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A Good Place For Your Loved One

My loved one has been residing at Autumn Leaves, Georgetown, TX for two years now. I knew this was the place for him when I first walked in the door. It has a very bright and open atmosphere. [Name removed], marketing director, was extremely helpful and supportive in guiding me thru the process. I have found the staff and management very helpful and respectful. It takes very caring and loving people to work with residents with dementia. I spend between 2-3 hours daily with my husband, so I see how things are run and what the caregivers have to go thru to keep things running as smoothly as possible. The food is always good and there are activities, mornings and afternoons for the residents to participate in. Music is always playing, and [name removed], the activities director, is always busy scheduling live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. My husband and I do a lot of walking, as the facility has large halls enabling room for walkers, wheelchairs and people walking. I like talking with the other residents and getting to know them and their families. It's just heart breaking when the disease wins the battle. This is a great facility for loved ones to live in, while experiencing their ending journey.

Please Be Warned of Level of Care

My mother had been a resident at Autumn Leaves of Georgetown for almost three years, since August of 2016. In the early days of her stay there it was very nice. The rooms were kept clean and my mother was kept clean, dry, and comfortable for the most part. We had a few problems but as we made report of those problems the Executive Director and the Director of Healthcare were very compassionate and understanding. In each case where we felt that my mother was being neglected or mistreated we were given apologies and assurance that it would not happen again and for the following two years it didn't happen again. Unfortunately, over the last several months that hasn't been the case. The Georgetown Autumn Leaves facility is no longer able to maintain staff. From their healthcare team and caregivers, to their other staff, it's become a revolving door with almost complete staff turnover every few months. They have been without a nurse, or Director of Healthcare, since their last Director of Healthcare resigned in February and the care went downhill fast. We were so concerned about a situation of severe neglect, which endangered my mother's health, and was not addressed or corrected, and we were forced to do an emergency move out and move her into another facility. That is an extremely difficult thing to do with a person suffering from advanced dementia and loss of mobility. They promise to have nurses and well trained staff to take good care of your loved ones and this is what happened to my mother: she had been ill with something that almost took her away from us and left her unresponsive (unconscious) and unable to breath and blue except with constant oxygen which lasted for almost three days, from [date removed] through [date removed]. On [date removed] I advised my brother, who resides out of state, that his family needed to come down because we didn't think she would make it trough the night. During this time, even though my mother had been there for almost three years, not a single person other than one caregiver, offered any well wishes for my mother or showed us or my mother any compassion or sympathy. Luckily my mother did pull through and she came around on [date removed]. She was able to get out of bed again but with her hospice nurse's instructions: that she should be put into bed anytime she started turning blue or slumping over in her wheelchair; that the head of her bed needed to be raised to help her breath easier at all times when she was in bed; that they should administer a dose of medication to calm her if she became agitated because during that illness she developed a rash and was getting very hot and itchy to the point that she was scratching bad enough to break her skin and draw blood; that she have her oxygen on at all time when she was in bed; and that her hospice should be called if there were any issues or they needed help with her. On [date removed] at 12:15 we went to check on her and found her in her room being punished for being agitated and difficult. She was obviously hot and uncomfortable, and had become agitated. We were told that she kept kicking off her sheets and pulling at her clothing and rather than give her something to help her or calling the hospice for help, as they promised they would, they chose to strip her and her bed and just leave her alone and terrified to fend for herself without her oxygen or the bed raised even though she is helpless and completely at their mercy. She is not able to defend herself, or help herself, at all and is completely at their mercy. I write that because after my husband, and I, discovered her in that condition and demanded to know why they were treating my mother like an animal we were told that she had become very agitated and that they had done their best. 12:00 is mealtime so all the staff was in the dining room with the other residents and it took almost 15 minutes, and a second plea for help, before anyone showed up to help my mother. We reported the incident to the person in charge that day and assumed that they would take it seriously and follow up with us the following work day when management was on site. The following day no one did follow up so I called to speak with the person that they've been presenting as the person in charge of care. When I inquired about the situation and if anything had been done about it I was told, by the Executive Director who was listening in on the call, that she had a 'different view' of the situation and that she had been given supporting statements, by three people who were not even present during the situation, attesting to my mothers severe agitation and the staff having done their best. I told her that it was not acceptable for my mother to be treated that way and that I could no longer trust them to take care of her so I would be there immediately to move her out and she told me she was sorry that I FELT that way. She did not offer any apology for my mother being mistreated or jeopardized. She did not offer any assurance that there would not be a repeat of a similar situation. This has been hard to relive but I felt that I needed to post this so that I might help someone else avoid the pain of misplacing their trust which is very difficult when you become responsible for the care of your parent who never failed to nurture and protect you when you were a child. A parent with advanced dementia has the capability of a toddler and the roles very definitely reverse. I wish anyone else dealing with this the best of luck. On a happier note, we moved my mother to a wonderful new facility, [removed], which is co-owned, and operated, by a long time and truly compassionate nurse, and my mother has seen some real improvement. They are a blessing and we recommend them, without hesitation, even though we've just gone through a very scary situation.

