Brookdale Richland Hills (AL) - Richland Hills, TX

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

A marvelous facility with kind, compassionate staff. The activities director is delightful, and the residents all seemed to be having a great time. Exceptionally clean and fresh-smelling, and the residents are obviously well cared for.

Assisted living

This facility is more of an assisted living property. I actually use to work here and I was excited about this place. The facility is very clean; the staff is also friendly and helpful toward their residents that were there.

Very Active Community

Things are going well so far for my loved one at Brookdale. The staff are accommodating overall, and they try to be helpful. I think that they need to push harder or take more initiative sometimes. I think that the food is pretty good, and I appreciate that they provide three meals a day so I know my loved one is getting proper nutrition. It's also a very active community. The activities director is a bundle of energy and she constantly encourages the residents to join in the various events and activities in the community. The layout of the place is also nice and very easy to navigate. Overall, we are very happy with Brookdale, and we would recommend it to other families.

Might need a little updating

I toured this community. It was pretty nice but had a little older feeling. The carpets were worn and stained but they were supposedly going to be getting new carpets soon. It had a nice atmosphere, the staff seemed to be active and like they were doing a lot with the residents. They even had some crafts going on while we were there. The rooms were okay but they don’t come furnished so it looked a little bare when we saw it. However, the person that gave us the tour was very knowledgeable and informative. Overall, it was a nice facility but didn’t fit our specific needs.

Aunt Happy In This Community

My aunt is pleased with her move to this community. She is doing, and as far as know everything has worked out well. We chose this community because it is not very big. It is smaller compared to the other community's, but it is easier for her to navigate through. We are satisfied with her move to this community, it is a nice place.

Mom likes helping

The staff here are adorable and they just love my mom. In fact, they let her lead the sing-a-longs and they sent me a picture of her leading the exercise classes all the things she loved doing as a teacher and it makes her so happy. This is a very nice community and I think with it being smaller and a memory care that my mom gets more attention and I know that she is in a secure and safe place.

Nice Landscaping!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community for my mother and I have no complaints of how things had went for us. They had a beautiful property with lots of great landscaping surrounding the building. The bedrooms where just a little smaller then my mom had wanted and we decided on another facility.

Initial 90 day overview

My brother has been in Brookdale Richland Hills for 3 months now. He is receiving very good care from the staff. He also enjoys the food being served. He has experienced some deterioration in his health such as incontinence and reduced mobility but we hope that with time he will overcome them. My brothers rate gets adjusted based on the care level he is receiving and his rate and care level have both increased since his arrival. Brookdale can improve upon the communication process of these assessments.
Overall I have been pleased with the care my brother is receiving but wish the cost was lower.

Wonderful staff and community, not right fit for us.

Very satisfied!

We are very satisfied with the Brookdale Richland Hills because they have been treating my husband well. The place is clean and the building is maintained very well, everything is in good shape. I have been offered to have their meals but have not tried them, my husband says they are very good.

My mother's care

I like this community for my mom. We really like the caring staff that is helpful to her needs. We like that the community is clean and enjoyable. She seems to like the food and the variety. she is going on small trips outside of the community that she really enjoys. We would recommend this care and value to other families for outstanding care and value

An ok community!!

This community was clean and the people we met during our tour were nice. They offered activities and you are able to have pets. We chose another community were the staff seemed a little more personable.

My fathers Care

I am very happy with the care that my father is getting from the wonderful staff here. The community is nice and very clean, He is happy with the food and we were able to have the holiday with him, we were also happy with the variety of the meal. Activities are offered to him and there are times when he will participate in the good activiteis. He seems to be happy and that helps his family. He moved in and met alot of friends and they gave him a small birthday party on the very next day after arriving. He feels at home here. We like knowing that he is near by and close to our home. We would highly recommend this community to families for all around care and value .

Happy for the Care for my mom here!

I am happy with the care that is given here. The rooms are clean and the grounds outside. The activities are nice. The food seems to appear good. This is a secure enviroment. I love the doctor that takes great care of my mom. I have recommended this community to other families for great care.

This was a nice facility but again was not a good fit for mom. Also I thought was a little too high priced for what they had to offer.

Would Not Recommend A Tour!!

I didn't like the atmosphere of the Brookdale Richland Hills. It wasn't very up-kept and didn't have a lot to offer. The staff that i met were nice but the community it self was not well presented. Everything seemed very disorganized and didn't feel like my tour went well.

Needs Some Updating!!

