Spring Creek- Plano, TX has yet not published prices.

  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available

Customer Reviews

Our tour

This community looked nice when we visited. The person that took us on tour was friendly. They offer transportation and pets are allowed at the community. This community was just a little larger than what we were looking for.

No complaints!!

I have no complaints about the tour I had taken at this community for my loved one. I was looking for a short respite stay for her while I would be away and thought they had a great property. The staff where polite during out visit and made sure to answer any questions we had for them in detail. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone interested it was just not the right fit for us in the end decision.

My visit

This community looked nice and clean when I visited. The people I met when I visited were nice. This community was just a little larger than what I thought my loved one would have liked.

Everything Went Well On Our Tour

This was a community we were considering for my parents. Our tour of it went well. The community looked nice, everything appeared to be well maintained. The staff we met was kind, and friendly. Our questions were answered, and everything went well overall. Our tour was a good one.

In need of cleaning..

When I toured Brookdale, I only toured the Assisted Living side and I thought it could have been cleaner. Everyone was friendly and informative, but it's run by a big corporation, as it's not as homey as other places.

Kind Tour

Very nice community. Everything went well. The staff was very kind.

After Comparing

The normal staff, the physical environment, and the cost were equal factors to our end decision. They gave a good tour and I spoke with a knowledgeable staff member about the community. I was able to get accurate information. We felt another place was a better fit.

Tour was A Nice One

We had a good tour of this community. Everyone was kind, and friendly to my family, and myself. The community looked nice, and well-kept. It was a nice experience, and all went well. The location of the community was too far for our families to travel too, but our tour went well.

Negative Experience

I'am very disappointed in our experiences with this community. My mother is not getting the care she needs. They need major improvements with everything. From the staff to the appearance of the community. They have no activities for the residents, and they do not allow them to go outside. The assisted living side looks great, but the memory care portion of the community needs a lot improvements. I would not recommend this community, it has been a negative experience.

Not a Good Fit for my Mother-In-Law
Facility is in Need of Renovation to meet other competitive standards in the industry as it continues to change.

Many Rules!!

I came to take a tour of the community and they had so many rules to begin with. I wouldn't be able to visit my mother after a week of her transitioning this didn't work for us. They also wouldn't allow us to take her home with us till 8 weeks. The community appeared to be clean and well up-kept. The tour guide did assist me with visiting the whole community and it was nice i wasn't very pleased with the rules they had though

Overall this is a pretty good community!!!

The main concern I have with this community is with the staffing. They are understaffed and have a high turnover. I also do not think they have enough supervision. They offer some activities such as chair exercises, however I think they could use some more. The food tastes ok but it does not seem to be very healthy. I would recommend talking to some of the residents and their families before you choose a community.

Brookdale Spring Creek Gardens

We had a very rocky start after we moved my mother to Brookdale on Friday Aug. 5th. The director and the nursing supervisor came to my mother's room and welcomed us the morning she moved in which was great. However, things quickly went downhill and it was obvious the managers had not communicated adequately with their staff. Several of the aides didn't even know my mother had checked in so they were not checking on her or taking her to meals. On Sat. I realized she had not been given any of her medications and no one seemed concerned until I asked about it. This disorganization continued all weekend. Luckily, we came frequently to visit my mother and were able to monitor her care with the aides and the med techs. On Monday we met with the director and she assured us these issues would be corrected. Thankfully, my mother's care has greatly improved this week. In hindsight, I would recommend moving in on a Monday not a Friday.

Problems at Brookdale Spring Creek Gardens, Plano , Tx.

The management, at the top, is really caring and tries their best to do a great job. The problem is with the real people that do the everyday jobs of caregiving and cleaning. They are often lazy and not as exacting as one would like for their loved ones.
I have often found my Mom's room unclean and clothes left
thrown into the closet or on a chair. They are not washed
properly and put away. More to the point, my Mom is often left in dirty clothes and unkempt looking. This upsets me!
They are also not enough activities on weekends and early evenings.
My other problem is that the food is not great. Many dinners are sandwiches....which is not a healthy supper!

Many Activities For Her To Choose From

My mother is doing well at this community. Everything is working out pretty good. This is a nice community, they keep the facility and my mother's living space very clean. The staff is good, and they are caring for my mother very well. She stays pretty busy with all the activities they offer. The food looks nice, she enjoys the meals. It has been a nice experience. So I would recommend it.