BEWARE of false promises

Please beware of what you get with Autumn Leaves of Georgetown. They will not take care of your loved ones, even though they make good promises, and watch out of the management and office staff during the day. They do know how to speak and say the right things.
Beware of the untrained staff, its an entirely different place at night and even worse on the weekends. Weekends consist of an average of 3 - 4 care givers for 40+ people. They are not patient to the needs of Dementia resident, even though they are a dementia facility, and will mistreat your loved ones.

My loved one was moved after witnessing horrid condition inflicted on my loved one in the care of Autumn Leaves and the uncaring staff and director (Clara) only responed to our concern with a "Sorry you left that way, case is closed."

This is what my loved one experienced in the care of George of Autumn Leaves. I reported this issue to corporate and they couldn't be bothered to even make a call back after speaking with the CEO's secretary ([name removed])

Very pleasant atmosphere

My Mom lives here currently and things seem to be going well. The building is kept clean, as is her room, and it’s a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is easy to communicate with and seem to know a lot about the type of care she needs. There are plenty of options to choose from in the dining area and there are plenty of activities available. Overall, our experience with this facility has been a good one and I would recommend them.

My loved one is doing really good at Autumn Leaves. It took him a month before he would talk to me and finally settle in. He has his routine going now and enjoys the food. Autumn Leaves was an excellent choice for his needs. The staff is really friendly and helpful. I have been dealing with [Removed] and she is excellent! I could not have asked for anything better and I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone interested.

Mom's new home

Autumn Leaves of Georgetown exceeded my expectations of what memory care looked like for my mother. She is making friends and not only is she safe but has meaningful activities to engage in. It is such a beautiful home staffed with well trained caregivers who truly care about their residents.

I was very nervous about how to accomplish this move but the caring staff helped walk me through each step. I appreciate all their experience and gentle coaching to help Mom settle in to experience this difficult stage of her life in a peaceful homelike setting.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves family! We really appreciate your kind comments about our staff. We work hard to find caring, compassionate staff members who have a genuine love for our residents.

Excellent Memory Care Facility in Georgetown, TX

My cousin is doing very well. The staff is very caring. The community is very clean and always looks good. Activities here are good. The food is tasty there is a wide variety. I would recommend to family and friends. Very good community.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

We are so pleased to have you and your cousin as a part of our Autumn Leaves family! Thank you so much for your kind compliments. Our entire staff works hard to make Autumn Leaves a clean, safe, enjoyable home for our residents.

really pretty place

Autumn Leaves of Georgetown is a really pretty place. The people are very nice. They are good people. I think it's a good place.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

We are glad you noticed our caring staff. We work very hard to find people who are genuinely compassionate caregivers and we train every single one of our employees in dementia care.


I am not an authority on this since I have no familiarity with other places to compare with, but I found it a very pleasant experience. I've gotten to know all of them and they are always available when anything goes on that I have questions about and I'd have to give it a good rating.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for your post. We always appreciate positive comments from our family members, and we’re glad to hear you’re happy with Autumn Leaves of Georgetown.

From the Community

At Autumn Leaves of Georgetown, Texas, memory care is all we do. Our exclusive focus is on providing the best, research-based assisted living memory care for people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Every employee at Autumn Leaves is trained in memory care, because caring for those with dementia is the core of our business. This includes both the team who works with our residents every day, as well as the corporate office staff.

All Autumn Leaves assisted living communities are family-owned and –operated. We strive to provide to our residents the same exceptional memory care we would want for our own family members.

As our numerous industry awards attest, Autumn Leaves is a recognized leader in the field of dementia care. We’ve been recognized as one of the “best of the best” providers in dementia care by the Assisted Living Federation of America, the nation’s leading senior living professional organization.

We make each day count at Autumn Leaves of Georgetown, with our biography-based So Much More™ programming. Our team begins with each resident’s interests, history, and preferences, and fills his or her day with personalized experiences that promote cognition, calm, and moments of joy.

Each resident’s meals are also personalized according to his or her preferences. Our culinary staff is trained specifically to recognize the needs of the individuals in our care. Special occasions and festive experiences also play a part in the dining experience at Autumn Leaves of Georgetown. As a family member of a resident, you’ll be invited to attend these special occasions.

Our building is carefully designed with our residents in mind. Abundant natural light, wide hallways, a secure courtyard, and many other features create an environment that’s safe, secure, and calming for our residents.

A visit is essential to truly appreciate our assisted living community and the way we serve our residents. Call us today for a tour of Autumn Leaves of Georgetown. We’d love to show you how we’re providing exceptional care to those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.