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Customer Reviews

Truly a cut above the rest

My sisters and I went hunting for a place for my Mom back in March/April. I tell you we must have seen at least a dozen or so from Nassau/Queens border to mid Suffolk. When we hit upon the Atria at East Northport, we were struck by the difference they made more than any other Assisted Living community we have seen previously. The people here actually care very much. They are kind, patient, and smiling. it goes a long way with everyone there. When my mother is asked how she likes living at the Atria she says "I'd rather be in my own house with my own things around me I won't kid you, but if I can't have that then I'm am content to be at the Atria because everyone is truly nice to talk to."

Excellent staff

We found all personnel helpful and expedited everything for a quick and easy transition.

So far , so good

Very well run, they make you feel right at home right away.

Atria is great facility

Every staff person at Atria is extremely friendly and ready to assist in any way. Very nice facility as well.

Good Move for My Friend, and Her Needs

This is working out to be a very good move for my friend. She is doing well, and I'am comfortable with her move to this community. It is a really nice facility with kind people, She is receiving good care, and seems to be adjusting well to her move . This is a lively community, I really like it a lot. All is working our very well, and this is a community I would highly recommend.

Nothing but nice things!

We can't say enough good things about this place. My loved one adores the staff and he said that they have been taking really good care of him. He enjoys the food and being able to get to know people there. They do a very good job with the residents and there families.

Very Clean Environment!!

The community is beautiful and resembles a plaza. There is a large variety of activities available for the residents and the meals are prepared daily.

Staff is excellent.

Very nice place, overall

Overall we're pleased with how things have gone at Atria East Northport. The place is beautiful, always kept immaculately clean, and they've got a lot to provide for the residents. Nowhere is ever going to replace "home", but they work hard to make sure everyone here is comfortable and happy. The staff is friendly and professional and they do a great job looking out for the people who live here. I would like to see them do a little more to encourage residents to participate in activities, but other than that we have no complaints.

She Is Happy There

The only thing that I have a small problem with is that they are supposed to be sending correspondence to either me or the insurance company, but they are cutting it a little close now and I have not gotten any reimbursement from the insurance company because they need that correspondence. Other than that it is good and my loved one is happy there.

Katy Miller

Local Representative

Thanks for choosing to be a part of the Atria family. I’d like to help you get this resolved quickly and directly, so please contact me at [removed].

A bad experience!

Near the end of August in 2011, my mother entered the dementia unit of Atria, East Northport. Less than a month later she was in the hospital with a fractured hip. The details of her accident are horrific. She had fallen during the night and no one found her until the morning. I can't imagine that she laid there without calling out for help. But since the night aides routinely sat together in the common room, I am sure they were out of earshot. When they found her, they assisted her to her feet, helped her dress and somehow walked her to the common room. When I arrived after lunch, she was unable to even stand. No one had called to tell me of my mother's fall. Obviously no one had tried to walk her to the bathroom all morning. I later suggested to the director that perhaps the night aides could sit at the ends of the hallways as to be more alert to hear calls for help but I was told this is not possible. My mother was only allowed to return to Atria if I hired a private duty aide for the night shift. Wanting to keep her close to me, this is what we did.

At one point, my mother's doctor started her on the patch for Alzheimer's Disease. I was not notified of this change in my mother's medical treatment but what I did notice was that suddenly my mother had severe diarrhea. This lead to bowel incontinence and I can still hear my mother saying to me, " I am a diaper baby now." It broke my heart but I had no idea what was causing the diarrhea. I spoke to the nursing staff about it to make sure they held her stool softener. It was only weeks later when I was suspicious that they were not holding the stool softener, when I insisted on seeing her medicine records that I saw the new medication listed. After googling it, I learned that it shouldn't be given to people weighing less than 100 lbs. My mother weighed 93lbs. Diarrhea is one of the main side effects. Even though my mother's diarrhea started within days of the first dose, a week later, the doctor increased the dosage she was getting. He said he was unaware of the diarrhea. This nightmare was compounded by another issue. The medication is dispensed through a topical patch. I read how you should never wear 2 patches at once. The nursing staff at Atria had no policy in effect regarding these patches and I eventually found out from the private night aide that my mother frequently was wearing 2 patches.