The rooms need a better atmosphere. During my tour i got to visit the rooms and i didn't get a warm feeling. The rest of the whole place was nice and organized. The tour guide was super attentive and gave me all of the necessary information in regard to the community. The meals and the activities sounded great.

Very poor experience

We had a very poor experience with Brookdale, and I absolutely would not recommend them to anyone. I think they were downright neglectful of my loved one. Almost every time I visited he was asleep in his room, and more than once he was in a dirty diaper. When something did go wrong and he needed a hospital visit they didn't bother to contact me, I only found out when I called them. I feel like they were just telling me what I wanted to hear before we moved him in, and when I moved him out after a month I only received a tiny refund on the over $9,000 I had paid by the point.

Great Location

Moving Mom has been a great experience considering the circumstances. Good thing is it's close enough to me and I know she is getting the necessary care. Since moving she has not participated in any activities but only because she chooses not to. There is plenty for the residents to do. Mom start radiation next week so I am hoping things continue to go as well as they have been. I'd definitely recommend if looking for care in the area.

Rick and Dawn and everyone have been great.

I think communication lines haven't been drawn. When you are looking at a place there is so much to take in I may have missed some things. However we had a hard time with the billing in the beginning, there are so many added fees, and there are services that haven't been started have been billed. The administrative end could definitely been streamlined. The people there have been very patient, and friendly. Rick and Dawn and everyone have been great. There haven't been any major complaints about the food or the staff, or housekeeping. The biggest complaint is that it's so tiny, the apartment itself is really small, especially for a couple.

Review of Brookdale Richland Hills - Richland Hills, TX

Two weeks respite care. No complaints. It was comforting to know she was in good hands safe and sound.

Review of Brookdale Richland Hills-Richland Hills, Tx

Popped in on the spur of the moment and Rick graciously took the time to show us around. Clean, friendly, homey environment. Very impressed with the facility.

The staff tries really hard, but they are over worked and not employees to manage the amount of patient/ residents at the facility.

very unhappy

We left Brookdale Richland Hills after only a week. I took my mother there so that she would get some better one on one care and attention. After three days she had been cooped up in her room with no care or attention at all and was in very poor condition.

Moved her to another facility where she is doing much better.

very helpful

They are always very approachable and you can reach them any time you need to to ask any questions and do whatever they can to help. It has really been a very positive experience with Brookdale Richland Hills and I would recommend them.

They are very good to my father and its a really nice place. Overall It is a good facility and glad we chose it. Their is a lot of unexpected expensive that I wasn't aware of when looking for a facility for my dad. They have a bunch of activities but need more for the men to play. I though they would have more trips to go on and get out of the facility but they dont. Overall I am pleased with the facility.

I thought it was wonderful

I am in a hurry but I will say that i absolutely think very highly of the place, the food is always excellent and the service /care received by the staff is wonderful and its worth checking out at least. Everything seems to be appropriate and above satisfaction.

Brookdale is wonderful.

Brookdale is wonderful. They have excellent quality of care there. She (mom) was happy there and didn't cry every day. She (mom) was there for two weeks and it cost $2400.00, but it was worth every penny. It was clean and comfortable, not understaffed. If it was understaffed, they didn't show it. They took time with the residents. They intermingled with them. I don't know what activities they had, but the lady Betsy, who was in charge, knew everything about her mom and took great care of her. I have nothing bad to say about them."

I just can't rave about them enough!

They are excellent caretakers. They took my mom for two weeks while we were on vacation. We had had a nursing home prior to this that charged a bunch of money and abused her. Brookdale was less, and took great care of her. They went way above and beyond what was expected. The food was excellent. I don't have the funds available to place her in there full time, but I certainly would if I did. I just can't rave about them enough!

Review of Brookdale Richland Hills - Richland Hills, TX

amazing quality of service to our loved ones, everyone there is friendly and helpful, ready to make the residents comfortable and happy. We used Brookdale for Mom for respite care, and were quite pleased with all there. Thank you to all the staff at Brookdale Richland Hills, hope to take advantage of your services again

Everyone went above a beyond my expectations. My mother was well taken care of for the 2 weeks she stayed there. I totally recommend this rest home to anyone looking for a place to have their loved one.

They do a great job.

They do a great job. It's clean, and the staff is friendly. They are attentive, and responsive. They have activities, my loved one has attended a couple and enjoyed them. He loves the food. This was hands down better than everywhere else we looked, there was no comparison. We liked the size of the community, it's small enough for a good caregiver to resident ratio. I like that they are very regimented, you know where he will sit and those kinds of things. From the day we walked in unannounced on a Saturday to check it out, we have been nothing but pleased.

