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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available

Customer Reviews

Went to tour with [Removed] back in [Removed] and then went back in [Removed] and had an appointment with [Removed] again to see if things had changed from my last viewing in May as it smelled very bad when I was there last. When I arrived I was shoved off on a new employee [Removed] and had to go over everything about my mother's background, I mentioned that this was an emergency and things would be moving very fast due to my Mother being released out of rehab and that would take a week and a couple days. Did not appreciate having to go over everything I had told [Removed] back in May and this took up much time, not to mention that no notes were being taken like [Removed] did! I had questions and we had to track down [Removed] who was wandering the halls at the time!!! Very upset at the way I was handled, I felt if they treat me that way how will they treat my Mother? I felt when I left without all the figures I needed that it was a total waste of my time! I know my parents would not be happy here at all.

Not The Right Fit For Us, But Tour Went Well

My tour of this community went well, and everyone was kind. The experience was a pleasant one. There were many factors that played into where place my parents for their needs. Unfortunately this wasn't the community for us, but my tour was a nice one overall.

Provided the WOW affect. Staff was extremely professional, building was impressive both inside and out. [Removed] and [Removed] did an awesome job providing me with a tour and introduction to the team. I met several residents enjoying a stroll, witnessed residents playing a competative game of BINGO with the staff and laughing. Activities Director was very personable and I can see why she loves her job.

My Dad has been at Brookdale for nearly 2 months now. We have found the staff to be cheerful and respectful. Dad is well taken care of. He has freedom to roam around and mingle with the other residents. You can tell that the staff are dedicated and care about the welfare of the people that live there and handle the difficulties that arise with grace and efficiency.

The facilities are bright and cheerful. There is an outdoor area that is secure and is mostly open for the residents to roam about freely. The environment is one that is both secure but not overly controlled.

When we visit, we feel welcome. My four-year-old, who has a lot of energy and doesn't have any real sense of boundaries, has been cheerfully received and is now known and greeted by most of the staff by name. This is a big deal for me and I have appreciated their generosity toward her. In general, the staff have gone out of their way to answer questions and solve problems that have arisen.

We Toured A Nice Community

We talked to a lot of communities and toured this place too. The tour was very lovely and based on what we saw and felt this was not the right place. We decided on a different community. This could be nice for someone else.

Beautiful scenery!

The staff here has made mom feel like she is at home. They are very interactive with all the residents and I really like that. It feels like a home instead of an institution. Everything has been clean pretty much except for the trash being emptied, but as soon as you let them know they are right on it. I also like that mom can walk around and look at the birds that they have and the genie pigs. She really enjoys that.

Not impressed at all!

I am very disappointed in this community. They have not been watching or taking care of my loved one really at all. My family has to go in every day just to make sure that she gets the proper care. That should not be going on especially with as much as we pay them. The reason why I came here was because I was very impressed with the community and the staff. I have since seen differently. The food is okay at least better than hospital food. The fish that they served was gross and freezer burned. I have even saw residents in the hall that needed to be changed and I had to tell a aide to do so.

The facility is very secure and caters to memory residents only. It is an open community where the residents are free to move about the facility. I enjoyed walking through the facility and speaking to the residents and the staff. It is very evident that the staff enjoy what they do and love the residents that they care for. The staff was very engaged with the residents throughout the facility. The sales manager was very informative and took extra time with me explaining my options, resources and advising on how to make the best choice for my parent.

Nice Looking Community, But Rooms To Small For My Taste

My daughter in law toured this community for us. From what she told us it is a nice and clean community, everything looked great. The staff was kind and friendly. They answered all her questions. The rooms were a little smaller than I would like. It was a nice tour for her, but just not the community for us.

Brookdale Virginia Beach gets my recommendation!!!

The staff at this community are great. They call my dad by his nickname which he likes. I do have a few minor issues that I know when I talk to them they will be addressed. They have good food and the community is very clean.

Residency at Brookdale is great...

We have been very happy with Dad's situation at Brookdale. He has stabilized and seems very content. The staff is cheerful and make sure he is involved in life at Brookdale. It was a good decision to move Dad to Brookdale.

I like it. They are very attentive, and accommodating.

I like it, but I think my loved one is a little more high functioning than the other residents, which has made socializing a bit difficult. The staff is friendly, and interact as much as they can. They are very attentive, and accommodating. The food is phenomenal!

It seems to be working out fine.

It seems to be working out fine. I haven't had any major complaints. It's clean, the staff seems to be friendly, and so far we haven't heard mom tell us anything to the contrary either.

The nursing staff at Brookdale were exceptional. The admin were not as great. Since my dad passed we haven't heard anything, not even a card. They sold us on being caring and compassionate, but when we were there, while they seemed concerned, it just fell a little short.

Absolutely Amazing

All of the care-givers at the Brookdale Virginia Beach facility are just absolutely amazing and everyone there has been extremely professional and very friendly and helpful to my loved one and the family.

Offers Great Incentives

My mom loves living here. They offered me good incentives as far as pricings. They have really worked with me financially. Its a great place.

Seemed like a nice place, not the best fit at the time

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. Brookdale Virginia Beach was a nice looking place, and the people seemed friendly. However, at the time of our tour they'd recently gone through some changes in ownership, and were still working though those changes. I wanted a nice stable atmosphere for my loved one, so we passed on this one for the time.


