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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

100 % Private pay

Aunt Loves it!

My Aunt has been at Brookdale Kenmore for over a year now and is doing extremely well. The staff and managers are attentive, the food is excellent and served restaurant style. Plenty of activities. Great location!

Marketing director is very energetic

I toured this facility while looking for a place for my Mother. The reason why we did not pick this community is that they were farther away from me than I would have liked. The marketing director was very helpful and informative. She was very energetic and she was on top of her game. The other downfall we saw besides the distance is that the bathrooms weren’t very wheelchair friendly. They have a four-inch lip that you have to get over. If it wasn’t for that and the distance, they would rank a lot higher. I would recommend it to other families.

This place is quite urban with virtually no grounds. It has close to 113 units and a huge staff. It is all set in a square over three stories. It is all assisted living and the services were complete with medication administration included. Cable was included but not telephone. Other than morning chair classes there are no exercise facilities. We saw a one bedroom facing the street, and a two bedroom facing the street. They also have one bedrooms facing the courtyard. The one bedroom unit was fine, but you really are right on the street, with little privacy, no shading foliage to speak of and it would be loud as you are on a main street. We didnt get to see a courtyard unitl. They do allow small pets. The downside is how shabby the place is and how poorly cleaned and maintained. In nearly every common area we walked into the floors had not been swept, furntiture was in disarray, hardware was missing, doors were badly scuffed and paint was wearing off everywhere. There were baskets of laundrey sitting out in the halls, small stools and other personal objects which were obstacles for people to trip over. The staff were pleasant and welcoming, but I cant say it felt as if it were well maintained.

Clean Property!!

My dad was only at this community for a short period of time but while he was there we where pleased with the care that he had received. It was just a little to independent living for his needs. I think if he was more mobile on his own it would have worked out a little better. I did think they had a lot of great people working there and the property was very well maintained.

Medication Management Needs Improvement, but Overall A Nice Community

The one thing I would say this community needs improvement on , is the medication management. However they are working on that. Since my fathers move to this community he is doing well. I know he is safe, and in good hands. They have nice staff, and they are very helpful, and kind. When I come to visit the community, and his room are nice, and clean. They provide nice meals, and have good activities offered for the residents. This community is working out well for us, and I would recommend.

Father Doing Much Better

My father is doing much better at this community than the one he was at before. So far everything is working out well, and I'am satisfied with his move to this community. The staff is great, and they are taking good care of him, and his needs. This is a nice, safe community, and I would recommend it. It has worked out well for us.

Beautiful Community, My Brother is Very Well Here

My brother is doing very well since his move to this community. This is a beautiful community, and I'am pleased with all they have done for us overall. I know he is safe, and in good hands here. The staff is great, and very helpful. The food is fantastic, and they offer activities through out the whole day. There is always something to do. This is a community I would highly recommend, it has worked out great for my family.

Negative. No continuim of care to MA funded placement after money is depleted.

Doing a good job, high level of care without skilled nursing price or hospital feeling

Our mom moved in here this week. So far, so good. Little things could be better, but overall this is a good place trying to do a good job with some very debilitated people. Because it is "enhanced" assisted living they are able to deal with a lot more than regular assisted living such as transfers on/off toilet, more assistance inside the shower, escort to dining room, etc. It is keeping mom out of a nursing home at a higher cost, and allows her to be in an apartment like setting but with more care. Food is very good and varied, and lots of activities. Lots of people here on walkers and in wheelchairs, so you get a sense. Some people with pets. Friendly staff, perhaps a bit matter of fact. There is not a high ratio of aides to residents and we do see that as other reviews have stated. It seems to be one aide per floor so there is some waiting. But overall we are happy so far with Brookdale Kenmore and hoping this will work for us for along time.

Need Improvement with Their Responding Time

My mother seems to be adjusting well to this community. It is a community, but my biggest problem has been their response time when my mother needs help. They need to be quicker with responding to the help calls. She does like this community, and we do like it also, but they need to improve on their responding time.

Happy for Mom

My sister, brother and I were very impressed with the facility. We took Mom there for a visit have lunch and meet the staff. Mom was so happy with the facility that she is living there. I am so glad we found this and she is happy. They help her with so many things we all so pleased that the care is outstanding. Thank you so much.

Poor service I do not recommend

Facility is often short staffed. It takes weeks to have the facility clean the carpets or fill the soap dispenser at the sink. To many times has the residents needs not been cared for.

Brand New Community

So far everything is going well for me. I really like this community, everybody is very nice and friendly. They do a very good job with keeping my room and the facility nice and clean. The staff is outstanding. I feel like they really care about me. They are always there if I need some help. There are plenty of activities offered daily. This is a brand new facility, so everything is fresh and new.

There have been some issues.

