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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Caregiver was caring and understanding during a difficult episode.

My Mother has lived at Autumn Leaves Cy Fair for several years. Over the years she has become more combative. Last week I had the sad occasion to see her during one of her episodes. She was verbally and physically abuse to her caregiver. The caregiver was nothing by kind and understanding. She was doing a very difficult job. Thank you Autumn Leaves for handling a very difficult situation with care and grace. [Name removed]

Great Place !

My loved one has been at this community for a few months.
Her place is aways clean, and the people that live there are clean as well.
The management staff go above and beyound for the
seniors that live here and truly it feels like home.
I absolutley feel like my mother is being taken care of physically as well as emotionally.

Great Place !

Expected to pay extra for poor care

I brought my mom to Autumn Leaves Cy-Fair in the fall of [Removed]. My mom was ambulatory at the time and I was impressed with the facility, the staff, the activities provided and the level of care my mom received. The staff would play cards and dominoes with the residents until they were ready for evening medication. There was a nurse on staff until at least 10p and the administrative staff was there late in the evening. Things were absolutely great - until Feb/March if 2017.

Things started changing. The staff that used to be around were absent - especially in the evening hours. When I'd visit in the evenings, the residents were ""parked"" in the halls and sitting areas while the aides were sitting elsewhere on their iPads and telephones. The evening activities for the residents no longer existed. There was no longer a nurse available in the evenings. My mom's clothing, that used to be washed promptly and returned, now began to disappear.

In March, my mom had a medical crisis that left her bedridden. It was then that the real problems started. Some of the problems were as follows:

* My mom's door was left unlocked and/or propped open even though the policy was to keep the doors locked for the residents protection. Once my mom was immobile, this was extremely important because there was a younger male two doors down that would assault females. I know this from personal experience as he improperly touched me as I stood in the hall waiting on my mom to receive her meds. I complained to the staff and the aides, but the problem kept recurring.

* The evening and weekend aides were inattentive. I got there one evening and could hear my mom screaming ""help"" before I turned the corner to the hallway where her room was located. I went in her room and she told me she had activated her call button to be cleaned and was getting no response. I set the timer on my watch and waited for an aide to show up. Eight (8) minutes later, an aide showed up. She swung open the door and in a loud, harsh voice said ""I told you..."", then she saw me sitting in the chair and her whole attitude changed. She said my mom had just turned on the call button - then I showed her the timer.

* Shortly afterwards, the nurse from Hospice called me to let me know that when she arrived, my mom was in her own waste to the point it was drying on her skin. The nurse informed me that no aides came while she was attending to my mom.

* Aides retaliated against my mom after complaining to management. I don't know of [Removed], but they talked rough and ugly to my mom. Each complaint brought about a new confrontation.

* The director was not at the facility to address complaints and complaints told to the nurse and office managers were not relayed to the director.

After the aides verbally [Removed] [Removed], I began to fear that they would do other things to retaliate, so I removed her from the facility.

I called the corporate office to say what was going on and was directed to an employee that no longer worked for the company. After two weeks of leaving messages to the ex-employee, I was directed to the regional director who always has a full voicemail box and did not return my call until I spoke to the VP's assistant.

After all of the calls, complaints, etc., Autumn Leaves wants another full months rent saying that I should have talked to the director (Who was not there).

The nurse and the office staff said I talked to them ""once"" and the director said they never told her anything. They put you in a no win situation when your relative is not being properly taken care of and develop amnesia when confronted.

If you plan to put your loved one at this facility, go several times on different days. Talk to some of the other family members. Make sure the level of care is consistent and not just a show to promote the facility


I am so grateful for the experience we have received at Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair. It was such a tough decision to move my mother to a memory care community. I visited AL many times, and every time I was welcomed with genuine loving hospitality. I love the "homey" feeling I get with each visit. The relationships the staff has with residents and their families is amazing! My mother is so happy and well taken care this place!

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you very much for your kind comments. We know having to make decisions around an Alzheimer's diagnosis can be difficult. Our staff members are genuinely compassionate and focused on helping during the transition to our community. We're so happy to add you and your Mother to the Autumn Leaves family!

Short term care for mom

We like this community for the care that we received. The staff was very nice and attentive. the variety of meals looked appealing. They offered nice activites that she enjoyed with the other residents. We were there for short term care. We would suggest that other families considered a tour the community for care for a loved one's needs.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind comments.

Great Experience!!

My husband was only at this community for a short period of time while I had to go take care of something out of town but while he was there I was comfortable with the quality of care that he received. The staff where great and gave me a piece of mind while he was there. He really enjoyed the meals and had no complaints about the activities throughout the week. Overall we where pleased with the experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind comments regarding our staff and our community. We work hard to find staff who are genuinely compassionate and focused on our residents.