Spring Creek Gardens provides attentive friendly service with ample staff that foster a feeling if family.

Spring Creek Gardens- a positive experience

My Mom has been at Spring Creek Gardens since December 1. Overall it has been a positive experience. She is in the Memory Care side of the building due to short term memory loss. Other than my Mom, there are only two other ladies who are able to carry on a conversation, which is sad, but a fact of life. The staff is very caring and I greatly appreciate that. I am there every day at different times of the day and things run smoothly.

The front office staff is very professional and was so helpful during the entire process of learning about the facility and the actual move.

Mom seems very comfortable there now, it did take a few weeks as one would expect.

Everything is great

She is taking a little time to get adjusted with it, but so far things are going really well. There was on caregiver that was not very nice, but I never said anything. We have not had anymore problems with her, or at least my Mother has not said anything else, so everything is great.

Great experience

The staff is very caring and decent. They are really compassionate. When you walk in, the atmosphere is great here. So far, a great experience.

nice and friendly

They were really really good as far as answering all of my questions during the initial investigation. However, once my mother moved in there, it was really hard to get a hold of anyone. So they need more follow-up after the initial process.

My mother shares a room with another woman, and they have not helped as much as I feel they should have at moving the other woman's stuff around so that my mother would have adequate space in the room she lives in.

Other than those two areas, they have been good. The place is very nice and everyone there is super nice and friendly.

My mother has only been there for about a month, but so far we've been extremely happy with them.


Really caring staff.

didn't take long to know this was THE place for Mom.

We knew from the first few minutes we liked this Place. The Cleanliness, staff, and the location was perfect for our Mom!

Compassionate and Helpful

They have been very compassionate and helpful. Everyone that I had contact with as an employee has been very understanding and that's huge. They are always willing to take my calls and help me good or bad.

They are doing a good job.

They are doing a good job. It's clean and the staff is friendly. The one problem we had was with home health not coming in as often as we wanted, but they have since addressed that. There are no complaints about the food right now, they were between cooks for a while, and it wasn't so great then, but it's good now. There are plenty of activities and entertainment to choose. They really have done everything I wanted. I am happy with them.

Good Job Overall!

They are very clean, and the staff is very friendly. Overall they do a good job here. It's a nice clean place, and the staff are all very friendly and professional. My loved one is doing fine, and seems to be enjoying herself.

Caring home a way from home

I liked Brookdale when I first walked in. The people really care about you and the person that needs care. Memory care is where I have my husband. He takes part in the activities and that surprised me. He was never a game player at home. I have been updated on his care and advised with everything he is doing almost daily.

I recommend Brookdale when you are looking for a caring and loving home for your loved one.

Nice tour and good lunch. ...

Nice tour and good lunch. I like that they have smaller number and both memory care and assisted options. Poss roomate? Will get $$ info. Noticed some bad smells and not the cleanest but good location.

Wonderful facility

My husband was at Emeritus @ Spring Creek Gardens for the last months of his life. It had become unsafe for him to be at home alone during the day. It is a beautiful, well maintained property. The staff was willing to accommodate some of his special needs and were always friendly and responsive. The menus were well done and my husband made some wonderful new friends at dinner during the time he was there. It was in our zip code which made it convenient to check in on him every day. Overall he and I were both pleased with the facility. It made our situation manageable and as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances.

REALLY great impression- well rounded for a smaller, hands on community

I toured this community recently and have visited other Emeritus Tiered Living communities and really like their "Join Their Journey" for Memory Care approach, philosophy and modality. Peggy was incredibly helpful in laying out financials and had great suggestions and offers assistance with projecting if/what VA might cover based on income. The food was very tasty (typical of what the majority of elderly population likes, type and texture-wise), the grounds and interior courtyard (to me, mandatory) were REALLY nice. Some residents started a vegetable garden. It had a bridge, landscaping with trees, covered patios and flowering plants so nice interior views. Interior shared areas very nice as well. Their staff takes 3-5 online classes per month to stay up to speed on elder care. This particular community allows you to customize your floor and paint colors of your room from a choice list, which is nice. There were 2 couples living together at the time in Assisted or Independent and everyone there was gracious to allow us to come in and look at their rooms. In the Memory Care wing, we had interaction with several residents with Alzheimer's and they were beautiful, sweet, loving and/or fiery in where their personalities were. It was a very moving and educational experience to meet them and their caregivers. They had a live volunteer at the piano at lunch and regularly have staff's children play and entertain, plus monthly family night and many activities on site and off. The only drawback for us personally is the distance. We didn't realize how far north it was from where we live. Other than that, it's my top choice so far in the scouting process. I really got a great feel from it.

