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Customer Reviews

A Warm Welcome

We had a very helpful visit to this community and came away with enough information to make an informed decision.

Cambridge Village

Great place for an independent senior. They really made it possible for my Mom to move in quickly.

Very professional. Covered everything.

My recent visit at Cambridge with Pierrette

I was very impressed with my overall experience at Cambridge. What is included in the monthly rent is amazing. I can get more at Cambridge without a buyin than I can get here in Mechanicsville, VA with a hefty buyin. The number of activities is amazing. One can really keep busy. The facility is beautiful and inviting and very well kept. I look forward to another visit and hopefully in due time make my home there.

Very nice facility, tons of amenities. Costs appear in line until you start breaking everything down and then you find hidden costs that quickly skyrocket if you need any assistance at all. If your 100% healthy then this is the place to be.

Food Service is Lousy and Getting Worse.

I have a relative living at Cambridge Village in Wilmington. Several months ago, I wrote about the problems with the food service there. I wrote about the poor planning which resulted in the kitchen continually running out of common items including staples. I wrote about how the food was too often delivered to the tables cold. I wrote about the mediocre food quality and about the lack of healthy options. Then I bit my tongue. I felt I said my piece and that would be it. But things have not improved and today they hit a new low when, as the lunch "special," they served bologna sandwiches! Really? You are charging residents $400 per month for food and you serve up bologna sandwiches as the special. This has become an ethical issue. Cambridge Village's food service is terrible and they are about to raise rents 3%. So, here's my plan: I eat there with my relative periodically, and I'm going to write about my experiences there -- probably not each time, but frequently enough -- until there is significant improvement. I'll point out the good and the bad, but frankly, at present, there needs to be a lot of improvement. Here is one other thing that concerns me that I want to mention: Cambridge Village runs contests with prizes to incentivize its residents to vote for it in competitions for "Best Independent Living Facility" and similar competitions held by local community publications and the like. Not only is that not appropriate, but it makes me question the authenticity of many of the reviews on this and other sites. If I sound frustrated, it's because I am. It costs a great deal of money to live there, and residents have a right to expect better. One more thing: I suspect a Cambridge Village staff person will respond to this review. Great! Please specifically address the rational behind the bologna sandwich specials and the ethical considerations about incentivizing residents to vote for your facility as the "best." Thanks.

Katie Manning

Local Representative


Thanks for your candid review. We’re very sorry to hear that you had anything less than a perfect experience with Cambridge Village. It sounds like we could be clearer with some details for you.

We did indeed serve a fried bologna sandwich with choice of side as a specials for lunch on 12/6/18! It was a great hit and our residents we very appreciative that we responded to their meal request! This special was offered are in addition to our expansive menu. The cost of this southern favorite was $6 with a choice of side. Bologna, like other lunch specials such as liver and onions, hot dogs, sloppy joes and Philly teak sandwiches are specials requested by our residents. We provide our residents with several outlets for feedback and suggestions and then, respond to their feedback. This is what makes Cambridge Village of Wilmington the BEST! We welcome all resident and guest feedback and will constantly strive to provide an OPTIMAL environment. In response to the question on ethics, we assure you and everyone that reads this that we do not “run contests with prizes to incentivize its residents to vote for it in competitions.” We inform our residents, employees and business partners of local and regional award opportunities and encourage them to vote their conscious. We were indeed voted best Independent Living Community in Wilmington by Star News ShorePicks and Senior Guide for the past two years! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to brag on our customer service and recent recognition as being the BEST! We welcome your future visits. Please stop by and see our Executive Director in person to discuss any future concerns.

Thank you,

Mom is Happy and So are Her Children

We are very happy with Cambridge Village of Wilmington as is our mom. The facility is great as are the people who work there. Mom has acclimated very quickly and is busy with many of their activities.

The only issue (obviously not their fault) is that they were hit quite hard by the hurricane and are doing everything they can to remediate as quickly as they can. Mom has just been moved to another apartment there while they fix hers. Her apartment had significant water damage even though she is on the third floor. The first floor was damaged quite badly and is still being repaired to my knowledge.

Thanks for your help and the inquiry.

A lot of positives but there are major issues with the meal service.

I have a close relative at Cambridge Village. There is a lot to like about this place. The staff is terrific and the programming is quite good. However, there are major problems with their food service and that's what I want to address today. (And this is why I gave it only 1.5 stars for care services.) The problems seem to fall into the following categories:
1) They are constantly running out of food items that are on the menu. This is a significant source of frustration for residents.
2) They offer almost no flexibility. If you want to substitute carrots for the sweet potato that comes with your chicken, you are likely to be told that they cannot make the substitution.
3) The quality of the food is very uneven. Sometimes good and sometimes poor.
4) There are few healthy choices available.
I'm really surprised and disappointed at how inattentive management is to the problems in the restaurant. Most other aspects of Cambridge Village are quite positive, but the food service has major issues.