My mother's condition continued to deteriorate and since supervision of these dementia patients was very minimal, I now hired a daytime aide too. Despite this fact, Atria now told me to take my mother to a nursing home. The next few weeks were the most stressful of my life. Local nursing homes were all full and I was told if I didn't find her a bed, they would send her wherever there was one. God answered my prayers when the other local assisted living facility, Birchwood, said they had a bed for my mother as long as her aides came with her. They even gave her a private room on the regular floor, a cheaper option than the dementia unit, since she would have private care. My mother died 6 weeks after this move. Not only did Birchwood not kick her out as she neared the end but the staff was totally supportive of my mother and me and the wonderful angels who took care of her.

My advice to anyone starting on this journey with a loved one is to keep searching for private affordable help. If I had found my nursing angels when my mother was still at home, she could have stayed there. There is not enough general supervision for dementia patients in any of the facilities I had experience with.

Went to the Open House on May 23rd. Easy to find. They have a café just inside the front door for guests and residents which is just lovely! Their chef served us fabulous appetizer snacks of lamp chops, shrimp cocktail, spring rolls and crab cakes. We were invited back for a meal which is very tempting! Big facility 150 residents and only a few available rooms. What struck me as odd was that all rooms are being renovated to include a kitchenette. Full size refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave. So every room is "high end," and not something that my mom has any use for. Big closets and nice size bathrooms and rooms in general. They have created a cement walking path around the facility that, once they get it landscaped, will be lovely for a daily walk. Closed in courtyard for memory patients, smart. Gabs of activities, but Mom noted that there was only ONE activity off the premises--a bus trip to Roosevelt's home and another month it was Westbury Gardens I think. Where Mom is now, they take rides daily, so not getting out often would bother her. It's just a short walk to Larkfield Road for shopping. Everyone was very nice!

The building going under renovations. Did not think that staff to resident was a good fit for my mom. Prices higher than other assisted living facilities that I visted

Kate Vance

Local Representative

Thank you for visiting our community and providing feedback. While we did not end up being a perfect fit for your mom at this time, please feel free to reach out via [removed] if we can be of further service to your family. We wish you the best!

We are very happy.

We are very happy. It's a very clean place, and the staff is pretty friendly. She is actually pretty happy there. She could use a little more activity for what they do on a daily basis, they have a lot but maybe just a little more variety in the daily activities, just a suggestion, not a complaint. My mother is very comfortable there, and everyone there has been absolutely terrific.

It was terrible,

They just left him in his room all day. It was terrible, he would just sit there and stare out the window. He went to the hospital several times, and the last time he fell he laid there all day, it wasn't even night and nobody checked on him. I felt like they just wanted the money. My mom was always worried about getting a phone call, about dad ending up in the hospital, she didn't like to leave him there.

I took a look at the facili...

I took a look at the facility on Sat, Aug 23. I was especially pleased with the high percentage of male residents since I am looking at locaitons for my Dad. The drive would be far and difficult for my Mom. However, this location would be kept in mind once the assessment of my Dad's medication and care is complete at the hospital.

A lot of room for improvement

We've had a few issues with the care at Atria East Northport. I feel like they need to pay more attention to things in general, both in terms of the residents as well as the upkeep of the facility itself. My loved one had a rough start here, with some falls and an illness within the first two weeks. He also never seems to have clean clothes, I'm not sure they adhere very strictly to their laundry schedule.
I also felt like although the management was very active and responsive the first few weeks to justify the large upfront "community fee", now it's mostly just status quo. You're much better off speaking to the aides directly if you want results.
One thing they seem to do well, however, is the food. It always looks pretty good.

Kate Vance

Local Representative

I am sorry to hear of your family member's experience at our community. Your comments are very concerning to us and we would like to connect with you personally to gain a better understanding of the situation. As we have been going through redevelopment, our maintenance and housekeeping staff have been working diligently to maintain day to day operations to Atria’s high standards. I welcome you to contact us directly via [removed], including “Atria East Northport” in your subject line so we may quickly include the appropriate directors in the correspondence. You are, of course, always welcome to speak with someone on our management team in person during your next visit. We are here to help and hope to hear from you soon.

Very nice and happy communi...

Very nice and happy community. They are redoing and renovating areas, which is bit inconvenient for the residents. The food main meals are good but small portions and you feel rushed to finish. They say they have diabetic food options but they are never available. The snacks and Hors D'ouevres at a few get-togethers are not very healthy and disappointing. Staff is great and friendly. The residents are also very nice.

