Holiday Lane Estates - North Richland Hills, TX

Holiday Lane Estates - North Richland Hills, TX has yet not published prices.

  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Director very knowledgeable and concerned with our urgent issue
Overall place clean and smelled good

A beautiful facility with exceptional service. The residents were happy and the staff seems to genuinely care about them. Exceptionally clean, odor-free, and well-maintained. The staff are very professional and friendly.

We moved my father-in-law into Brookdale Holiday Lane 3 weeks ago. [Name removed] the administrator along with [name removed] the nurse are angles! The staff is very compassionate and respectful with the residents. We visit daily and feel like part of the family!

Great Place

After much research and visiting numerous places, I moved my father into Brookdale Holiday Lane. [Name removed] and [Name removed] are very compassionate and show respect for the residents. The nursing are always smiling and talking to the residents.

Well-rounded facility

I ended up picking this facility for my Mother because it was convenient for me to stop by on my way home. It isn’t more than a few minutes away from me. The staff members here seem to be really friendly and they work with my mom quite a bit. In the beginning, she had a lot of trouble eating and they go out of their way to see what she liked and doesn’t like. The food I’ve seen is good quality and they have a lot of options. If she doesn’t like what she gets, they’ll bring her something else. This is a well-rounded community and I would recommend it to other families.

Did Not Provide The Layout We Were Looking For

The community was very nice. Had a lot of nice amenities such as nicely furnished common areas lovely grounds with ample sitting areas. The menu looked like it was good lots of entrees to choose from. They offered quite a few events to participate in. The only thing they did not offer that we wanted was individual cottages or houses everything here was located in the one building.

Good Tour, But too Expensive

My tour of this community was a pretty nice one. The community looked good, and everyone was very kind. It was a good experience, but to expensive for our budget.

I'm glad I picked this place

My mother has been living at Brookdale for about two weeks now and while she would prefer to live with me, she seems happy there. The people who run the place are friendly and helpful. If I have a problem they don't get defensive-they just do their best to fix it. There are activities throughout the day, however my mother isn't doing any of them yet. However, they come ask if she'd like to join in, so there's hope. Overall, I think this is a good place for an elderly person to live.

Not the right fit!

The people were nice to us. They showed us around and seemed to be very knowledgeable about the place. I did not see many people out doing things though. I liked the community just thought that it would not fit my parents.

Friendly People!!

While I toured the Brookdale Holiday Lane Estates, I noticed that the place was very clean and organized. The tour guide was very friendly and gave me a lot of information. The main reason we did not choose this community was because it is a Type A, and I did not want to have to move my father if something happened.

Secured Community

This is a nice community. We did not like the idea that my mom could walk out the front door. I wanted somewhere that had more security for my mom.

We liked this facility and they indicated that they would work with us on the financial part. Want to take mom by to see them this next week.

Not great, not horrible.

This care facility recently changed hands in 2015.
Since then, things have changed some what.
First the good:
The staff is very friendly and the activities, like games - chickenfoot, excercise, bible study, and more, are fine.

The rooms are decent and the cleaning crews are very good.
It has a homey feel, I haven't seen a rude person on staff, ever.
Now the bad:
While grinning their ears off, they are consistently incompetent. The Alarm for the back doors is usually broken and folks are constantly wandering out into the street. Several people have been injured badly, and the admin usually will blame it on the client and recommend memory care, which limits their liability. They sort of have you against a wall, because if you complain, they just say the resident is to much to handle, and then you will have to find another place, move all the stuff, etcetera.
Additionally, while they will allow you to pay more for additional supervision and care with meds, help with dentures, additional medical supervision, etc. It's a complete waste of time, because none of it will get done.
They do the same for each resident no matter what you pay, so don't waste your time trying to get them to do anything extra, because you will be better off just hiring outside help.
The food is the usual bland mediocre quality as in most places at this price range. Make sure you bring by some extra special food for your family member, because the monotony will eventually irritate the heck out of them.
They used to have a great Christmas and Thanksgiving where folks brought dishes and every one got to eat, and it was really something special, but since the new ownership it has been totally destroyed. They now serve food strictly from the cafeteria, and it's a little like the Holidays died on your plate. Take your Grammy home with you for Christmas if you possibly can.