Sam Murray

Local Representative


We appreciate your kinds words about our staff and programming! In regards to our restaurant, we do allow any resident to substitute any side item with their meal. There may be a small upcharge for doing so based on the entrée that is selected. We do have a "healthy options" menu that is located on the first page. We have tried to implement more optimal side dishes over the course of our first three years. We appreciate all customer feedback, and we invite you to call our marketing office if you have any specific questions for our staff. Thank you!

Cambridge encourages living one's life to the fullest

From the moment [name removed] walked through the doors of Cambridge Village she was embraced by compassion, love and professionalism. A vibrant retirement community catering to one's social, cognitive, spiritual, health and physical needs it immediately felt like home. Whatever one's interests, they can surely be met with lots of enthusiasm by both staff and residents. Strolling through the halls one may hear live music emanating from the pub along with laughter and voices actively engaging in conversation. Or maybe a competitive spirt is being tested in a game of shuffleboard. Relaxation may call for a movie in the theater or a walk to the wellness center to work out. The new MedSpa provides services to promote anti aging through massages, facials and many components of beauty care. Life is never dull for special events fill the calendar regularly with classes engaging its participants in new skills or revisiting ones enjoyed previously like painting, writing, card games, book clubs and the list continues. For those who want to spread their wings and leave the cocoon of Cambridge there are trips to local attractions, exploration of other areas of NC, the Opera, Symphony, plays, etc. The point is Cambridge Village's family prides itself on catering to the individual's needs and they are successfully achieving that goal. Happiness fills the air while positive energy abounds. Overall, Cambridge encourages living one's life to the fullest and our family can't say enough wonderful things about the staff, residents, facilities and environment. Thank you to all for making this a special place for our mother.

The "tour" was informative and did not leave any questions unanswered. We were very pleased with [name removed] and her knowledge.

[name removed]

Cambridge Village is an outstanding facility. We had an excellent and thorough tour with [name removed]. She spent a lot of time with us and provided information on all the facilities and services provided. If, when we're ready to make a decision on our future living and determine that we can afford it, Cambridge Village will be at the top of our list.

Beautiful community. New facility with all the bells and whistles. Offers a wide range of amenities and services particularly for those in independent living. Residents in concierge care most likely will not be able to use all of the amenities. They off a wide range of care levels. The price is high and maybe worth it if residents are active and able to take advantage of the amenities. I don’t think residents requiring concierge care will get their use out the amenities.


My husband and I were truly impressed with Cambridge Village. It is so beautiful and the amenities are unbelievable. So clean and we'll managed. You truly feel you are at a resort. The services to keep you healthy and well fit, will keep us going. The food is fantastic cooked by an Executive chef. We look forward to living there.

Lovely Senior Rental Community

Lovely apartments within walking distance to Mayfaire and close proximity to the beach.


Very impressed with Cambridge Village. [Removed] great representatives showing us around Friendly and professional. Amenities and programs great. Particularly liked $400 credit in monthly rent to be used as desired and the optimal living program. Another plus for me is the $1000 payment option to reserve an apartment for a year.My biggest negative is the size of the one bedroom apartments.

I plan on returning to Wilmington in November at which time I will probably make my final decision.


[Removed] was wonderful in showing us the qualities of living at Cambridge. Her presentation and the facilities and features are exceptional. We are seeking to move from California to be closer to our children, our son is in Wilmington. My wife may not qualify to move in and it is the family decision that it is best we move closer to our daughter that lives in Maryland and Delaware.
After seeing Cambridge you have set a standard that may make it difficult to match.

Take a look at this community

This is a new fantastic looking community. They offer a theater and a workout wing. The staff were very nice to us. This community just did not seem to be as supportive of dad's needs. I would recommend this community for more independent residents.

Wonderful experience!!!

Absolutely beautiful. Everything you could ask for in independent living. The staff was warm and welcoming and so caring on my tour. When the time comes, this will be my first choice!!!

Sam Murray

Local Representative

Thank you! We strive to provide a vibrant environment designed to help retirees stay active and healthy!

Perfect retirement community

We were very impressed with Cambridge Village. The layout of the apartment was carefully thought out for very efficient use of space. We felt that the cost was very reasonable with respect to all of the inclusives. The wellness center was awesome--pool, workout areas, schedule of activities, smoothie bar! The food and service were excellent and very reasonably priced. We received a complimentary meal, and we were introduced to a couple who were residents. We enjoyed our meal with them and learned so much about Cambridge from them. Cambridge Village is in a wonderful location in Wilmington, NC. It is within walking distance of the Mayfaire shopping area--lots of shopping, eating, movies, etc. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic; we knew right away that she loved her job and Cambridge! We believe that living at Cambridge Village will be like staying at an inclusive resort and being on vacation for the rest of our lives! We are very excited!

