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I read all bad reviews but with my experience I found it the opposite . I’m really happy with all the staff their : the social worker the nurses especially
RN: [name removed]
LVN: [name removed]
CNA: [name removed]
They are under new administration and all of them are doing their best . I really recommend it for your loved one.

Can't recommend

My father is currently 1/2 way through a 1 month stay for wound care and continuous IV antibiotics, otherwise he lives/drives etc independently.
He's been very impressed with the day nursing care staff, evening staff is hit or miss. The NOC crew is scary, he has actually refused one RN to touch him. I am really concerned for the residents who are unable and/or have no one to advocate for them.
I made a list below, but the straw that broke the camel's back was when his PICC line accidentally got pulled out about 8-10 inches sometime in his sleep and the NOC RN tried to push it back in, which is a VERY dangerous!

1. His hemovac drain came apart and they didn't swab it before putting it back together, which increased his risk for further infection.
2. His hemovac drain had no drainage for days, and then all of a sudden it increased by a large amount. He could not get any staff to come and assess it. I had him empty it himself, estimate the amt. and color and recompress it so there would be adequate suction to do its job.
3. When he arrived, the bed did not lock so when he sat on it, it moved; the room heater above the bed would not turn off and the toilet bowl was not firmly bolted to the floor. Roommate had been in that room for 3 months prior to my father's arrival and stated he had been requesting those repairs since his admission and nothing had been done. His bed locks were also broken. Contact from me resulted in all being fixed the same day.
4. NOC staff are very noisy during their shift, and this includes parties.
5. Food is 'horrible!' Very bland.
6. When requested a wheelchair with an IV pole attached was told there weren't any. Nurse asked maintenance to rig something up for him and maintenance told nurse to have IV antibiotic changed. Contact from me produced appropriate equipment immediately.
7. Placed on hold >15 minutes each time I called, was transferred to several different people and no one seemed to know what was going on. I have requested to be notified of any changes and have yet to be notified.
8. Staff, especially at night need reminders to do proper hand hygiene.
9. Person changing the IV antibiotic bag in the evenings needs reminders to swab the hubs on his PICC line before accessing.
10. They schedule care for inappropriate times: midnight vitals, 2 am labs, 4 am levothyroxine were his problems. When my dad made a request to the administrator to sleep from 12-6am, he was told that he was being unreasonable... this was after the day RN said no problem, got the orders changed but the NOC crew continued waking him up.
11. An outside ARNP came in to do dressing change and check drain; she removed the dressing, left the wound open and left without telling anyone. Staff knew where she was from, but didn't know her name.

There's more, but these are the highlights.

In good conscience, I cannot recommend this place.

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Skilled nursing facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and employ a skilled support staff of clinicians, therapists and medical consultants to oversee your overall health, rehab and recovery plan. Our experienced therapy team is committed to providing superior physical, occupational and speech therapy in an environment conducive to healing.Social Services assist both patients and their families. We also provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, help in care planning and discharge planning for each patient.We create positive and uplifting social programs and individualized activities to match patient needs and capabilities.