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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available

Customer Reviews

Sales Manager explained needs of dementia patients and requirements for interested parties,. She was very helpful . All staff are supportive and welcoming. Facility has a good layout and offers many activities for all.

Resort stlye, ground floor with multi function areas, 2-libraries, movie theater, living room area, special large family dining table available, arts and craft areas, kitchen areas, pool table room. Largest floorplan with u-shaped kitchen with full stove and frig, patio, second floor. Very very nice Great staff

Stay awsy

Awful place-my Friend went there for a short stay after back surgery. They did not give her her prescribed pain meds and did not respond to the call button. She was in excruciating pain. They did not respond to her call for assistance to go to the bathroom and took 4 days to help her shower. Another Friend and I had to call every 4 hours to remind them to give her her medication. Even then they slacked off. Not a safe place,

Lovely facility


This place is awful, it is understaffed and the residents suffer [Removed] because of it. If I could give it a 0 star I would. My parent does not receive the care they pay for and then they want to constantly up the price. Stay away from this place!!

Kind To My Family, And I

This a pretty nice community, and we had a pleasant tour of it. Everyone was kind to my family, and I. The staff was helpful, and answered our questions. From what we saw the community is well maintained. At the end of the day it was not the one for my mother, but our tour was a good one.

Friendly people!!

My friend and I also toured Brookdale Rancho Mirage. Brookdale was a nice and very clean facility, The staff was friendly as the your guide that took us around was knowledgeable and helpful.

I was hesitant about my husband going into a care facility. I previewed several and decided on Brookdale RanchoMirage. I am very pleased with my decision. Actually even more than I thought I would be. The staff has been wonderful and very caring. I'm happy with my decision.

A tour for care

We toured this community for good care. The community did not have the feeling that we were looking for. This has a locked area that we were not comfortable. This community seemed limited. The staff were nice and answered the questions we had for the care. They offer a good menu of healthy meals. The activities are very helpful for the residents. We would suggest families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Good impression

We toured this community when looking for my mother. It was clean with a friendly staff. I would recommend them.

I can not say anything bad about this community.

The staff at this community treat the residents as adults. They show them respect and do not talk down to them. They offer daily activities and happy hours. Dad likes the food. The kitchen staff knows him by name and what he likes. They have a lovely dining room. This community has an intimate setting and everything dad needs is within walking distance. The entire staff is helpful and friendly. I would recommend this affordable community.

I highly recommend them.

I stayed there for 3 weeks after getting out of the hospital. They were there immediately when I rang the bell and they were very friendly. I highly recommend them. They had some activities there to give you social interaction.

A Meeting At The Community!

I got to try the food at this community and it was good. The person that took me on a tour was nice and knowledgable. They answered my questions and the community was clean.

Very nice, clean facility with friendly staff. All on one floor so easy to get around. Hallways short and easy access to central eating areas. Food was very good. Staff knew the residents' names. Studio apartment was cute with a little dividing wall between "kitchen area" and bedroom/living room area. Bathroom had easy, flat access to the shower. Nice patios for residents to sit outside. Nice pool and jacuzzi area.

They Are Nice People

I am happy with this community and the care that is provided. I come here everyday and I see that it is clean but my only complaint is with her bed. The housekeeping does not make her bed. Otherwise, my wife enjoys the activities and she has made some friends. We like most of the meals, it is very seldom there is one that we don't like. The cook does very well and I have no complaints. I love this place it meets my requirements. It makes me happy.

Great Care

This is a great community for good care.The staff is outstand and very caring. The meals are good and a nice variety. Activities are available to enjoy for those who want to participate. Other families would be happy with the care that is given here.

Best Caregivers!

I can't say enough about the memory care caregivers. they are totally there for the resident and their care. they make sure they are clean, dressed nicely, notice when there is a problem and are great at communicating with family members. activities are more limited than other places, but I would much rather have the one-on-one special care they give than more/better activities. and they have one of the best head nurses in the coachella valley overseeing all of this.

