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I really liked the area of town where it is located. I also liked that it is a small community there not so big like an apartment complex. It was clean and the staff were all very nice and helpful. The only thing that is going to change my mind is the price tag. I wanted to get their 1 bedroom deluxe as it was the biggest 1 bedroom they have but they want $3400 and I can't afford that amount. Even after paying off all my bills that I currently have and selling my car I would not have any cash left aside. So, I am going to decline Brookdale. Other than that it looks like a very safe and pleasant place to be. Thank you

They have brain teasers and Mexican Dominoes

I did not really tour any other communities before deciding on where to live. However, once I first visited this community I knew right away that I wanted to be here. I immediately liked the room that I am currently in. It is a two bedroom with a kitchen and refrigerator. I don’t have a stove or anything like that, but I do have a microwave. All the people there have been wonderful. The staff is friendly and they know what they are doing. They keep the facility very clean. Once a week they have housekeeping come in the rooms and they change out the sheets on the bed and the towels. Myself and the ladies that I sit with at lunch do our own laundry. My granddaughter’s boyfriend came by recently to assist me with my laundry since I have it done it in a while; the basket was a bit heavy. The food that they offer is very good. It changes daily and they are very accommodating with their portions. They come in and ask how big or how small you would like your meal and how you would like to eat it. I feel like I’m getting a balanced diet. They also have fun activities like brain teasers, Mexican dominoes, and they send us weekly calendar updates of what is happening that week. Overall, I’d recommend this place to others.

Small community, big family

I chose this community because it’s small and it’s close to everything that I know and have lived around my whole life. Compared to a lot of other communities, the cost here is pretty good but still expensive and can get pretty costly when you live on a fixed income (a studio starts at $2,200), but with that being said you do get a lot of good things. Everyone here is nice and the office staff is very friendly and helpful. I like that the place is not too big and I like the atmosphere. We have a big home, not a big building like a hotel, and it is small enough where people can mingle and get to know each other. It’s like a big family. The food is not the best, it’s hard to get a good home cooked meal when you’re not at home, and the portions are small but you can always ask for more if you’re still hungry. The place is clean, they do our linens and towels and we do our own personal laundry. There are laundry rooms that we use that have irons and ironing boards. They don’t provide laundry soap, but everything else is there for us to use. There are a lot of activities available as well and it’s up to the people living here to decide what they want to do and how active they want to be. There are activities like baseball, bean bags, hand and foot, and rummy cube. We play trivia games too like Flex Your Mind. There’s a lady that comes in regularly to lead yoga and every week on Thursday and Friday you can learn to play Texas Hold ‘Em. You don’t pay for anything other than the one flat price here unless you want extra things like cable with DVR, though there is basic cable. We have a TV room upstairs with a library and on Sundays, they bring out the Wii and we can play games on that like bowling. If I ever wind up having to leave here for some reason, I’ll come back when I can. I definitely recommend it here.

Clean Community!!

I have no complaints about the tour I had taken of this community for my loved one. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to give my loved one and I lots of great information of everything they had to offer. They had a nice floor plan with lots of great amenities available to all of the residents. Overall It was pleasant just was not the right fit for my mother .

Big, Airy and Cheerful!

I am delighted with the Brookdale Sparks. My mother is doing well since her move. She has some good days and some not so good due to her dementia, but they keep her busy with a large variety of activities. The meals are great. I eat there a few times a week and I have not had anything that I did not care for. They also allow you to choose larger or smaller portions, depending on your appetite. The apartment that she is in is a good space for her, with a lot of natural lighting. The staff is probably the best aspect of the place, cheerful, friendly, and helpful. Same for the other residents.

We just dropped in...

When we went to tour the Brookdale Sparks, they were not expecting us. Even though they were not expecting us, they still were able to give us a great tour. The place was very nice but the thing we did not like was the size. It was way too big and not as personal and homelike as we were looking for.

Gooe Care

I am very happy with the cleanliness of this community. The staff is very nice and helpful. They need more activities to stay active. I would recommend this community for others

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Lillian was awesome-she listened to my concerns and volunteered to come to my home to interview my mother. She even gave me a pie! Unfortunately our personal situation does not allow my mother to live in Sparks but if she could I would definitely choose Brookdale Sparks

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