No kitchenettes in rooms. N...

No kitchenettes in rooms. No true friendship suites with wall or division. Pricey by the time levels of care are added.

Spring Creek Asdisted Living

So far it's been great. Our dad has been at Spring Creek for a month now. The staff is friendly, caring and compassionate and the food is decent. It's nice to have the visiting doctor. Dad is getting adjusted and seems happy.

Good care and nice accommodations at a completive price

Emeritus at Spring Creek Gardens maintains an excellent, highly personalized care facility. Over the past two weeks, my father has been on-site daily and I have been there on 5 occasions. The facility was clean and well managed, and the staff were equally impressive. The staff members are on first name basis with the folks in assisted care, as well as memory care. The rooms were nice, and appropriately sized. The location is conveniently located adjacent to a large Plano park, which is handy for taking walks during visits if so inclined.

I did not like the bland overcooked food; however, the daily menu is diverse and well balanced. I suspect lack of seasoning is characteristic of what seniors prefer, and the overcooking of vegetables is also something more suitable for those with dentures. :-)

Emeritus offers extremely good care and nice accommodations at a completive price, tailored specifically to the level of care required.

They are very clean, and the staff is very friendly.

They are very clean, and the staff is very friendly. I would say the food is next to the top but not the top. They are quick to respond to needs and concerns. They have a pretty good variety of activities for all different interests. They are a pretty good value, and they were flexible and willing to work us. That is a big reason why we chose them.

Genuine and Caring Staff

We are so happy here! My loved one is really settling in here and is getting along well with the other residents. There's something going on everyday, and they let the residents go outside whenever. They have a little button that they can press if anything happens, so they know where they are. The staff are all very polite and very care-giving! What really impressed me was that when I called them, they were the only place that asked about my mom. Peggy didn't make money the most important topic. She kept letting me know that my mom was most important, and that the finances will work itself out. I was so impressed with how genuine they were, and we are so happy with this choice!

Emeritus, not for our family

We tried a respite stay at this facility. Unfortunately my mother was somewhere in between both levels of care. She had some memory issues, but not bad enough to be In memory care....but needed more care than what we received in assisted living.

There were a few shining stars, but for the most part I would not put a loved one there again!

Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of medications, was inept. We had everything lined out in her pill container. However, the girl in charge shoved her pill container in a shelf and proceeded to dose her how she thought...which was not at all like she had been prescribed. All medications in this room, by law are to be labeled, etc. when we picked up my mothers meds, some were missing. So, started asking questions. I pointed to a bag on the floor which contained what we were looking for, but it was not labeled in any way. Then asked for her pill container, again, received ignorant reply. They found it shoved in a top cabinet with other pill containers...none of which were labeled....is this legal?

A week into her stay, my mother broke her hip. She wound up in emergency covered in feces. We never did find the truth in what happened.

She passed several weeks after entering the hospital.

Emeritus might work if your needs are few and expectations are low., I however ended up staying most of the day with her, every day we were there, as I did not trust her needs would be met. Luckily I could do this.

I wish you all the best in your search, this is a very trying time.

Nice place

Overall they do a good job here. It's a nice clean place, and the staff are all very friendly and professional. My loved one is doing fine, and seems to be enjoying herself. I've heard good things about the food!

Limited because of Staff

My mother and father both had been there since 2009. It was a privately owned place and Emeritus bought it out. To be honest, we loved it, but when Emeritus bought it out, the administrators kept changing, and they were limited in the help that they could hire. They weren't paying people enough so they weren't staying. Dad couldn't bond with the caregivers because they were new all the time. Doesn't compare to the community my dad is at now in cleanliness or care services - they don't offer extra personal care that he needed so I had to go to an outside agency.

Needs Improvement

They are OK, but not the best. There was a 3 week period from the time I signed the agreement until she was to move in, but when I moved her in, her room wasn't ready, had not even been cleaned. The staff workers could really use some senior care training. The memory care staff has more training, so they know how to treat seniors. They are really great! She has a shared room, with a dividing wall, and the price is very reasonable. Overall, they need improvement. The management team share the weekend receptionist responsiblity, but there are times when no one is at the front desk, which causes me concern.

