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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors

Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a senior living community in the DFW metroplex, Brookdale North Richland Hills is the best. My Mom lived at the community. The dedication of the care staff, the nutritional food options, complimentary housekeeping and transportation as well as the social interaction was the reason why we chose Brookdale North Richland Hills.

Exceptional Senior Living!

Brookdale North Richland Hills offers an exceptional lifestyles in independent and assisted living.

visited 3 yrs ago and liked. but it is geared toward independent living and would not be suitable at this time. went to their true assisted living place and it is old, looks old and is not what we want.

Run down

While looking at different locations for my love one this place is my least favorite. It is very run down aside from their outside appearance. The rooms are not very well kept and their layout of the rooms was not very large at all. However, the staff team is very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, because of my primary concern of the room lay out I did not move forward with this facility.

It felt too institutional and sterile...

I toured here when looking for a place for my mom and stepdad and they seem to be a little sterile. It didn’t have the same level of life in the residents as a couple of other places that I had seen and there didn’t seem to be much warmth. They looked more institutional. We had an individual that showed us around and they kind of had a finite set of rules and you had to fit into a certain box. They didn’t seem very flexible.

Mom's Home

This community is a good fit for mom it's independant living. And they are extremely personable here. Very concerned with getting any issues resolved quickly. The dining room is accommodating and good food. They have lots of daily activities that she plans on getting involved with. The grounds are green and manicured nicely. I would recommend this clean community to anyone.

I am not interested in Brookdale. The duplex/cottage type of setup is not what I am looking for. My rate is low because of my lack of interest.

Community Needs Updating

We took a tour of this community for my father, and his needs. The tour was pretty nice. However from, what I was shown the main common areas were kind a noisy. I also think the community could use some updating. The colors pattern was a bit dated. Overall I did not feel this was the right atmosphere for my father.

I did not get to tour this facility because we decided on a Dallas location, but [Removed] was extremely helpful and stayed in touch with me over a long period of time. She gave me a great understanding of how to embark on finding my parents a home. Many thanks to her!

Brookdale North was very nice but was not the place for my Mother. She needed more care than they could offer. And the sales rep realized that once we talked. She was very helpful.

Nice Facility!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community for my loved one and I for possible future living arrangements and I have no complaints of how things had went. I liked the open floor plan and thought they had a great activity selection for the residents. The property was clean and well maintained throughout the building. It was just not the right choice for us in the end decision but I would recommend it to anyone.

Wonderful community, very well maintained, very organized staff, great activities, several room choices, roomy and welcoming common areas. Staff could not have done more to help us understand how things are done and cover all the questions. Community residents were active and engaged and appeared very comfortable and happy in their home.

My mom's care

I like this community for care. The staff was nice and caring and attentive. The community was cleaned and maintained. The menu was very good for here. They had a lot of nice actives. We would recommend this community to other families depending on the needs that are required for a loved one.

Visiting Mom Is Minutes Away

My mom likes the community. She has assistance from the staff. She is safe and doing very good. I visit her daily I see the community is pretty clean. Once after church we stopped by and the staff showed us my mom, she was playing a game with the residents. We were happy to see her engaging. I wish the food could be better. The community needs balance, more active physical programs. They don't have a gym area to exercise. Since my mom is very close, I can be there in minutes. I would recommend them to family in need.

My nice home

I am very happy living at this nice community. The staff are always helpful and caring when needed. The community is clean and I like the enviroment. They offer alot of nice activities for the residents who live here. I would recommend this community to others wanting a great place to call home with a good value

Happy with our decision

Brookdale North Richland Hills has been a good fit for my mother. The care can vary and in some cases you get what you pay for. I think for what we are paying they are providing her adequate care. She enjoys the food and couldn't believe they asked her what she wanted to eat! They seem to upkeep the community very well. The carpets seem vacuumed; they have music playing in the background from genres the residents like. She decided on Brookdale North Richland after our tour.She liked the marketing staff and the people a lot. She also enjoyed the delicious food.

Tour was A Good One

My tour was this community was a pretty good one. The community appeared to be nice, and clean. From what I saw everything looked good. The staff I met was friendly, and courteous. It was a good experience, and this is a nice community with friendly people.