There have been issues with the pharmacy, both with billing, and with getting medications correct. There was a big issue with the first bill, there were things in the care plan, that weren't needed. There wasn't any kind of breakdown with the billing, the billing leaves a lot to be desired. Response time is not great. Some of the aides seem quite dedicated and some don't. There was also the issue of some nursing staff who don't read or follow the chart, though there are some who do. One thing is very disconcerting, [removed]. The nursing director is phenomenal, she is working very hard to straighten this place out. I chose it because I didn't have many options, there were only two places in the area, that offer enhanced care, and the other one had a waiting list.

Brookdale at Wynwood

I am not totally happy with my mom's experience here. I am not asking for any special treatment, but do want services that were promised and are being paid for to be provided. My biggest complaint is that medication is not delivered at the appointed hours. I was told that a one hour leeway should be expected, but 2 hours is definitely not acceptable. When I call to ask when her medication will be given, she was told that I should stop interfering.

Additionally, when a resident pushes the help button, the staff does not come to aid. My mother has waited over an hour for assistance. Should an emergency arise, help should be on the way almost immediately.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to visit share your feedback. We are committed to continuous quality service and care and will share your feedback with our management team. Please contact us at familyconnection[at]brookdale[dot][com] to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

Good choice and good experience!

My mother has been at Wynwood of Kenmore, now Brookdale Senior Living for 7 months. I am very glad we found this facility and chose it. The apartments are very roomy and kept very clean. I feel my mother is very well cared for. The staff is always available on the phone and when I am visiting her they are easy to talk with and address any concerns we may have. Meals are very good and often times quite tasty. I am from out of state and have recently chosen another Brookdale facility closer to my home in NJ to move my Mom to so I can be with her more often, as they have the same routine and I know I can count on Brookdale's level of care that she has been receiving up until now to continue. I would recommend this facility easily to anyone who is searching in the Kenmore/Buffalo area. I am glad we made the decision to move her there.

Great place to age gracefully

Very helpful and cheerful staff. Spacious, clean room, bedroom, and bath. I'm comforted to know that my elderly uncle will be well cared for and won't need to make another move. As we left, after setting his room up for his arrival, we met a charming man who is there for rehab. He knows my uncle and will "take him under is wing". We left feeling very reassured that Wynwood is the right choice all around.

very nice place

Wynwood of Kenmore is a very nice place with very friendly helpful staff. We checked them out and were pretty impressed with it overall. In the end we decided on another place simply because of location - there was another one that was closer to us and more convenient, but we did get a very good feel for Wynwood of Kenmore.

We Couldn't Be Happier!

Great staff, great facility, great activities, great clientele! My Mom went "kicking & screaming" (LOL). Three days later she couldn't wait to sell her house because she loved it at Wynwood! We are so happy for her & so grateful to have found such a loving place for our Mom.

Beautiful and well maintained. The s...

Beautiful and well maintained. The staff are very nice. Highly competent nursing staff. The parking lot is way too small. There could be more variety in the activities. Too much exercising and not enough fun things to do.

Assisted living a la cart!

Wynwood is a very impressive place from the outside and the first floor common rooms are very nice. The staff that works directly with the individuals are wonderful caring people. However it seems that from the time we moved in, a few months ago, they seem to be short staffed. I'm sure the personal care staff do not get paid as well as they should! We rented a beautiful 2 bedroom apt. and had it fixed up to our own liking. This included 3 meals/day in a restaurant style seating with white table cloths. That really impressed my mom. The food was also very good, however it seemed that they waited a long time to get served. Basically they were under staffed. Laundry was done by the staff, cleaning the apt. and a daily calendar of wonderful activities. Basically it seems that this was just a glorified "Senior Living" apartment. Of course mom needed help with her medication, well that is an added cost. Mom didn't always want to get up and get dressed to go to breakfast, so they would bring it to her room. And you guessed it, They charged her for that and said they couldn't bring a full breakfast at that, only oatmeal and a muffin and coffee. I was told she needed help with bathing and this was also an extra fee. There was a time when I was told she should be escorted when going to activities and meals; however this is an extra fee. My mom recently fell while at an activity and will not be able to return to her apartment. She met many wonderful residents and staff while she was there, and she did her best to adjust to a new way of living

The building is newer.

The building is newer. Their accommodations were different. One thing I didn't like here was fuse box or breaker box in the apartment, I thought that could be dangerous. I felt the layout was a little confusing they had a small refrigerater and a little microwave, which I thought might be dangerous for her in particular. .

The food is good, this has been working out for us.

