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Customer Reviews

BV assisted living

My mother and father moved to BV in 2014. The care they received started out well but gradually deteriorated. It might be an OK place for independent living, but they have really fallen down in assisted living. It got to the point where it did not feel safe. She moved out in June 2019 to a better and nicer place. She feels safe now and the food is better. BVs food was usually cold and grade B ingredients. First impressions are great at BV, but the facility is not maintained well. It’s a big corporation, so profit is their number one concern.

We were very impressed with this place. We went back to talk with [name removed] some more & my brother was just waiting for [name removed] to call him on Sunday to discuss a little further.

Simply was not the place best suited for our parents but still seems like an amazing place, quite the buzz. While waiting I saw the reception staff sincerely caring for their residents. It is very clear who the first priority is, the resident in what appears to be a very caring environment with many happy residents.

Very nice facility. They are very open about past problems at the facility. The cost and the community fees kept us from choosing this place.

Grandt Mansfield

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate it.


They increased monthly fees without proper notification since my wife was a wheelchair patient stating she .needing two to assist her in her daily care needs.YET...They dropped her twice requiring sutures on right leg...second fall fractured her hip resulting out of pocket medical charges of $1,400.00 plus ambulance charges, Later I found out that their nursing and therapy credentials where revoked...They lost many of her clothing...
They lost her wedding band and a small finger ruby ring....Bathrooms were poorly cleaned....Structure, although plush, was like a penitentiary...Little therapy activity other than a large TV screen. Laundry was poorly structured...Clothes throwen in a heap in closet...Extremely disatisfied....

The people who work there are angels. Like I think they might be literal angels. Especially [name removed] and [name removed].

Don't be taken in by promises

After reading the reviews of Bonaventure of Lacey I cannot help but comment. My parents lived there in assisted living for almost a year. We too were taken in by the sales pitch and promises, which are the only thing giving Bonaventure a 4 star rating - the people who have only toured the place. If you read the other comments carefully, please note the lower ratings of the ones whose parents have actually lived there. It was not a safe environment for my parents. I had to constantly monitor them and make sure their needs were being met. The workers are generally caring, just grossly understaffed. They (sales) promised, as described, in another review, to escort them, help them and more. But they simply do not have the time. My Mother regained at least 30 percent of her mental faculties after moving out of there - and she has dementia. Seriously check out every aspect and make sure you have the time to visit and monitor on a daily basis if you are considering Bonaventure of Lacey for a loved one who is not independently functional.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact me at Gashby (at)

This one is also on the top of our list. I is rather large and I am concerned that mom might get lost. Heck I would. [Removed] was spectacular and is very enthused about having mom come stay there. Going to take mom to see what she thinks.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you so much for visiting our Lacey Community. We do try and make the atmosphere as happy and fun for our amazing senior residents as possible. Please send me a note if mom has any questions: [removed].

OUTSTANDING... but likely outside of our budget.

Never recommend this facility.

My husband was there for 2.5 years. They never followed through with promised service improvements. The administration was very difficult to deal with. The food kept getting worse. Staff turnover was constant. There were never enough aides or techs and they were poorly trained.

The outside and indoors looked beautiful, but underneath the shell- yuk.

I finally decided that enough was enough and brought him home.

Poor Management

My mother was here for 4 months and I have no complaints about the staff or the facilities... but the management not only lacks follow-thru, but at times short-staffs the residents... leaving one person to get 200 residents ready for a meal or bed. The management also fails to follow-thru with financially critical information if you are using Long-Term-Care insurance to help cover the cost of your stay.
I finally had to rent my mother an apartment and hire a 24/7 caregiver because she was not getting the advertised level of care.

Five Stars

My loved one was not at the Bonaventure of Lacey Senior Living facility for very long, but even so I do not have anything to complain about. It is an average facility and I can not think of any improvements.

If this is Senior Living,sign me up. There is a lot to do here and their active seniors were doing it.
If your senior isn't so active there are quiet places also. Plenty of opportunities to mingle or just watch others.
The nuts and bolts system of how it works was laid out in a very easy to understand manner.
I really liked the extra large windows in the apartments and there was lots of storage and of course a very safety first bathroom.
I also got a follow up call to see if I had any others question(which I did) , and I liked that.