Kate Vance

Local Representative

Thank you for coming in for a tour and for your lovely comments about our staff and residents. While renovations can be inconvenient at the time, we always strive to make improvements that will enhance the quality of services we provide and improve upon the experience of those we serve. Your comments regarding the food service will be shared with the appropriate directors and we appreciate the feedback. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have or if you would like information on our other communities in the area. You may email us directly at [removed] and if you include “Atria East Northport” in your subject line, we can quickly direct the correspondence to the right people who are ready to help.

Happiness at Atria if you can afford it

Sister recently moved in. Calls every day to tell me how happy she is. Food of highest caliber, staff very friendly. Activities fine. She goes into city sometimes once a week by LIRR. Unlike most people there, she can walk unassisted. Room very large and lovely.
Very expensive.

Atria East Northport - a devastating experience

My father resided at Atria East Northport for less than 1 month. He was taken to the ER twice during this time. Once for a fall and the second (and last) time for a urinary tract infection that was nearly sepsis. This is a man who was hardly sick a day in his life.
The staff at Atria did not seem to notice that there was a significant change in my father. No one was accountable for the lack of care that he received. It was unsafe and unsanitary. Soiled clothing left on the floor, food left on the floor after meals. No wipes on the entire unit.
I wrote more than one letter to president of Atria, John Moore. Although corporate got back to me I never received the decency of a reply from him. The quality they claim on their website is very misleading.
My father walked into Atria and after less than 4 weeks was carried out on a stretcher. He will never walk again. He is now in a nursing home. This is after my family was told by Greg that we would see "a spring in his step" after just a few weeks of being with memory care "experts". The aides were negligent and NO ONE checked on the residents. There were NO activities for residents on P2 other than meals. The TV was on constantly.
If you are considering Atria East Northport as a residence for your loved one I urge you to visit the unit they will be on. P1 is very different from P2. My father was in P2 memory care. We were never shown P2 on tours. My mother now calls it "the forgotten floor". Leanne claims to visit several times each day. I was there at all different times of day and never saw any member of the staff other than the aides there. These dementia patients are left unsupervised because there is not enough staff to care for everyone. It is unacceptable. It was a devastating experience for my family. We will never recover and most importantly, my father will never recover.

Kate Vance

Local Representative

I am so sorry to hear of your father’s decline in health. It can be very upsetting for everyone involved when a resident exceeds the level of care we provide. If you still have concerns you would like to discuss or feel we can be of further help to you and your family, please feel free to reach out via [removed], including “Atria East Northport” in your subject line. Please accept our sincerest sympathy for what you and your family are going through.

I really can't say anything bad, he is very happy there.

I really can't say anything bad, he is very happy there. They have a wide variety of food, sometimes it's not great. Seventy-five percent of the time it's pretty good. They were very understanding and patient, with the transition and move. They really worked with us to get us in and not have to charge us until we were really going to be there. Everyone is really friendly!

A Tough Decision Made Easy

The staff at Atria could not have made this difficult transition easier. Deciding on a place for my Father to live was not an easy one, however necessary, and the staff as well as the Atria itself made this decision very easy. The staff is very welcoming and assuring. The Atria is very clean and decorated very nicely. I was informed of all the activities my Father would be involved in and his level of care that was needed and how they were planning on managing his care. I feel good knowing he is in a safe, clean environment with people who care and will take care of him. Thank you to the staff at Atria as well as "A Place For Mom" who was equally as helpful in finding the Atria for us and has been very supportive as well.

They really are wonderful! They call ...

They really are wonderful! They call me if anything happens. They know who I am even though they have 150 residents, when I walk in they know whose daughter I am. I want to live there, they have so much for activities. The food is between a 3 or a 4, it depends on what they are having. They are renovating right now, they have been very communicative about it. They are re-doing everything so keep that in mind. Tracy Abamont, from A Place For Mom was great, they were phenomenal! Back in August when we spoke with Tracy, the need was imminent, and she told us she would have communities contact us. Within five minutes they called us and told us they had a room, did we want to come look at it. When she said I am going to have someone follow up with you and I thought it would be days, it took five minutes! It was fantastic!

I would not use it long term.

We used the dementia unit and I felt like they didn't take the residents out of the area as much as they could. The food was fair a pretty healthy 4. They did a pretty good job keeping the meals healthy for the residents diets. I would not use it long term. If I needed to use a respite care again, I would keep looking. We chose them because at the time they were the only place with an opening.