totally business not so friendly

BAD Experience

My Father was in the memory unit. The care givers were very friendly and caring. In my opinion, the director of the unit, Molly, was NOT qualified to run the unit. It was NOT organized. We were continually complaining to her about the housekeeping. We found food dried to the floor on more than one occasion. Also, fecal matter in the toilet and fecal dried on the sheets. His oxygen was not even plugged in one day - we do not know how long it had been unplugged. We would find used utensils in plain sight sitting in the room with dried on food. The housekeeping was terrible.
We would have moved my Father but he was terminal and the move there was hard and he liked the care givers. When asking questions about the days of the laundry etc. it was a different answer each time. We would have to ask them to change the sheets. It was not done on a regular basis.
I would not trust them with a family member if I was not there often and I am concerned about the care of the others there. He had dentures but we could tell he was not brushing them. Did they remind him? It is a memory unit.
Once my father needed meds as he was uncomfortable and the hospice nurse asked for them to be administered and he was told, they were in a meeting and when they were done they would get to it. HE WAS ON HOSPICE!! Are you kidding?
Later when he got worse, he was moved to the nursing facility. This is where the nightmare started. My father had lung cancer so when he needed meds, he needed them right away. Even though the med had literally walked from Memory to Nursing, Nursing could not find them. After more issues, the meds were found but the staff refused to administer until they were done with their regular rounds. My Father was in pain and drowning in his own fluids. Finally my sister had to call 911. My father was transferred to the hospital and then another facility for the last few hours of his life. Terrible experience. Also, the sales staff makes promises but they do not keep them. Watch the numbers! It took me over 6 months to get an invoice that was correct.
I would not put another family member there!


I'm sure its a great place for many but this one did not work out for my parents. I was not there so would prefer to be neutral as my interaction and coordination with most staff was excellent. Had trouble with being transferred to a vacant line that hung up on several occasions but other wise Nick in Skilled Nursing was wonderful as were the front desk staff and lead nurse.

one recommendation is to stay on the line to make sure transfers do not go to a recording and hang up without even opportunity to leave a message.

I believe my parents were expecting the level of care of a skilled nursing facility yet were in assisted living a different level of care.

My sister said the facility was very clean, pretty and food was great. She send photos and I concur it looked very nice indeed.

Lack of caring and understanding

We did not have a good experience at Brookdale Rancho Mirage. They would say things that then did not transfire. There seemed to be a lack of caring and understanding. They don't meet the resident's personal needs. The food was fair, nothing great. But there were times they would not bring my mother her food. The residents there do not like it there at all. I had to move my mother back out of this community.

Brookdale is a wonderful place as long a you are a perfect senior.Do not break any rule or you will be evicted. When we first moved my mom-in-law in we said we would try assisted living knowing we would eventually need memory care.
Unfortunately it was sooner than we thought and she forgot where she was and lit a cigarette in her room which is a big no no of coarse. Instead of helping us place her in memory care so she could be monitored the way she needed she was evicted completely. The advisor there said she wasn't their kind of people and he predicted it would happen again even on memory care.We found another facility that knows all we have been through and took her in ,no problem except the trauma to my mom-in-law because she had to be moved and she really liked Brookdale.

I am very happy here, I feel like the staff here loves us and are very helpful. I just very happy here and have made good friends while here.

Love living at Brookdale Rancho Mirage

I have lived at Brookdale Rancho Mirage for 4 years to me its home. I enjoy the meals and activities. Its fun it’s like home.

This is a beautiful community with a friendly atmosphere. Very family oriented and willing to help when needed. The food is good. Could use more activities but otherwise great. I'd recommend to anyone.


I have mixed emotions about Rancho Mirage. I do like it and would recommend it,, i am not a fan of certain colors they used in certain places. People or painters need to FEEL the room before they just paint with any color . I would like to see it painted different colors.

watch everything like a hawk

This is an update to the most recent review cautioning anyone to have an advocate here or anywhere.
Today My mother was given her 8 am pills at 11am. Totally unacceptable. STaff member said they were understaffed. I told the director to get out in the hallway and fill in for the missing med tech . Time sensitive pills must be given close to the dosage time.
This evening the med tech gave the pills prior to dinner being delivered to the unit. Dinner was delivered 45 minutes late because they were again understaffed. Again I have told the managers that they need to fill in for their missing staff. It is terrible to give a very elderly person dinner after 7pm and to have given the sleeping pills early before they even ate.
If you are not on top of this place every single day, you will have no confidence that they have it together.

Caring staff but beware of the promised "sell".

