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Customer Reviews

Excellent people. Punctual and very pleasant. Open minded and very patient. Helped my mom make a decision she was happy with . Price is rite and very helpful. Tour was amazing. Thank you to [name removed] and [name removed] for making this transition easier then we thought.. I'm just hoping for the best. I believe my mom will be very happy here..feels like home

Great Care from Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Cherry Blossom is a very professional facility for my father. It is a small assisted living facility. My father receives good to adequate care at Cherry Blossom assisted living. The staff enjoys my fathers presence at the facility. He has enjoyed his stay at Cherry Blossom despite his attitude (old age sucks) of living any further into old age, or 87 going on to 88 in a few days. He is now in a Hospice program at Cherry Blossom, and is receiving adequate care from a local home health agency. He seems to be doing quite well without all the supposed life giving drugs that his doctor has prescribed for him over the years. My two siblings, and I visit him quite often (several times a week), and this has not changed his attitude of wanting to pass on. My mother passed on several years ago, and this most probably has allot to do with it. Cherry Blossom continues to serve his immediate needs as needed. I recommend Cherry Blossom assisted living to anyone who wants a basic professional living assisted life in their advanced years. Cherry Blossom is not a fancy over the top expensive facility that some people are lured into with a glowing spiel from sales staff that are only interested in maximizing profits for the corporation rather than actually measuring the care needed for the client. I thank Cherry Blossom for taking care of my father as well as they have done. I'm his son, and I know from experience that he has to be a challenge for them. Thank you, [name removed]

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Cherry Blossom serves as the best assisted living in our area. The Nursing staff are attentive, friendly and compassionate. My husband has been living here for the past year. My husband is now participating in group activities and seems to enjoy it. [redacted] The nurses monitor his meds and insulin and administers. No unpleasant odors, cheerful surroundings.

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

My mom, [name removed] has lived here 8 months. She is happy and we are very happy with her care and the environment. She is in the best place for her and everyone is so kind. Appreciate everyone!

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Cherry Blossom is a facility that is upbeat and fun to be in. They are clean and very safety conscious. I enjoy visiting it here. If circumstances were such that I needed care I would certainly consider being here.

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Very welcoming. Clean facility. Always informed of process.

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Love this place. I'm the owner/handler of Axl the Giant. We visit once a week on Mondays and we are only a call away when needed. Everyone is always so welcoming and professional. Cherry Blossom is always clean and beautifully decorated. We always feel like family every time we visit.

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Very clean, very friendly place and staff. They show an open and honest caring for residents

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

Excellent facility, extremely clean and clean smelling! Super nice people w/ great personalities and happy energy.

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

My mom loves CBAL. They see to it that she always takers her meds, has 3 nice meals every day, lots of activities, a beautiful patio that she tends to - - planting, watering, nourishing the plants. She loves the staff especially [Name removed] and [Name removed], and [Name removed]

Review of Cherry Blossom Assisted Living

I have lived here about 4 months and truly love this place. The activities keep us busy and we get rewards for winning some of the games! The staff is very friendly and makes efforts to keep is safe and comfortable. It is easy to make friends and learn new things. Thank you [Name removed], [Name removed], the Chefs and the great helper [Name removed]. Also the rest of the staff.

Beautiful facility, with caring staff and management. I would recommend Cherry Blossom to anyone in need of care for a loved one and/or family member.

A wonderful place – great remodeling – it’s so bright – my mom ([Removed]) resides here and yes, she’s happy and contented – I really like it and there are very good workers here and I really like the entire staff – the services my mom gets is excellent and I truly appreciate everything that is done – I would recommend Cherry Blossom.

My son lives here and is very happy with the care he receives. It is comforting to know that he is in a safe environment and well taken care of. The employees are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend Cherry Blossom for you loved ones.

This is a wonderful facility. The staff are responsive and know their residents. I know my mom is safe here and she is so happy. This is her home, where she is comfortable and well cared for.

Your facility came highly recommended by my daughter [Removed] – [Removed] care at Home RN/ Supervisor.
My parents are in good hands here and this is very appreciated. Having the care and attention that they deserve is fantastic.
Thank you CB staff.

Beautiful place. They are wonderful here. They cared for my mother’s as if she was their own. Thank you so much.

I am very pleased with the staff. I feel my brother is getting great care. The staff is always so friendly.

This is an amazing place for your family member to live.

We are very impressed with the staff as well as the facility.

Cherry Blossom could not be a better place for residents. I have not met a better group of staff members who treat this as a calling, not a job. I spoke to several residents who say they couldn’t be happier here.

I am extremely impressed by the staff. Incredibly Compassionate and caring and the facility and location and fantastic.

Beautiful Upgraded Facility. Warm and Engaging staff. Felt very welcoming.

Love the staff. Very Friendly and the attentive to the residents that live here.

I enjoyed the personnel the place is clean, workers are caring.
Thank you

I've looked at HealthCare from both sides now. For forty plus years I worked in the Medical Dental fields. Three years ago my perspective changed. I suffered from a heart attack, kidney failure, joint replacements, infections, surgeries ….
Each Hospital discharge was followed by rehab / recovery facilities. Now I am on the inside looking out. Yes there are agencies that monitor and rank their level of care and brick and mortar buildings.
My current stay at Cherry Blossom excels beyond all because of the hands that heal and hearts that love.

Full Care Available

When I had visited them a month before having conversations about my loved one care, I saw that they had 2 residents living there with 2 staff overseeing them. They have full time nurse care and I liked it better for it's modern look. They have just remodeled so at the time I felt they were not ready. The only bad thing I encounter was a staff ensuring they would check on my loved one but did not follow through. The marketing staff was very positive and present and promised me my loved would get great care.