Home Town Feel

I had just moved my parents to Plano, due to my mother's failing health from the exhaustion of caring for my father with Alzheimer's, to an independent senior living community. It was beautiful and new with lots of amenities, but as I later found out, it was too big and "too fancy".
They were there for 2 1/2 weeks, when my mother had a stroke and had to be hospitalized for almost 3 weeks. I had to get busy and find a place for my father that would also accommodate assisted living for my mother when she got out of the hospital. I didn't want her to have the responsibility of my father because it had gotten so difficult for her day in and day out. Thanks to "A Place for Mom" I was introduced to Heather, who took the criteria that I gave her and came up with a list of 4-5 places for me to tour. I fell in love with Emeritus at Spring Creek Gardens after meeting Peggy Jackson, their Community Relations Director and touring the facility. My parents have lived in the same small town for 40 years and this place felt like HOME!! It is clean, the food is delicious, and the care is wonderful and personal. It is close to my home and my parents are happy there. My father is in the memory care side and mom is in the assisted living side. Every day, she goes to visit my father and then can go back to her room and relax. I am so grateful to find the perfect place for them.

Friendly Staff but Older Building

I really like the staff, but the place itself is a little bit older. I wish that was a little updated. The appearance of the facility is not exactly enticing. I am not completely sure about all the activities available, but my mother-in-law always talks about how they're contantly playing dominos. The food is good. She compliments the food every time we go see her. We had to buy a bed and furnish the room ourselves, which we wouldn't have had to do at most of the places we saw.

Got the care she needed

She's actually in the hospice part now, we knew once we placed her it wasn't going to be long and her health was so bad so she kind of did it on her own. She gave us a really hard time for the first 2 or 3 weeks and then finally hit rock bottom I guess. For us it's kind of a relief because it was really hard, but Peggy and the team have been really, really good and we're really pleased with everything.

Not Safe

This was the one that I walked into and there was nobody at the front desk. It's a big rectangle and I walked through the whole place and no staff was in the hall. They were all in this break room. I just walked by and had free access to everything so that place is NOT SAFE.

Jeff Yeager

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We want you to know your review has not gone unnoticed. We take it very seriously and are looking into the matter as we speak. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

Needs Better Cleaning

She hasn't been there very long. She was there for 3 days and she fell so she's in the hospital right now. The staff is great, they really are. They come and check on them and everything. Overall, the cost is fair versus what you see at other places. Her medications were confused. She wasn't getting them when she was supposed to but she hadn't been there long at all so I can't fault them for that.

My neice cleans houses for a living and she re-cleaned the whole room because we opted to not have the carpets switched because they looked fine, but when we got there there was throw up and food in the carpet. The room was not thoroughly cleaned as they promised it would be.

The activites are great. We talked to two ladies at dinner and they seemed to like it. They said there is something giong on every day.

Talked and Toured with Peggy and Bre...

Talked and Toured with Peggy and Brett. Beautiful but have some concerns about pricing/level of care costs. Currently 11 residents/beds for 21. Private room starts at $3700 plus level of care at $400. 5 minutes from the house! Very, very nice!

Spoke with an employee on 2-6. Too e...

Spoke with an employee on 2-6. Too expensive for us. Runs $4000-$7000 per month.

Spoke with an employee. Runs $4000-$7...

Spoke with an employee. Runs $4000-$7000 per month.

Best place yet. Homey- beautiful gard...

Best place yet. Homey- beautiful gardens- nice rooms and residents.

Recently purchased by Emeritus. Direc...

Recently purchased by Emeritus. Director is hands on. "I want this to be a cruise ship environment for the guests". Emergency lanyards. Type B Assisted Living. 5:1 Resident to Staff Ratio. 36 rooms Assisted Living/26 rooms memory care. Separated by doorway. Great courtyard and outdoors area. Option to pay up front community fee or not.

I also really liked this place.

I also really liked this place.

Mom & stepdad have chosen to make it ...

Mom & stepdad have chosen to make it their new home.

This facility is reasonably priced an...

This facility is reasonably priced and has all the features that make it a comfortable place to live. It is up to date with its decor and amenities. I think dad would like this facility.