Blumenthal Nursing & Rehab - Greensboro, NC

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Customer Reviews

Stay Away!

It is a misnomer to call this place a rehab facility. "Rehab" suggests improvement in one's condition after the stay in the facility. This is the opposite of what happened with my step-mother. She is not the same person she was after her nearly one-month stay here. I will outline some of the problems during her stay. The facility made it hard for visitors. They would not give my dad a list of her medications and they would not let her see her own doctor. They would only change her hearing aide batteries if my dad was there to remind them. They threatened to send my step-mother to a behavioral health facility in Thomasville and generally created an atmosphere of fear. They sedated her against her will. My dad had to ask for a walker. They then gave her a walker for a few days but then took it away. They were frequently late with meals and did not give her the cereal my dad brought from home. Her release was a chaotic experience and they denied my dad's request to send her home in an ambulance. Finally, they lost her clothes valued at about a 150 dollars. I am not sure if she will ever be the same again after being in this awful place. The state of North Carolina should investigate this facility before they do harm to more people.

Administration Sub-standard

The administration of this facility left much to be desired. My mother was transferred there from the hospital and explained that I was her emergency contact and POA. Instead, she a neighbor accompanied her, they called the neighbor twice during emergencies, including when my mother passed away, instead of calling me. They also sent the neighbor directly a personalized itemized statement. This was weeks after I personally met with the business manager providing all of my contact information and paid for all services up front. The person who called with regard to my mother's death were rude to the neighbor when she asked whether or not they had notified me. The person was brusque. You'd think they would have a plan in place to compassionately notify family members that a parent has passed away. The business manager has not returned my calls with regard to the refund due to the estate. I'm disappointed.

Did not have a good experience

We just did not have a good experience with Blumenthal overall. Our loved one was here for rehab care, and unfortunately did not show much improvement. Mom also said they were not very kind to her. We also had an issue where Mom was left in a dirty diaper for over 2 hours before being changed.

Nice looking place

We toured this location when we were looking into care options for our loved one, and we have also used them for rehab in the past. This is a nice looking place, and the staff are friendly, however some of the rooms were very very small. The private rooms were a nice size, but the shared rooms were basically the size of a hospital room. I also wasn't impressed by what I saw of the available activities. When we used this place for rehab in the past our loved one had some negative interractions with a few staff members.

Good For Rehab

It's a nuring home and assisted living too, I think. My mom was just there for rehab so she didn't get into the community of it. They have a very good rehab program.

From the Community

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