Many tours..

I toured this and a few more communities before deciding. This place was nice but did not compare to the other place that I chose. Everyone was very friendly here.

Not a good experience

Unfortunately our experience with Brookdale North Richland Hills was not a very good one. The facility itself is very nice looking, but when we placed my loved one here I don't think they thought very hard about what would be best for her and her needs. It was our first experience looking into senior care so we depended a lot on them to guide us through the process, and she ended up in a unit that just was not a good fit at all in terms of her mobility issues and the level of care she needed. I also felt the staff could have been a bit friendlier and more welcoming.

Not enough like home!

The place was nice and the staff was very helpful. I did see some of the people out and doing things. I just did not like where the dining room was located and that the community had a nursing home feel. This just was not the place for my parents.

Very nice place!

My tour of the Brookdale North Richland Hills went very well. The place was very clean and well maintained. All of the staff that I came in contact with were very courteous and had a lot of helpful information. Great place, we just went with a place that was less expensive.

Family Care

I toured this community and the staff were very nice and answered the questions that I had. They had a great list of activities to choose from. The community was clean and well taken care of. I did not getting the right feeling from this community,but think that other families might find this community to be good for a loved one.

Still Adjusting, But Overall Pleased

This is a lovely community, and they are taking good care of my loved one. He is still adjusting, but I know he is in good hands here. They do a very good job with keeping the community nice and well maintained. Most of the staff is very helpful and friendly. There are nice activities offered. The meals are nice, and well balanced. He is being cared for well here. I know he is in good hands and I would recommend this community.

Excellent Care

This is a great community for anyone. the staff is amazing and helpful. The activities are helping him in many ways. The food is great and a good variety. We would highly recommend this for fantastic care.

Nice facility with extensive dining options. Two story with the dining room upstairs. Lots of areas for activities and family gatherings. Concerned about the lip of the shower being a little too tall for my mother.

Nice facility with extensive dining options. Two story with the dining room upstairs. Lots of areas for activities and family gatherings. Concerned about the lip of the shower being a little too tall.

Best Of The Best!!

I really like that the staff always gives a report to my husband about how my grandfather is doing. The communication has been great the staff is very courteous. My grandfather likes the meals provided to him they have good taste to them. He is settling in very well into the place and getting to meet new people. We really like the services that they are providing for him.

Great, impressed, residents and employees alike all had smiles. Those I spoke with were happy.

Great Place for Great Care

This community is outstanding. A wonderful staff who is very attentive. Very clean rooms and outside is highly maintained at all times. Great food with good variety. Activities are always offered for those who want to participate and keep active. I would recommend this for others and there family loved ones.

Very Helpful Staff

My sister is doing very well at this community. I am pleased and I really like the staff. The facility looks great and everything is nice and clean. The staff is very helpful and friendly. She is trying out some new activities. The food is good, she really enjoys the meals. It has been a pleasant experience and I would recommend it.

Expensive But Worth It

They are really nice to me at this community. It is pretty expensive, but i do feel it is worth it. This is really nice looking community, my room is nice and someone comes and cleans for me. I enjoy the meals and I like the activities. The staff is very helpful and sweet, I really enjoy talking to them. It is expensive, but they are caring for me very well here.


Things are excellent at Horizon Bay. We are very happy with the facility and we are also very happy with the services that A Place For Mom has provided for us.

My MIL has become more active and social since she moved in to Horizon Bay.
She loves the activities and is making new friends all the time. The convienance of having her hairdresser and doctors come to her is awesome.
Thank you for making her feel at home.

Food Is Good

My loved one has said that they really enjoy the meals that are served at the Horizon Bay. However, they could improve on the activities a little bit; adding more and encouraging the residents to participate.

We love it.

We love it. No complaints at all so far. I would give them a five. We really are very happy with them so far.

dining room is too cold

Overall I am very pleased with Horizon Bay North Richard Hills. The only complaint I have is that the dining room is too cold. Other than that things are going well. It has been a good experience at this facility.

Horizon Bay in NRH

My husband and viewed many facilities and decided upon Horizon Bay. The staff is caring and the meals are good.