There were a lot of places that were a lot more expensive, and location was a big factor for me because it's close, within a few blocks so I can walk there. The problems aren't necesarily chronic, but there have been a few. The cleanliness of the room prior to the move in was not really up to my standards. I kinda get the feeling that the place is understaffed and the cleaning woman doesn't get to every room every day. Sometimes I will get the vacuum that is right out in the hall and vacuum her room. The care is fine on a day to day basis but if she is sick or needs more attentive care it just seems understaffed. I feel like if her regular aide is there then things go well but if she is off, or on vacation then not so much. The food is good though and this has been working out for us.

No one was communicating with me.

We did a trial stay because my parents were strangely high functioning for having dementia and they really wanted to stay independent, but the community was concerned. I didn't want to put them in memory care because I didn't want them to feel like he was in prison, and they have additional services you can add if they need it. No one was communicating with me. When we got there it wasn't set up like they were going to do with the furniture and it took two or three days of a two week stay to get the phone and T.V. set up.

I was not impressed.

This was like a highrise. I was not impressed. It looks like a hotel, nothing was very open until you got past the desk and turned the corner and there was a living room type area that was not very big and kind of closed in. There weren't any big spaces. It was for more independent residents. The demographics were not a good fit and I felt it was too big for her to navigate.

Great so far! Excellent transportation

Here's pretty good, the care is very good. I have not found any problems with it, the food is good, it's definitely not slop. The cleanliness is good, the staff is nice, the management is very nice. It's on the bus route which makes it easier to get to and I love the van service. Believe it or not, mom is doing better than I thought she would, she likes it. I'm liking it too because at first I was having a hard time with it and letting go but they're making it easier with transportation and the nurses are on call; so I had a problem with medication and I called them and they cleared it right up.

very homelike atmosphere cl...

very homelike atmosphere clean, friendly. Just what we are looking for!

Great Advertising But No Follow Through

We have had several problems with this community and the biggest one we believe its because they are incredibly understaffed. When the help light is used I have yet to see the staff get there within 30 minutes and when it is a job that requires more then one person they only send one. They have at least 30 residents per floor and only 1 staff member to answer all the assist lights, so when they need more then one person they have to take one from another floor which leaves their lights unanswered. They market so much interest and care in the residents but seem like once you move in the interest is gone and they no longer make an effort. If we knew what we know no after being here we would have not moved our loved one in, we would have chosen a different community. Our bill have not been accurate and shows no explanation we were suppose to pay around $7,000 and our bill came to around $10,000 with no explanation. When it comes to activities you really have to be able to get yourself there or you will not be able to participate. They do not post calendars in the rooms and the staff does not ask residents if they want to participate. They do not try to engage the residents at all. When we were in the dining area with our loved one several residents were complain to us about how they do not reply very efficiently to the assist lights and several other things. It seems like not only is the community incredibly understaffed the staff is also not very well qualified for what they need to do. It seems like if there is the slightest problem they find it easier to call the paramedics and send your loved one to the hospital rather then deal with the issue. And of course that come out of your finances not theirs. They don’t seem to have a good hold on their financial book keep either. They send out bills whether it was paid or not and will not tell you to disregard it unless you call them directly and ask questions. At the prices they offer you would expect a much better type of care then they really offer. They offer different time for dinning but if you are on the second shift for dinning you eat on the same tables the first shift ate and if the table are dirty because first shift then you are eating on a dirty table on second shift. The hallways were also not very good maintained and several residents doors you can see the dirty fingerprints and slight dirt on the doors. It is just overall just not a very well cleaned environment. Again they advertise very well but once you are paying they stop trying to win you over. Very disappointed and would not recommend to anyone.

difficult to park, had to park on sid...

difficult to park, had to park on side street, large, wonderful spaces for relaxing, elevator may be necessary for dining, flexible dining schedule, rooms much bigger than Sterling, less expensive than Sterling, great for more capable.

This is a great place and the apt ide...

This is a great place and the apt idea is novel with the medical aspect separate, so they both can live there. The only thing is that I think the size is going to be overwhelming for them.

Really like this.

Really like this.

From the Community

Brookdale Kenmore is an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence for those who desire social connections, clinical support, or need some help with routine activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or assistance with medications. We are licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Health. Our community is covered by most long term care insurance and provides everything that an Assisted Living community does and more. Our residents have convenient access to additional clinical care, enabling them to age in place longer.

We are licensed to provide the following services should a resident’s needs change:
• Oxygen therapy
• Blood pressure checks
• Catheter care
• Nebulizer treatment
• One and two-person transfers
• Blood glucose monitoring
• Ostomy care
• Insulin and enema administration
• Wound care
• Transdermal patch application
• Temperature, pulse and respiration monitoring
• Care of casts, braces and splints
• Enteral feeding via peg tube

By customizing personal care offerings for the individual, we help to ease residents through lifestyle transitions that complement their vision for all the places they would still like their lives to go.