Perfect Choice

I am returning to Wilmington after being away the past 10 years. How fortunate that Cambridge Village will be available for me in the Spring. The location is perfect and the complex is beautiful. Looking forward to calling it my new home.

Sam Murray

Local Representative

Thank you, Marge! We are excited that phase 2 will be opening soon and even more excited that you will be joining us! The best is yet to come!

One Of The Best Communities!

The staff are always welcoming and friendly. The staff do a great job keeping the community clean and nice. My dad uses the indoor pool, exercise, go to movies and gatherings. The food is very good and has a full menu with plenty of options. I would absolutely recommend this community!

Sam Murray

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind words! We make every effort to provide a positive & vibrant experience for all of our residents and truly feel that we are the #1 choice in Wilmington!

Lovely place; however, the cost is a bit too high for us. Thank you for the nice tour and info

There's No Place Like Home

I toured with my parents, who are considering a move to a senior community near their hometown. I would be delighted and feel very confident if they chose Cambridge Village. The facilities are beautiful, the services and amenities offered are top-notch and, as the community grows into Phase II, the amenities will only get better. The location, near medical offices and shopping area of Mayfaire Town Center certainly are factors in my parents' decision making. The representative from Cambridge who we toured with was completely genuine and professional. If my parents choose Cambridge, I believe they will have found their new "home"!

Sam Murray

Local Representative

The best is yet to come! Thank you for the positive feedback

Our visit to Cambridge Village...

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of your beautiful facility! We never felt the least bit rushed. Pierette was so helpful & a delightful guide as well.

Sam Murray

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to visit Cambridge Village! We appreciate the positive feedback. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Beverly Booth, Marketing Director

Quick delivery

We had a short time frame in finding a short term facility for my brother. They had what he needed, a fully furnished, and I mean a fully furnished (right down to spatulas in the drawer) apartment. The pub was also great to make it like a fun neighborhood.

Tour of the Facility

Our visit to your facility was everything we were looking for. The apartments we looked at were very well designed and very spacious. It felt more like a resort than a retirement home. We still have this in our retirement plans. We are just waiting to decide if this is the right time to sell our home and take that next step.

A quality place to retire.

The rooms are well planned and and seem to maximize usable space. Staff was very friendly and well versed in all questions asked related to the facility. The tour was quite thorough and the facility appeared clean.
The number of programs available is impressive (yoga, quality workout equipment, movie theater etc.). The dining arrangement, menu, and pub were impressive. Good to know transportation is available, some of which is furnished.
Certainly my top choice when a move is deemed appropriate. Especially like the idea a large sum of money does not have to be paid out initially.

Great Place

We toured this facility and found it very impressive. The Marketing Director (Beverly) who gave us the tour of the facility was very knowledgeable and professional and answered all our questions. Cambridge Village is definitely on the top of our list for future occupancy. It has all the amenities we would expect in an independent living facility. The location in Wilmington is also a plus. All the staff we met were friendly and attentive. All in all this was a great visit in an outstanding facility. We would highly recommend Cambridge Village to others.

My mother is thrilled to be here

This is a very elegant, upscale living facility for people who would like a maintenance free lifestyle. This is an all inclusive place to live with everything from a float water swimming pool, fitness room, a 5 star chef, and transportation. It is close by major shopping centers, beaches, and medical facilities. My 87 year old mother is thrilled to be there. "A Place For Mom" recommend this facility to me. Great service.

At Start Up

My first contact with A Place for Mom a year and 1/2 ago resulted in a recondition to visit Cambridge Village at Apex with two others in Raleigh. As I progressed thru almost 20 facilities visits, Apex became a stronger first choice. During that time My family "geogrphy" changed and I decided to wait to see what was "coming out of the ground" in Wilmington. I'm glad I did, because I believe Cambridge Village of Wilmington is going to quickly surface Apex.

From the Community

Cambridge Village is an Optimal Living branded community. This means that every member of our staff is committed to providing you with the resources, knowledge, and support to live an optimal lifestyle, challenging your body, mind, and spirit to be the best they can be. From our onboarding teammates to our wellness staff, we are all on your optimal lifestyle team!

Located adjacent to Mayfaire, Cambridge Village is the ideal combination of urban meets resort style coastal living. Our apartment homes offer an all-inclusive lifestyle to simplify retirement.

Our hospitality staff, programs and events go above and beyond to provide enriching experiences for our residents. In turn, our residents are active, vibrant, engaged individuals who are looking forward to welcoming new residents who want to enhance their experience as well.