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Nursing Homes in Greensboro, North Carolina

The discussion of nursing home care is likely to go over as well as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs. Seniors don't always like the idea of living in a nursing home, primarily because they lose some of their independence. They may not want to admit they need help, or they may feel that family should help them. In either case, having the discussion early keeps families on the same page when the time comes. The modern family is busy, harried, and barely has enough time to keep up with themselves. Trying to take care of someone else who needs full-time attention is difficult, and it can cause more problems for aging seniors than good. Fortunately, Greensboro offers families a lot of options to smooth over the transition.

Living in Greensboro

The city was originally inhabited by Native people, but Quaker immigrants from Pennsylvania came to settle in the land and set up their own religious services. The settlement grew in numbers, and became the mother of several other Quaker establishments, making it one of the most important Quaker communities in the state and west of the Appalachians. Although much of the state sympathized with the Confederate army during the civil war, the city of Greensboro was largely untouched by the war. It wasn't until Confederate President Jefferson Davis fled capture by Union soldiers and met his cabinet in Greensboro that any real part of the war affected the city. Once in Greensboro, Davis made plans to flee overseas, and he and the Confederates that gathered there went in their own directions. The city became known as the "final capital city of the Confederacy." After a lengthy civil rights struggle, Greensboro became a culturally diverse city. Its main economy is textiles, tobacco, and furniture. There are several large businesses in the area, including FedEx, Honda Aircraft Company, and Lincoln Financial Group, all of which provide the city with jobs. Greensboro also has a lot of music, arts, theaters, and museums for tourists and residents alike.

First Steps

When you realize you need help caring for your loved one, before you even begin searching for homes, write out what you and your loved one require in a nursing home. This might include a gated community, individual living spaces, whole foods specific to your loved one's diet, or even certain activities. Once you know what you want in a home, it's easier to weed out the ones you don't want. When you find a place where your loved one feels safe and welcomed, but still has some of their independence, then you will both have peace of mind that you made the right decision. Meet with the directors of the nursing home and get a sense of how things operate. Watch the residents as you look around. Do they seem happy and healthy, or are there signs of abuse and neglect? Also, take your loved one's feelings into consideration. If they absolutely hate a place, regardless of what you think, it might be better to seek another facility.

The Costs of Nursing Homes

The good news is that Greensboro is less expensive than larger cities, so the cost of a nursing home should fall in the average price range of about $50,000 per year. If you and your family plan ahead, you can purchase long-term care insurance to cover the cost of a nursing home so you don't have to worry about the financial piece of it. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek out Medicare or Medicaid, although North Carolina has its own rules about that so it's best to look into it early. Statistically, most people burn through their savings within six months of placing a loved one in a nursing home. It's better to have insurance cover the costs when possible.

Moving your loved ones to a nursing home is an emotional process, and choosing the right facility may be the easiest part. Sometimes finding a way to pay for a nursing home is the most stressful part. To help families eliminate stress during an emotional time, industry experts recommend discussing care needs early so that everyone is on the same page. This gives families time to research their options and put actions in place to pay for nursing home care.