Belmont Shore Mobile Estates - Long Beach, CA

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Belmont Shores Mobile Estates

This is a GREAT location with very poor management. Managers direct you to call police if you have an issue. The police say its private property and they have no jurisdiction. We pay for security but have none.

The HOA has management taking notes. HOA meetings are not conducted with ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER and because management is in meetings taking notes the HOA power is rendered useless.

There are sparse to no activities. There is a major issue with management. Management has serious control/parental issues and for the most part ignore you until it's time to collect the rent.

Many people have young roommates. This is against the rules but again...
Management says they have no way to enforce this.

Lots of folks have huge dogs.
Any dog over 30 lbs is against the rules. Management says there is no way to enforce this.

Why have all of us sign rules if they are not going to be followed?

The value is good because of the location.
The mobile homes that are inhabited by residents who are clutterers and do not keep up the outside of their homes bring the value of the park down. Management says they can not do anything.

It's a great location but be aware when you move are on your own.


When addressing Cleanliness i am referring to the Management lack of concern for weeds, hoarding on porches, good luck getting them to enforce the rules.

Friendliness is regarding the Management ( not very friendly) , they are not willing to go any extra mile, they really shift the blame on whom is responsible for any call or duty it is to remedy any situation that is there job to remedy.

Value is good, due to location location location!

Care services NONE.

Activities are really sparse, nothing really.

They claim to have walking trail, it is really a small walkway, management does not respond to any complaints, management consists of two people, [Name removed] & [Name removed]. They really talk the talk,. but they do not walk the walk, meaning they do nothing to enforce rules, they will NOT ever look at video footage when it has to be viewed from the past day, to see infractions of rules by the pool, they will not do anything except have YOU call the police instead of them doing their job!

[Name removed] is the biggest joke, i am not so sure he is even qualified to be a manager, he does not seem to be able to monitor parking, kids in the pool area, homeless people who are using the park facilities, he rides around on the electric cart talking to his favorite friends. [Name removed] is afraid of confrontation, he seems afraid of enforcing the rules, so i think being a manager at BSME is not a good fit for him.

You need someone who understands the rules, who has high standards, someone that will go out and write up people that are not keeping up with weeds, hoarding, etc!