Other than than, it's definitely not the gloomiest place in the world. I have seen far, far worse. They can get their hair done there, play games, make some friends - some of the residents are quite friendly and nice people, and be treated with respect, if it is by dummies, at least they are friendly dummies, many of whom are just doing their best.

Very Friendly

The staff and residents are so friendly. My parents were very welcomed and everyone seemed to know their name. While were moving in, residents and staff alike always stopped to introduce themselves and ask how we were doing. Many of the staff have been at Holiday Lane for many years and that tells me that they like to work for Holiday Lane and that Holiday Lane treats their staff well. Holiday Lane feels like a home and not assisted living, but I do feel like my parents will receive great care.

I wouldnt move any more of my family here. If the price was lower, then maybe

My family has lived here for a little while now.
The cleanliness could be way better than it is.
A lot are friendly, but most of the caregivers are not. They do not provide the right care when taking care of mom.
I believe they should train the caregivers more.
The value of the place is okay as well, their could be improvements.
Back to the care services, they hire a lot of people that do not have good attitudes, they could be more friendly. They don't always do the job they are suppose to be doing.
The activities have gone down hill a lot. I think they need more entertainment then what they actually get. We pay a lot of money to live here, and I feel like their should be more activities going on.
The management is great, well some of them. I really love Stephanie she is a wonderful lady, and she is a very kind and friendly woman

Brookdale Holiday Lane Estates NRH is Great!

The people at Brookdale NRH are superior! I love them! Thank you Tonya and Stephanie and Lisa and all the staff are so nice and helpful with my mother's transition. Mom has already said to me she likes this place better than the place before and the food is much better. I feel she will get the care and re-hab she needs after her stroke. Thank you again Brookdale NRH.

They Bend Over Backwards to Meet Needs

There are wonderful people here and doing a good job. They tell u they will do anything that you want them to do. They bend over backwards to meet your needs. I have only been here once but my first impressions were that they are a great community! I would recommend this property. I rated the Value, Care Services, and Activities 3 only because I have not experienced those categories as of yet since I have only been there once.

They Do Things Very Well

Happy with the meals food is pretty good. Nothing really needs improvement dad seems happy here.

We’re very happy with them.

They’re great! We just love this place. The food is excellent. I’ve eaten there several times because I just like the food. We have found nothing wrong with it. Everyone is friendly. They take good care of my dad. When he needs something, they are right there! We’re very happy with them.

If you want a clean facility with a f...

If you want a clean facility with a friendly dedicated staff this is the place for you. I visited a number of facilities and this one remained at the top of my list.

This facility is very, very...

This facility is very, very nice. It is rare that residents can participate in planting a vegetable garden, and then meals are planned with the harvest. Seems a bit pricey, though.

Good Match for Dad

We are very pleased with the move of my dad to Emeritus at Holiday Lane. The facility is attractive, well maintained, and immaculate. The staff has been friendly, responsive, and flexible from day one. Our move was one of medical necessity, and at holiday time, so it was very stressful for our family. Their understanding and responsiveness made a tough situation much easier.

Large Community

The rooms seemed smaller then other communities. There is not a bench or seating in the shower which was something we really needed. It is a two story building with the dining room on the second floor. There is really no nice areas to sit and relax outside, like gardens.

Going well for our family

My mom lives there. They are a little shorthanded but pretty good. The care is good but to get the care is the issue.

Going pretty well for our family. The staff is rally friendly and there are a lot of events.

The staff to patient ratio could be better. It sounds like there are 2 or 3 caregivers to 50 residents right now.

think it was not secured and if my da...

think it was not secured and if my dad ever wandered off, he would have to be moved.

AL - very nice. They have Nurse on st...

AL - very nice. They have Nurse on staff and can do injections.This one has outings to Walmart and IHOP. BR stalls not as nice as sterling - has flipdown seat. However means shower chair would fit. uses odd "point system" for extras. works out OK. total price still good.