A nice facility, and worth ...

A nice facility, and worth consideration for assisted living. Unable to service memory care. Competitively priced.

Did not have a good experience

We did not have a good experience with this community. We had two major issues: The first was that they seemed to have issues with cleanliness here, and there was a very strong urine odor in the section of the community that my loved one stayed in. The second issue were various miscommunications regarding billing. I paid two months up front, as well as the large community fee, but unfortunately my loved one was only in the community for a few days before requiring a trip to the hospital and not being able to return. I thought I had come to an agreement with one of their administration regarding how the bill would be split up, but then I started receiving calls demanding payment from someone else while we were in the middle of dealing with my loved ones hospice care. It just ended up being an unpleasant experience overall.

A Safe Place for Dad

We chose Clare Bridge as the next home for our father who experienced accelerated dementia after he'd been put under anesthesia. He was in a skilled nursing facility and experienced Sundowning. This skilled nursing place didn't understand the disease at all. My father began involuntarily yelling out "Help me" day and night and often without even being aware he was doing it. We began to realize that the cocktail of drugs the nursing home was giving him was actually making it worse. He lost his ability to walk from the drugs. So we began to look at options. Memory care was our primary focus as we considered a new home. I fell in love with Claire Bridge from the moment I stepped into the door. It has more of a "homey" feel instead of a skilled nursing home. All they do are dementia and Alzheimer patients there. I quickly noticed their response to behavior was different. This is a horrible disease - the long goodbye. It manifests in ways I'm learning to understand every day. Not much surprises me anymore. But their calm and nurturing environment allows the residents to feel safe and much more secure. The order and consistency is there which is so important to those suffering with this disease. The staff on their worst day is better than the staff from his past home on their best. They hire kind and gentle folks who are compassionate and caring. It's mostly a thankless job and they do it with grace. The way they treat the residents takes skill and has a calming effect on the patient. They don't stuff drugs down their throat at the first sign of a behavior. They instead try to look at the bigger picture and find another solution first. If you are looking for a safe place for your beloved parent, I cannot say enough good things about Clare Bridge of Richland Hills. They have made my life easier. I feel like I can actually relax and not worry all the time, sleep at night and enjoy my husband, children and grandchildren more because I know they are caring so consistently for him.

Needs more staff

I knew this community as Clarebridge, memory care. My love one has fallen a couple of times and no one was there. I think the food is good, but the service. I don’t there’s enough staff. Be absolutely sure that this is where you want someone. They try to care.

Supposed to be a memory, but they couldn’t help my loved one.

Supposed to be a memory, but they couldn’t help my loved one. The is food fair The residents need to fit into a certain mold for these people. Memory care should respond to people as if they are individuals. People aren’t made with cookie cutters!

Betsy/toured 14Apr $4250 p...

Betsy/toured 14Apr $4250 per month private room $3875No semi private avail Completely locked facility. Only staff has the access code.

Nice People, High Cost

We looked at this one but the cost was much higher. I thought it was cuter on the outside than on the inside but the people were very nice. We never had anyone live there so we didn’t experience them but they said they had activities available.

Chaotic and hard to know what the right care is

It's hard for me to rate the care because they really didn't provide enough care for him and I'm not going to say it's their fault or not because this was my only experience with this situation, I don't know which one of us should have known that. I'm not going to blame them for anything because I didn't know what kind of care he would need either.
It was a convinient place, it was relatively small and the people I met when I was looking there were really nice. It's kind of a chaotic place, I mean, it really is. Of course, I can only speak from my personal experience and i'm not going to say they aren't a good place because my experience wasn't good.
Figuring out what someone's needs are to come there has got to be extremely difficult if not an impossible thing to do. So probably, if they could improve something, helping people with better expectations of how their loved one's going to be cared for would be helpful, but for someone who's never dealt with this, you need a lot of guidance on what to expect in reality.

Memory care is a very different experience

It's a senior living, it wasn't as nice as Autumn Leaf or Oak Hollow, it was just okay. It seemed good, I liked the people there, it was a smaller facility, I think at that point it was my first one to go to and I was still struggling with everything that was goign on. It kind of hits you head on, your mom was in an assited living where everyone is just retirees, and then she has dementia and you have to go to an entirely different place. It was very emotional, just to know that your mother is at that stage. I don't know that I would have moved her in here, I did like the director that I spoke with, but I think in hindsight you see that there are a lot of marketing people involved and I didn't realize that's what it was. When you start this process it's a big learning curve.