As in every facility if you do not have an advocate involved in every single aspect of your family's care, you are potentially in big trouble. As is often the case the staff for the most part are helpful, kind,and caring. But beware. There is poor coordination. We moved our family member in on a Monday. There was no one there to execute the transition. It took 2 weeks to get the bill correct, to get the call system to be activated, to get thru a full few weeks with all the players who needed intervention in order to get the needs of our family member executed properly. They are understaffed and in some cases poorly staffed. The activities are uninspired and 50 percent of what is on the schedule does not happen. It is all to sell the place. Often one has to call the front desk to have a bathroom in the public spaces cleaned, or to turn the lights on out front at night, or to clean up the dog poop from the resident dog. Management is not visible on the weekends. Everything sort of just coasts with limited oversight. If there was an emergency at 2am and you got a call from your loved one, good luck getting thru to anyone in a leadership position. The staff does not know how to forward the calls.
On a one on one basis, the caregivers are kind, caring, helpful. But if you do not have an advocate, your family member could be less protected then you might have been lead to believe.
The computers in the library do not work, and yet there are help with computer classes on the schedule. There is a listing for a Rabbi coming, he has not been there in 6 months, There is no PA system so no one can hear.
Everything is corporate bottom line. The place functions on a shoe string just trying to get by.
I would question everything, monitor everything, double check everything and make surprise visits to find out what is really going on here.

I've adjusted and am doing well

I am currently living at Brookdale Rancho Mirage and they have been very good. I do not require much in the way of care services but any time I need them they have been there. I grew up in a boarding school and would liken it to that experience in some ways. I was a little discouraged for the first couple of weeks, but I have adjusted and am doing well. They have a good library of books which I really like. The food is not the greatest and could certainly use more variety. It's not bad, but just needs variety.

they've been great

The only negative comment my mother has made is that she had a roommate at first that liked it really hot, so temperature wise they did not match up and she had to move to another room as she was constantly burning up.

Other than that everything has really been great. The staff there is very friendly and helpful.

A Mixed Bag

We moved our Mother into Emeritus of Rancho Mirage on a weekend. The staff was friendly, and helpful as needed. Mom didn't physically move in until Monday. While the office staff was aware that she was in, apparently the cleaning crew was never notified. It wasn't until I complained on Wednesday that these services began. Also, we were told that an "ambassador" would try to make her feel welcome and invite her to join in. So far, no one has stopped by, and she has been hesitant to go to the group activities. The meals have been good, and her room is attractive and cozy. I would have to say that our experience has been mixed, but generally on the up side.

They are quick to respond. The food i...

They are quick to respond. The food is absolutely out of the ballpark good. The activities are good for most of the residents. They've had a change over in staff, and they did hire a clinical director, the main nursing person was a new hire and now it's the clinical director. The communication could use some improvement. To know who to report to, once we were done with the initial marketing person, we just didn't know who to go to for information and things. When we first walked in the dining room we liked the way it was laid out, it was really friendly.

Upscale and Cheerful Dining Room

That place was nice. The people were nice. The openness was very appealing. Food is a big thing and the dining room was upscale and cheerful. That was really nice.

Skilled Nursing Available

We went through the wrong door and went through the higher care side. We ended up ruling that out because it has the skilled nursing care. My aunt just isn't comfortable being around that level of care. She had to go into skilled nursing once and she doesn't want to be reminded of that. If we went through the front door we probably wouldn't have seen all the medical stuff and it might have been better.

Very Fine Care

My wife is there and they're doing a fine job for her. It's a lot of money. I was shocked to tell you the truth. I've had my parents in facilities before and I was surprised at how much more expensive they are now but my wife needs a whole lot of care. That part of it is very good. I think the patient care, she needs a lot, and I think they're doing a very fine job of that.

Upscale Place

It's good. It's an upscale community. The home was very good and my wife had good care in there. The nurses were good but I still had to have people brought in because she needs 24 hour care.

Nice property, not for us. What we ex...

Nice property, not for us. What we expected for a large facility

narrowed my choice between here and M...

narrowed my choice between here and Mirage Inn.Must sell my home before final choice

Very nice

Very nice

From the Community

Brookdale Rancho Mirage is an assisted living and memory care community in Rancho Mirage, California. Located in the popular retirement destination just south of Palm Springs, our community is set on five acres of beautiful grounds boasting beautiful views of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains. Residents and their families enjoy our location in an exclusive area of the city near Eisenhower Medical Center, country clubs, golf courses and restaurants.

Brookdale Rancho Mirage offers a continuum of care services so that as needs change, residents can easily transition into a new level of care in our community. Our well-trained staff balance assistance with independence, celebrating daily moments of success with residents and allowing them to develop a true sense of self and individuality.

Brookdale Rancho Mirage is highly regarded throughout the community, giving its residents a high quality of life with several services and amenities, including:

A choice of apartment floor plans and layouts
Well-appointed apartment homes with kitchenettes, refrigerators and large windows
Pet-friendly accommodations for small pets
Outdoor, heated swimming pool
Fitness programs designed to meet the needs of seniors