Kate Vance

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to post a review of your experience at our community. We always welcome feedback from our respite stay guests as they can provide valuable insight to help us constantly improve upon the service we provide. I am sharing your review with the appropriate people at Atria East Northport who can help ensure that all of our residents are being provided with the highest level of respect and quality of care. If you would like to share further details about your stay with us, we welcome you to email us directly at [removed] and include “Atria Northport” in your subject line.

a warm, inclusive, and stimulating environment

I was so fortunate to find Atria for my mom! After she fell, I was convinced that she could no longer live alone, but very concerned that I would not be able to locate a place that would feel like home to her. Atria struck me as soon as I walked in as a welcoming place for a woman who valued her independence, yet thrived on personal contact.

Mom & I met with Lauren on ...

Mom & I met with Lauren on 8/22. Excellent facility, studios are small.

Pushed Medications

I don't want to bad mouth them because everyone is different and every situation is different but it was not a happy experience for me.

It's clean and beautiful but it was very small and it's a lock down unit - very constricting. They didn't have any patience. They relied on medications. If he was agitated, pills arent' the answer, and that's what they did. Right away they wanted to push medication. We was constantly falling becuase he was drugged and then the would send him to the emergency room. He went to the ER 8 times which I didn't appreciate because it wasn't necessary and it was costly. I felt like they were just trying to get rid of him for a couple hours. They never listened to me. I asked them to run medications by me and they never did.

LaDawn K.

Local Representative

We appreciate your review and I would like to address the concerns you mention. The only area of our community where residents stay within a secured area is our Life Guidance memory care neighborhood, which is kept at a smaller size for the benefit of those who live there. The doors of that area are locked for the residents’ safety as those who live there have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia that can cause wandering. We do not automatically dispense medications unless we have orders from the resident’s doctor to do so. If a doctor makes any medication changes, families are always notified first. Our policy states that any resident who falls three times within a 24-hour period will be sent to the emergency room for evaluation (unless, of course, the fall causes injury and the resident needs to be seen immediately). We always want to keep the resident’s best interests at heart. Consistent falls can be the result of medication, dementia progression, or other medical reasons, and ignoring falls can be very dangerous. The staff in our Life Guidance neighborhood is trained to care for residents with patience and understanding, and everything we do is monitored closely by our nurse and Life Guidance Program Director. If we can answer any questions, please contact us at [removed] and include the Atria community name in your subject line.

1/9/12-ChristineDeLeo Asst. Dir. call...

1/9/12-ChristineDeLeo Asst. Dir. called the director; avail. ASSISTED LIVING W/MEMORY CARE; Base price: semi-private SP =$3,300/mo; private P = $4,425. Menu of other servcies avail i.e. med mgmt $320/mo. etc. Life Guidance Care is all-inclusive memory care SP $4,775 or P $6,820. Medicare payments will cover medical care; NO Medicaid - was told usually only for nursing homes.

A good option, will call for pricing ...

A good option, will call for pricing and tour.

Very nice. Active. Residents were h...

Very nice. Active. Residents were happy, chatting, community feeling. No wheelchairs. Nice backyard. Gardens & a lot of space. Not overwhelming. Clean. Close to shopping & family.

From the Community

As one of the most trusted senior living providers on Long Island, Atria East Northport has served families like yours for more than 25 years. With a continued commitment to quality, they have just completed a full-scale renovation to enhance the beauty and functionality of the community – and better serve the growing needs of those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Recent upgrades include a three-story addition with 27,000 square feet of new living space, completely renovated apartments and common areas, a new fitness center with specialized equipment for seniors, a salon and spa, redesigned restaurant and pub with fireplace, a modern bistro with patio, a new movie theater and an expanded Life Guidance® memory care neighborhood.

Residents of Atria East Northport also enjoy a wealth of daily events including exercise opportunities, art classes and outings to local attractions – all in a quiet, neighborhood setting that offers the proximity of New York City’s thriving energy and the beauty of Long Island’s North Shore.

Atria Senior Living is a leading operator of independent living, assisted living, supportive living and memory care communities in more than 180 locations in 28 states and seven Canadian provinces. We are the residence of choice for more than 21,000 seniors, and the workplace of choice for more than 13,500 employees. We create vibrant communities where older adults can thrive and participate, know that their contributions are valued, and enjoy access to opportunities and support that help them keep making a positive difference in our world.