When you're in need of a respite

My father was being released from the hospital and wasn't quite ready to come home. He still needed a little help and I was going out of town and unable to care for him. Brookdale is an amazing place to use as a respit. Everyone is caring compassionate and friendly. He had what I call his own little apartment with help when needed and someone to be there if needed. They offer so many activities and their dining room is always open! I will defiantly use them again in the event it is needed!! There isn't enough I can say about Brookdale.

Kind and caring staff. The property is clean and everyone is friendly. They are in the middle of a major remodel. Cottages are homey and updated.

It seemed like they provide wonderful care services!

I toured here when I was checking into places. This was a really nice community. To the best of my knowledge, it seemed like they provide wonderful care services!

Seemed nice, but not a good fit for us

We visited this community when we were looking into senior living options. This seems like it might be a nice place for someone who needs assistance, but it wouldn't have been a good place for us. It was clean and the people were friendly, and it looked like the care they provided was excellent, but it just felt kind of depressing, it didn't have a warm atmosphere.

They are doing a great job over there.

They are doing a great job over there. She is settling in and we have been very pleased so far. They are taking good care of her, and are very attentive. She says the food is okay, and we have eaten there a couple of times and it's not bad. I think they are providing very good service.

My experience with Horizon Bay North ...

My experience with Horizon Bay North Richland Hills has been good. I'm pleased with the staff and the care they provide. The facility is well maintained, and overall, I'm satisfied with the services they offer.

Friendly staff, but the care can be lacking.

They are very friendly, and their marketing people are very good, but the care can be lacking. Some of the staff are pretty good, some aren't. I have been disappointed in the nursing area. It has been difficult to get a schedule set up. I have only had one meal there, and the one time I ate there it was good, but she has lots of complaints about the food, she says the portions get smaller and smaller and the chicken is more and more rubbery. I think it might have to do with the way the kitchen is set up. They have lots of activities, and nice programs. They have tried to correct some of the issues, when I have brought them up, they started working on them right away. The other residents can be a little cliquey, and shun some of the residents that aren't originally from the area.

Going well so far!

So far things are going well. My loved one really seems to like it here! They do an excellent job looking after their residents, and they are able to provide all the care that she needs. The one issue we've had is that the person who handles their billing could be a bit more prompt with their responses.

Not a happy camper

When we first moved my aunt into Horizon Bay (1 1/2 yrs. ago), we were pleased with the apartment, food, and personnel, although we did feel the fees for some of the optional services were a bit expensive compared to other facilities. The facility, however, was close to our home. After 6 mos., the food went so downhill and continued to do so until we had to move her out. She became anemic and would bearly eat their meals, with the exception of breakfast and an occassional lunch. The admininistrative staff changed and the nurse is a joke. When we spoke with the staff, they promised changes, but nothing happened or things got worse. I understand they have upgraded some of the apartment's kitchenette's and carpeting as clients moved out. I imagine that is a good thing since the dining room food is terrible. Residents we know who are still there are trying to find other facilities, many have friends/relatives take them food shopping for microwavable food. Others we knew have moved out. In addition, they raised the rent to the max and increased the all-ready high assistance fees even more. I would NOT recommend this facility to anyone.

Very nice open, bright faci...

Very nice open, bright facility. The meal plan is wonderful allowing residents to have their meals when they want to eat, not when they have to eat. Concerned about the fact it is two-story and doors are not locked.


We toured this location when we were looking into options for our loved one. it was a nice looking place, although it was larger and not quite as homey feeling as the options we ended up choosing. Since it was a larger facility with many more staff they did have a larger and more complete schedule of activities.

It's a lovely place.

This is a larger facility. It's a lovely place. The apartments are spacious and nice. They had plenty of good food, you just couldn't special order some things, but the dining room was open from 7 in the morning, until 7 at night. They had a bus that carried people to Walmart, and a big piano in the lobby that she would play sometimes. They had a beauty parlor, and all kinds of activities.