Staff is friendly and eager to respond to need. Overall the facility is clean. Communication requires improvement. It was frustrating not having one point of contact that has the status of resident, from medication management, daily activity, medical treatments, dietary status, etc. Management tells family members to communicate with the staff, but information is not communicated with shift change. Not staffed adequately to handle contractual terms. Family may get caught up in the middle between home care agency staff and facility staff as to who performs what tasks, and care may fall through the cracks. Overall, felt like we were oversold on services they say they provide.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are committed to continuous quality service and care and will share your feedback with our management team.

Staff is friendly and eager to respond to need. Overall the facility is clean. Communication requires improvement. It was frustrating not having one point of contact that has the status of resident, from medication management, daily activity, medical treatments, dietary status, etc. Management tells family members to communicate with the staff, but information is not communicated with shift change. Staffing is not enough to handle contractual terms. Family may get caught up in the middle between Home care agency staff and facility staff as to who performs what tasks, and care may fall through the cracks. Overall, felt like we were oversold on services and coordination they say they provide.

Was not overly impressed

We toured this community while looking into memory care options for a loved one. Clare Bridge of Virginia Beach did not rank very highly on my list. It seemed like a nice enough place, but I saw other options in the area that I liked much more in terms of both the facility and the care provided.

Outside a bit run down looking. Not a very nice area, pricing odd, addons, i liked the way the residents were treated, also felt very homey, animals, rooms were not bad.

Great experience

Could not have found a better facility to place my husband. Loving, caring staff makes it comfortable for both of us. Only looked at one facility and it was as if God was telling me this was where he needed to be

A home away from home

Clarence Bridge has truly been a blessing for me and my husband who has dementia. I was nervous about the transition but every one there made it easy. Questions were asked and answered with ease. And I found that the staff at Clarence Bride are not only concerned with the patient but the caregiver also.

Nice looking place

This was a very nice looking community. The facility itself was well kept and clean, and the staff were all very friendly and professional. However I did not like the way they did their billing, it had a confusing number of tiers for care and a la carte services, and I felt like it would have been very easy for the price to skyrocket above the initial price we were quoted. It was also just located a bit too far away to be a real option for us.

Clare Bridge is the Best

The staff at Clare Bridge is attentive and caring. The care provided is excellent. The environment is open and inviting. There are plenty of varied activities for residents.

Unfortunately, my Mother passed away Jan. 16th. Her time at Clare Bridge was short but I never worried about her because I knew the staff loved my Mother and would do anything for her. Our family was very fortunate to be a part of such a caring, loving community even for a short time. I have friends there and plan to return to visit with the staff and residents.

Best in the area

From what I've seen, and I've looked at a bunch of places and this was the best. I haven't been totally impressed, it's the best I've seen. Having said that, there's no place around here wouldn't be higher than a 3. It's one of the more expensive places, I would say it's interesting that when you first get there you get a lot of attention but then there have been consistent things that have been lacking attention. For example, he has hearing aids and they keep them in a cart at night because he loses them and we have never arrived when he has them in, we have to go find someone with the cart. I went in there once and my father was in a church service and it was one of the msot pathetic things I've ever seen, I don't think there's been any activities that have been meaningful for him. They said they would take him to the thrift stores around there and we would give him some money to go because he enjoys that but so far it hasn't happened.

I have spoken with 4 differ...

I have spoken with 4 different and have been very impressed with their caring attitude toward residents and their families. I like the layout of the building and the fact that they are very oriented toward dementia and Altzheimers patients. Clare Bridge is #1 on my list. I plan to return for another visit to observe residents involved in activities.

$2700/mo once a week. pvt $3750/mo. ...

$2700/mo once a week. pvt $3750/mo. diff rms. w dif views. corner rooms w/2 windows. + $583 for care. Goes up dep. on kind of care. 1 time move in fee then rent 99. 16-30 1/2 off next months rent . deposit $1000. Usually full.Have 2 rooms available. Only do memory care. Museum art history lecture series. EVMS art therapy. InVA

Outstanding.Remaining in contact.

Outstanding.Remaining in contact.

From the Community

At Brookdale Virginia Beach we know that memory losses due to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are progressive and residents' needs are continually changing. We provide balance in our residents' capabilities, personalities and preferences to create daily routines that enhance their spirits and increase their sense of purpose. We believe the amount of satisfaction our residents receive from the tasks that fill their days goes a long way to maintaining their sense of purpose and overall satisfaction with life. An Integral part of this is our promise to encourage each resident to find Daily Moments of Success. To help our residents achieve these moments, our associates receive the tools and training needed in such key areas as specialized dining and the ongoing monitoring of healthcare and behavioral needs, to name a few.

Clare Bridge provides Alzheimer’s and dementia care residents with the lifestyle, housing and services they need in comfortable surroundings combined with the amenities, programs and care they need to help stimulate recognition, recall and wellness in a safe environment. Through years of caring for individuals with dementia we have learned how to create optimal surroundings and approaches to care. Familiar environments that our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives are recreated to help them feel reassured and comfortable. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs are built to embrace, not restrict our residents' desire to wander and to provide a sense of belonging.