Peace of mind for the care of the loved one.

Thank God for Autumn Leaves!
Following my loved one's fall and subsequent hospitalization, finding a place that specializes in memory care became an urgent necessity. After visiting a few places with family members, we opted to choose Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair as it left the best impression and the warmest welcome. Our questions were answered to our satisfaction.
The brightness and design of the facility was most attractive and the staff is truly caring for the residents.
Their programs are helping the residents to use and develop whatever skills they still possess. Their planned activities include visitation and religious services from nearby churches.
The location was also very important as it is close to home.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Our design focuses on the specific needs of our residents. Every choice, from colors to building design, is made with their needs in mind. Our entire staff takes pride in how Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair looks and feels when you walk in.

Years of Good Care

This community was able to provide good care for my husband during his time here. I feel there is no neglect here. The community seems clean and he was eating well with what they make. They did a very good job.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for taking time to post your kind comments.

Friendly Staff!!

My loved one resided in the community for a short term. During his stay the staff were very friendly. The community was kept clean and up-kept. One of the nurses would communicate with me regarding his health. The community typically offers some activities for the residents. I felt that he was safe during his stay in this facility.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

We appreciate your positive remarks about our Adult Stay program. We know how important it is for caregivers to have a safe, engaging place for their loved ones while they handle other responsibilities. We hope to enjoy the company of your loved one again in the near future

I would recommend Autumn Leaves!

The staff have been extremely helpful with my husbands care. I am satisfied with the care that they provide. The community is kept spotless and many of my family and friends have noticed as well. He is loving the food and has been really enjoying the variety of food offered.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words. Our housekeeping staff takes pride in keeping the community clean and beautiful, and our culinary department really enjoys preparing delicious food for our residents.

In the month or so that she has been there everything has been very professional.

In the month or so that she has been there everything has been very professional. I have no complaints at this point. They are very caring and professional. I think if they keep going like this, they will be a five for sure, but it's still new so for now it's a 4.5.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves Family!

Thank you so much for your kind words about our Cy-Fair community. We're happy that you noticed our professional, friendly staff. We work hard to find caring, compassionate caregivers for all of our communities.

We'll be working hard to earn that extra half point!

So far they have done a pretty good job.

So far they have done a pretty good job. It's a nice place, and I liked that it was pretty close to me. It's been working out fairly well so far.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for taking time to post your kind comments.

We have been very disappointed in hav...

We have been very disappointed in having our mother at Autumn Leaves/ Cy-Fair. From the reviews we read as well as our initial meeting with administrative staff we were expecting wonderful things from this memory care.
Our mother has been there for around two months and things have gone from bad to worse. They were without a director when we came with the promise of one shortly. She came and has already resigned her position so they will be without an administrator once again. The staff has become accustom to running their own show and doing whatever they please whenever they please. It has affected the care of the residents. We have decided as hard as it will be on our mom to move she is moving to a new place where hopefully she will thrive.
We fully understand that no place will be perfect, but there has to be a place better than this at this time.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Dear Family Member,

I want to personally apologize for any issues that were not addressed in a manner as timely as you would like, and want to assure you that we are taking immediate steps to review your concerns. We have already contacted our staff in Cy-Fair to share your comments.

We also ask that you call our Chief Operating Officer at [removed] and describe your concerns in specific detail to him. He is awaiting your call and has made it a top priority to personally address these issues.

Finally, as distressing as it is for us to hear about your unhappiness, we’d like to thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Best place for my mother

My mother has been at Autumn Leaves (AL) for over 1.5 years. AL was recommended by a former employee who said they are really good to their residents. I appreciate AL because they want the residents to be engaged, they don't rely on medications when residents become difficult. My mother often receives individual attention from mgmt. level employees when she is having a difficult day; they find ways to redirect her by spending one-on-one time with her and she ends up relaxed again. My mother doesn't remember their names but she smiles warmly and tells me how nice the employees are. The activities are creative and fun for all of us. The mgmt. and caregivers are not afraid to be silly if it makes the residents smile. The food is nutritious and tasty. I know we have Mom at the best place possible.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

We are glad you noticed our caring staff. We work very hard to find people who are genuinely compassionate caregivers, and we train every single one of our employees in dementia care.


My loved on has been there maybe two months and when I placed her there we were under some time constraints. I needed to go out of the country. I brought all her medications and agreed to change to their doctor. They changed her medications. They’re expensive, but the cost is inline with the cost of care my love done needs. There seems to be a lot of activities, but some of that is that families of residents coordinate with each other.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you for taking time to post your kind comments on our community.