Wonderful activities director

It's pretty good, I'm pretty happy. Grandma's on routine hospice and moms there but the day after I moved them in my daddy died so we're dealing with that. But Sterling house has worked out, the value is a hard question to answer but compared to the other places I've looked at the prices are fair. I've had a couple of concerns about the night sshift that I've shared with the nursing director but those have been taken care of. The activities director, Julie, is outstanding as far as involving my mom and getting my mom engaged, she goes to the video exercises every morning monday through friday and there have even been a couple of birthday parties that she's gone to but it's pretty hard.

Very friendly, concerned st...

Very friendly, concerned staff. I don't think my mom would fit due to her being so high functioning and many residents seem to be sleep, etc. Didn't see anyone she would identify with. They do not go on outings often.

Very Good Community

We toured this community and really liked it. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They offer a lot of amenities and plenty of activities for the residents. Overall they are a very good community that we would have selected but there was another Sterling House much closer to our home which equally as impressive.

Near North Hills Hospital

We chose Sterling House because it was convenient located for our family. It is also one of the nicer communities in the area. It is located near North Hills Hospital so it makes it easy to get to. We are very happy with Sterling House and would recommend it to anyone.

Talked to Beverly Roberts and set up ...

Talked to Beverly Roberts and set up a tour. Helped me to understand how Medicare relates to health care only and not housing cost.Nice facility - Old folk smell in lobby but lot's of seniors were singing in activity.Concerns that personal care expense could get high over time.Employee smoking outside while visiting. Attending nurse away on required training.Barbara very nice and upfront.No Medicaid transition facility when money runs out.Lots of great activities at both on facility and offsite.Ability to moved to extreme care at facility next door 600 locations within the Brookland organization in case of relocation with priority placement $500 deposit required to get in line - Expected unit available within 30 days (mid size)$3095. smaller unit not on horizon.($2,795)

Very homey, sweet, and feels comforta...

Very homey, sweet, and feels comfortable. We may have found a winner.

Really liked Sterling House (this one...

Really liked Sterling House (this one), they have a memory care facility attached.

I think director said this one had no...

I think director said this one had no openings. Need to see if any are coming up and the cost for dad if mom was at Clare Bridge and he was here. They are next door to each other. Need to see if dad ws at this place if it would be an option for me to still do his meds and save med management fee.

Very nice. Recently redone due to fl...

Very nice. Recently redone due to flood damage. Like the Bathroom shower config here. Smallest and largest are suitable for us. Also has outings to Walmart+CVS. Don't like the strict employee-only access but bathroom is great.

Very nice facility. Price not too bad.

Very nice facility. Price not too bad.

Good community. Not sure if mom is u...

Good community. Not sure if mom is up to this independence, though.

Liked it - perfect location.

Liked it - perfect location.

From the Community

Brookdale Richland Hills is an intimate assisted living community designed to provide comfort, privacy and care for its seniors. Located in a quaint area of Richland Hills, TX, our community is just a short drive from some of the area’s best attractions.

Our community is committed to providing highly personalized care. Our well-trained and caring staff takes time to get to know each person and their family, enabling us to provide each resident with the most appropriate type of care. We work to encourage independence, protect privacy and promote dignity while being available and ready to help when needed.

Here are some of the services we offer:

•Personalized assessment plan that is regularly reviewed by staff
•Assistance with personal needs such as grooming and dressing
•Full meal service selected by a registered dietician
•Snacks available
•Personal laundry and housekeeping services
•Medication management and support

Life at Brookdale Richland Hills involves more than quality service and great care. We also provide an excellent lifestyle for our residents through the many amenities found at our community, some of which include:

•Gorgeous courtyard and garden that are perfect for enjoying fine weather
•Fireside living room where residents can socialize
•Private dining room that’s ideal for sharing a special meal with family
•Spacious porch for relaxing, reading or sipping on coffee

But that’s not all. Our bustling activities calendar is full of exciting events, so residents are never at a loss of what to do. These fun activities allow residents to create lasting memories and build great relationships with other seniors. Some events might include: scenic drives through the countryside, happy hour gatherings, shopping trips, exercise classes, and movie nights.

We strive to find the right balance of health, wellness and fun. We can’t wait to welcome your family to ours.