or illness. Our emphasis is treating each individual’s unique need to optimize the maximum level of independence as possible. Progressive technology and proven rehabilitation techniques are used to treat our patients.