My first impression was excellent. Mo...

My first impression was excellent. Mom has lived there for several months now and I am still very pleased. Friendly and caring staff and plenty of interaction between staff and residents.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

We are glad you noticed our caring staff. We work very hard to find people who are genuinely compassionate caregivers and we train every single one of our employees in dementia care.

Good care, and friendly staff

My loved one seems happy here. The director and staff are all very friendly, and the care they provide is good. I feel like they really get to know the likes and dislikes of each resident, and make them feel at home. The only issue we've had is that their response time to requests and call buttons could be better.

Judy Brown

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words and your constructive criticism. We are grateful to all of our families who have entrusted their loves ones to our care.

Autumn Leaves Review

My loved one has been in Autumn Leaves for only 7 days. She seems to be adjusting well. Actually, much better than expected. The staff seems attentive and keeps her interacting with the other residents. Danielle Keller sent me a picture via cell phone yesterday of her having at an ice cream social with other residents. I was surprised that she would take the time to do that, but it was very much appreciated. My step-mother was in another facility for 11 months prior to going to Autumn Leaves and I never received one text message much less a picture.

So far we are happy with Autumn Leaves and their staff! Ask me again in 6 months.

When I have to go out of town I have a piece of mind

My mom's not full time, when I have to go out of town that's where I take her and im very pleased. Everyone's been nice, mommas had some incidents with barricading her door but they don't seem to get upset because I guess they deal with these types of people. The first time I had an issue because I didn't know how to get her records sent over but they really worked with me. Everythings clean, I know the meals are good, they do have activities, spiritual activities and other things, i don't know if they have bingo but she won some beads for something, everyone seems really helpful. The security... I don't know if anybody could really get out of that palce and they have to buzz you in, they seem to have alot of workers, right now i really don't have any complaints. It is a little expensive, i dont mean on a daily basis, we pay 125 and you cannot find a 4 or 5 star hotel that does what they do at 125, but for permanent residents its expensive.

Always something going on

All the categories I just rated is what makes this community so good. The staff is always nice and friendly. The community is always clean and neat. The residents are well taken care of. They are always doing something with the residents and keeping them busy. I am very pleased with Autumn Leaves and would recommend them to anyone.

very nice and close but am...

very nice and close but am still looking for some time in the future.

Visited on 5/30/13. Michel...

Visited on 5/30/13. Michelle was very nice and easy to talk with. She was very knowledgable about Alzheimers. Facility was new opened in Oct 2012. Still smelled new. Rooms were nice, large enough. You can bring your on bed, dresser, night stand maybe a small table and chair, tv and any personal pictures for walls or other personal items to decorate the room. Facility does have furniture in the rooms if you don't have furniture. Furniture was very nice and new. Cost was too high for mom's budget. I did like the Day Stay $65 per day includes lunch and two snacks, no medication and Night Stay $125 per day includes 3 meals, snacks and help with medication if needed. They have a beauty salon that is open only on Tuesdays.

* I like this one so far. $...

* I like this one so far. $4700-6300.

very impressive! would like...

very impressive! would like to schedule day stay and see how mom does.

From the Community

Family-owned and –operated Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair in Houston, Texas, is proud to provide exceptional assisted living memory care that truly makes a difference in our resident’s lives. Our exclusive focus is on providing the best, research-based assisted living memory care for people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair has been recognized as one of the “best of the best” providers in dementia care by the Assisted Living Federation of America, the nation’s leading senior living professional organization. Our team of caregivers makes each day count at Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair, with our biography-based So Much More™ programming. We begin with each resident’s interests, history, and preferences, and fill his or her day with personalized experiences that promote cognition, calm, and moments of joy.

Visit Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair, and you’ll notice the abundant natural light, wide hallways, a secure courtyard, and many other features, all carefully designed to create an environment that’s safe, secure, and calming for our residents.

Because caring for those with dementia is the core of our business, every employee at Autumn Leaves is trained in memory care. This includes both the team that works with our residents every day, as well as the corporate office staff.

Each resident’s meals are also personalized according to his or her preferences. Our culinary staff is trained specifically to recognize the needs of the individuals in our care. Special occasions and festive experiences also play a part in the dining experience at Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair. As a family member of a resident, you’ll be invited to attend these special occasions.

All Autumn Leaves assisted living communities are family-owned and –operated. We strive to provide our residents with the same exceptional care that we would want for our own family members. That’s why you can trust your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia at Autumn Leaves of Cy-Fair assisted living memory care. Call us today for a tour to schedule a visit.