The dining room needs to be more efficient. This is the one place they need to improve. Tables need to be wiped down between seating, hard to tell if place-sittings have been partially used. Servers try hard but often get the order incorrect.

Toured here, very nice place.

We toured here when we were looking around and this was a very nice place as well. The only reason we didn't pick this one, was location. The other community we were looking at was a little closer to the doctor, and all the appointments.

really good

My mother is staying at Bonaventure of Lacey Senior Living and they have been very good. They have a lot of really good activities. Their housekeeping does a really good job. All the people there are extremely friendly.

One area for improvement though is that they change directors all the time and it creates some churn. They also need to invest some money in better food quality and kitchen staff. The food there is not terrible, but it certainly could be better.

I think they have done just fine.

I think they have done just fine. They are nothing but professional. It's clean and the staff is friendly.

Review of Bonaventure of Lacey Senior Living Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Lacey, WA

We liked how clean the home was and how nice the folks were. the only issue is there are a lot of people and we are trying to determine if this is the right fit.

I found that they don't live up to the sales pitch, they promise a lot and then it doesn't happen.

I found that they don't live up to the sales pitch, they promise a lot and then it doesn't happen. They were supposed to escort them down to meals for the first few days, and no one ever came, if I hadn't been there she would have starved, she didn't know where to go. Nobody ever showed up with her medicine, in the assisted living side. Once we got to memory care there were two main problems. The communication among the staff, was not good. And they were understaffed. I liked all the people but I felt like the most important part for them, was the sales pitch and getting us in. You have to stay on them constantly, and not just here but with any place.

This was just not a good experience for us.

Our loved one was put here by a different location of Bonaventure, and it was supposed to be temporary. It was far away from our family, in another state. We decided we didn't want our loved one that far away even temporarily, they made us come and get our loved one, and then wouldn't turn his records over when he needed to be moved. This was just not a good experience for us.

Late medication dispensal

This facility is always short of staff. The Med-Techs are almost always late with meds-distribution. There should be more transportation available. Not all medical appointments can be scheduled for a Thursday.

Moving in questions

We like Bonaventure at Lacy and would recommend it to others. The questions suggested by A Place for Mom to answer while looking at all places were helpful. However, I would recommend a second set of questions to ask when the family is at the place of signing the lease. What can Mom and family expect the first, second, third week of living there? How will Mom be integrated into life at the facility? Who do we go to for answers to our questions? Mom is not able to remember all that she has done or who she did it with. The Home Doctor should have a list of insurance companies they accept rather than having to apply and having to wait to see if Mom would be accepted by the Doctor.

Loved this place. Seriousl...

Loved this place.'s like a nice hotel with apartments. Warm staff, so many things to do, residents were busy and happy. The building and the grounds were clean, and they were oh so very patient with me! This is the top of our list so far.

From the Community

Welcome to Bonaventure A Retirement, Assisted Living & Memory Care Community Life is good here in our community, and we like to share it with welcomed guests. You'll be proud to share it with your friends and family too. You will appreciate the great architecture, high ceilings, natural light and unequaled common areas for entertaining. Or perhaps you'll want to take a stroll through our peaceful neighborhood and beautifully landscaped gardens. In this friendly neighborhood, you'll find Lacey and a home you will relish.

Good times, good friends, good place On long summer evenings, sit on the patio or go for a walk. During the holidays, cozy up to the fireplace or meet up with your friends without having to brave the winter weather. In every season, enjoy one of the many activities and events. You'll always be minutes from excellent shopping, banking, restaurants, health care and more. This really is the best of everything.

Retirement Perfected, right here That's life on your terms at our community. Create the home you want with choices, flexibility, independence, respect, good times and exactly the amount of expert help and care you desire, from a little to a lot.

Lacey is a great example of how Bonaventure Senior Living makes it easy to create the home you want on your terms -- and why doctors, referral agencies, churches, not to mention 96% of our residents!, enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and families.

Memory care For those who need specialized care because of Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other memory loss, we offer a complete range of services and support in a home-like setting. Dignity, choice and independence are the basis of our care philosophy.

Come see why we're different We cook from scratch, often with local and seasonal ingredients. Your meals are made by a chef; they don't come in a can. Our healthy and delicious food is often listed as a number one reason people make their homes here.

We're here for you.