Great place, with a few issues

I'll start by saying that in terms of care this place was great. My Mom loved it, and they kept her happy and comfortable until she passed. It was after that that we ran into issues. I was never informed that I was continuing to be billed until every scrap of her personal belongings and furniture were off of the property. Although I had been speaking to them while this was going on they never told me I was being charged by the day until everything was out. The front desk person said he did not know, after the fact. They need to make sure that people they assign to speak with customers know the billing rules. The saleswoman, Beverly, was also not respectful and told us "Well, you should have read your contract closer."

wonderful place

The second we walked in I told my husband this was the place for Mom they all are very caring and show there residents all the care in the world All our concerns were taken care of

Mixed Experience

I have been here for three months. They are probably pretty much like most of them. They pretend to be really great but not near as great as you thought they would be. The food sounds great on paper but they don't live up to what they're stuffing about. They don't know how to make Mexican food at all. Lousy tortilla and I've never seen any cheese sauce on anything. Half the time it is not cooked tender enough that anyone can chew it unless they got natural teeth. The TV is in the hallway so you can watch TV as a group, but I was here for about 4 weeks and the TV wouldn't play. I reported it and it took them a month to get it operating. When I moved in, my toilet was way too short for me. Felt like I was sitting on a pot. They finally got another stool, but I had to go through quite a bit of complaining to get that done. I got it done because I am stubborn, but an ordinary person wouldn't have got anything.

Welcoming Staff

It took me over 1 year to decide it was best for my parent's wellness and quality of life to move into assisted living (and out of my home).
I had visited Horizon Bay NRH years before in consideration for a place for my grandmother a few years back, but had not thought of it again until it was suggested to me. I made an appointment, toured and I just knew this was the right place.
The staff is friendly, attentive to the residents needs, dining is wonderful. Honestly, I was ready to move in :)

So far am very pleased with the overa...

So far am very pleased with the overall experience of Horizon Bay. They are good to my dad and he's very happy there.

Loved this place. In so ma...

Loved this place. In so many ways it is a wonderful fit. I met with Beverly who was very helpful and informative. We spent approx 1 1/2 hours with the tour and meeting. I placed a 500.00 hold on a 2 bedroom, for the price of one at this time due to availability. She was also helpful with financial options and assistance. The 500 is fully refundable if we decide against the unit. It was approx 300 above the preferred budget, but worth the extra. I have a meeting with my mother to ensure she will be accepted in assisted. The nurse will do evaluation, so that will be a big determining factor.

Community Features: Paved w...

Community Features: Paved walking paths and garden areas Landscaped grounds Library, comfortable living rooms and social meeting areas Private dining room available for special occasions Salon and barbershop Resident and guest parking Guest suite available for visitors Centrally located laundry rooms Apartment Studio, one and two bedroom apartments with kitchens Small pets welcome Resident call system in every apartment Month to month rental, no buy-in required All utilities included, except telephone Cable provided in every apartment

Excellent staff and spacious accomoda...

Excellent staff and spacious accomodations. Very close to my home. Services offered are wonderful for peace of mind. Residents wear emergency bracelets. Shower tub. All utilities are included with the only exception of phone/internet.

I went to visit Horizon Bay at NRH an...

I went to visit Horizon Bay at NRH and spoke with the Director. The overall look is pleasant and it is tucked away so there is not a lot of general traffic, considering you are right off Blvd 26. I was able to view a cottage. They are comfortable enough and have a good deal of storage in the closets. The screened in porch looks out on to a road. It would have been nice to view a fountain or something other than traffic, but that is what it is.. I did not like the apartment style independent living in the ?big house?. There is no kitchen at all and no room for even a small table. They were very tiny and had no place to just sit unless you walked out to the main hallways. Everything looks clean and well kept and the staff seemed friendly. Most of the folks were sitting in the porch at the front door as you walked in. It gave me the impression of a nursing home rather than active senior living.

Doesn't look like it has a pool or in...

Doesn't look like it has a pool or in-apt laundry hook-ups but it has a library that looks nice. (BC)

Good tour.

Good tour.

very nice facility but large. Mom did...

very nice facility but large. Mom didn't like it. No separate memory care section - they are in general population. Might still be an option.

Cottages, cafe style, happy residents.

Cottages, cafe style, happy residents.